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The 21 Stages Of Moving Into Your First Rental.

Actual hole in the wall.

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1. So you've just moved into a new apartment and it seems pretty great to start with.


2. But it's not long until you begin to realise something is off.


3. You start moving all your furniture in.


4. ...and reach a horrible realization.

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5. Your housewarming probably looks a little like this


6. Hygiene levels aren't ideal.


7. The shower's mould situation is spiralling out of control.


8. That's if you get more than a few consecutive minutes of hot water to notice, of course.

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9. There are cockroaches EVERYWHERE.

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10. No matter how much you scrub it doesn't make a difference.


11. Pretty soon you notice your neighbors are prone to 4am ragers.

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Every weeknight.

12. Come to think of it, was the neighborhood always this terrifying?

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13. Winter arrives and you discover that the heating situation isn't exactly adequate.


The cold definitely bothers you.

14. The realities of living out of home start to set in.

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15. And escaping seems like the only option.


16. That's when you remember you actually signed a lease.


And you're contractually obliged to live there.

17. Your landlord is suddenly feigning deafness.

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18. Despite the fact your apartment is becoming virtually unlivable.


19. You start to dread actually leaving the office to go home.

20. Until you decide to take it as the life lesson that it is.


21. And realise the only way to go from here is up.


And out.

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