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There Was An Australian "Jersey Shore" A Few Years Ago, And It Was Terrible

And it was terrible.

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Channel 10

Premiering in 2012, The Shire explored the lives of 15 members of the beach community of Cronulla, in Sydney's Sutherland Shire.

The production company described the series as a "reality version of the long running soap Home and Away," and honestly, you couldn't have made some of these characters up.

Who can forget Sophie and Vernesa?

Channel 10

Or Beckaa?

Channel 10

And do any of these people know how to correctly spell their names?

There were scenes of romance.

Channel 10

And dramatic ~love triangles~.

Channel 10

Shonda Rhimes could learn a thing or two.

It was just a good time all round, really.

Channel 10

The show was so bad it made news headlines... on its own network.

Channel 10

While initially premiering to quite decent numbers, the show was later axed after just nine episodes -- none of which can be found anywhere on the internet.

Whatever, Channel 10. We haven't forgotten.

You can check out a trailer below.

View this video on YouTube

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If you think you can actually handle the raw footage.

So, who thinks it's time for a gritty remake?


Keen as.

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