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February 16' Favourites

A little bit of everything from the month of February

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1. Running Touch - Courtesy Of


Kicking off 2016 correctly, one of the hottest up & coming acts from 2015 has delivered us another absolute tune. Building on from a massive 2015 for Running Touch, 'Courtesy Of' is yet another reason to love everything this young producer is doing.

2. Flume - Smoke & Retribution (Ekali Remix)


I loved 'Never Be Like You', but strongly disliked 'Smoke & Retribution. I have so much love for Flume and his sound, but 'Smoke & Retribution' just didn't work for me. In saying this, Ekali has put his spin on the track and my god its doing work for me. Particularly his take on using the vocals of Vince Staples, it just feels heavier and more to genre that is 'Future'.

5. Vallis Alps - Young (Feki Remix)


If you didn't love the original track (Vallis Alps - Young) in 2015, then crank the volume and have suss of this remix. Another young up & comer from 2015, Feki has delivered a mesmerising remix of one of 2015's much loved tracks 'Young'.

6. Baauer - Day Ones (feat. Novelist & Leikeli47)


One of the first big artists to jump on board the hype around the genre of 'Grime', i am now very much excited to hear what Baauer has in store for us with his debut album 'AA' dropping early this year. 'Day Ones' has elements of everything we have grown accustomed to hearing from Baauer, with the added ferociousness of 'Grime'.

7. Way Out West - Tuesday Maybe


Way Out West is the workings of both Nick Warren and Jody Wisternoff. For me, the project can be summed as 'the mind of a wanderer'. Its exactly how i feel 'Tuesday Maybe' feels with the deep but intrinsic sound design, heavily influenced by what makes a Wisternoff track so damn fine. This is house music at its blissful best.

8. Bob Moses - Tearing Me Up (RAC Mix)


My love for Bob Moses grows fonder by each listen. Who'd have thought 'Tearing Me Up' could get any damn sexier? Well, RAC may have just done such a thing. The bass is deeper, funkier and damn well sexier then the original. I get goosebumps just thinking about this remix.

9. Feed Me & Kaneholler - Trouble


Remember the name Feed Me?

Well, he sorta never left, he's always been with us. But 'Trouble' is the Feed Me we grew to love. 'Trouble' has some freakishly good mastering and the sound design is the Feed Me we have grown to love. Please, do us both a favour and listen to 'Trouble' because this track literally has 'teeth'.

(yes i cracked a Feed Me pun)

10. deadmau5 - saved


You know those uploads deadmau5 randomly puts up on soundcloud, well check this out. This 9 minute progressive epic is probably junk or quick workings for Mau5trap don, but nonetheless it has some massive love from a fan like me.

11. Murphy Cooper - Coreless


File this under the '4am' section. Its one of the beautiful dark tech tunes you hear during the early am's of the morning at a club. Murphy Cooper has successful embraced and drawn inspiration from the dark and intrinsic nature of everything we loved from Ten Walls with 'Coreless'.

12. Alexander Lewis - Dangerous


Sampled the vocal's from Notorious B.I.G song 'Dangerous MC's', this track holds elements to the way 'Mr. Carmack' samples and plays around with his tracks. Its fast paced and deliciously up beat, i like to think of 'Dangerous' as the perfect tune for jammin' out in the car with friends.

13. ODESZA - It's Only (feat. Tyra) (RÜFÜS Remix)


Remember that 'Bloom Mix' we were deliver prior to the release of 'Bloom'? Well this remix was much asked about and finally we get our hands on it. It's pretty difficult to make and already amazing track much more amazing, but RÜFÜS have likely accomplished the feat.

14. Fort Remeau - Secrets & Lies


This is one of those '4am' dance floor tunes i tend to rave on about from time to time. Why 4am? well because at 4am your at a bar or club and more then likely have no real idea where or why your still here, other then that the music is still very much pumping and flowing in your veins. So file 'Secrets & Lies' under the 4am section.

15. ZAYN - PILLOWTALK (Stwo Remix)


Stone me dead, i know......... who'd have thought i would ever vibe this commercial trash. But i have a lot of love for Stwo and quite frankly if PillowTalk was to have a do over this is how the original should have sounded and played out.

16. Lucianblomkamp - The Overman


Easily my favourite track this month. From the eerie violin to dark but oh so beautiful sound design, 'Overgrown' is industrial, dark, elegant masterpiece. I am and will forever be a fan of everything that is Lucianblomkamp.

17. Koda - All Day


If you managed to catch some of my previous list's prior to deleting them in late 2015, Koda was a frequent. 'All Day' is a slow acoustic western, but whats important to note is that its bloody vocally harmonious. Suss out the rest of his work via SoundCloud as its on par with 'All Day'.

18. Eric Prydz - Liam


I described 'Opus' as an intergalactic calling, because the whole album feels some what of a journey on a rocket ship shooting through space. 'Liam' is the launching pad for one damn good journey through the space that is 'Opus'

19. Matt Mason - Grave Digger


If your tone deaf, i suggest avoiding this track at all costs because it will deliver some serious feels. I am hella jealous of Matt Mason, because 'Grave Digger' is the perfect example of how we all wish our voices sounded.

20. The Jezebels - Pleasure Drive


This is the first piece of music from The Jezebels i have loved. Loved is probably and understatement as its had daily playtime and quite possibly in the top 10 most played tracks on my spotify at the moment. 'Pleasure Drive' is one of a number of amazing tracks on there album 'Synthia' which was released early this month. GO GO humans - its amazing!

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