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14 Incredible Aussie Musicians Guaranteed To Chill You Out

It's what we do best.

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1. Riley Pearce

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Riley Pearce / Via

Riley Pearce has been making waves on the Triple J Unearthed charts lately - and with good reason. This Perth act has a unique sound and a rad vibe. What more do you need? Best listened to on the train home after a shitty day in the office.

2. Hamish Anderson

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Hamish Anderson / Via

Sorta blues-y, sorta dreamboat, Hamish Anderson hails from Melbourne and has been doing big things on the local music scene with a national tour that wowed audiences across the country. He released his second EP, Restless, last October. Get amongst it.

3. Winterbourne

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WinterbourneVEVO / Via

Wondering what their name means? "A stream or river that is dry through the summer months," apparently. The band recently signed with Universal after being discovered busking on city streets in Sydney. Their music is as good as their origin story.

4. Patrick James

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MusicFeeds / Via

You'll probably recognise this dude's voice from one of many Offspring commercials over the years. In any case, his sound is stripped back, soulful, and some other chill word starting with an S. A+.

5. Kim Churchill

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Kim Churchill / Via

Kim Churchill hails from Pambula, a tiny town on the far south-coast of NSW. His track Window in the Sky charted in the Hottest 100, and he's currently in the middle of a sell-out national tour. Good stuff.

6. Meg Mac

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Meg Mac / Via

Meg Mac is smashing it at the moment. She's got just about the most soulful voice you're going to find amongst current contemporary Australian music.

7. Dustin Tebbutt

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Dustin Tebbutt / Via

Australia finally has its own Sufjan Stevens, and his name is Dustin Tebbutt. He's dropped two EPs now, and both have been pretty bloody spectacular.

8. Little May

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Little May / Via

This Sydney-based trio consist of Liz Drummond, Hannah Field, Annie Hamilton, and their faces are just about some of the best things to come onto the Aussie music scene in a long time. Evocative of those late summer nights somewhere a few hours out of the city, Little May have nailed their own brand of folksy charm.

9. Ziggy Alberts

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Ziggy Alberts / Via

The musical love-child of Matt Corby and Ben Howard, Ziggy Alberts hails from Byron Bay. Best listened to with beer in hand, sand under feet, and salt water drying on skin.

10. Helen Shanahan

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Helen Shanahan / Via

One part Missy Higgins, one part Sarah Blasko. Remember this name. She's gonna be huge one day.

11. Morgan Bain

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Morgan Bain / Via

This Perth-based four-piece describe themselves as a mix of alternative and soul, which is sort of dead on. Here's their cover of Fast Car that you should listen to because ~reasons~.

12. Luke Morris

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Luke Morris / Via

Someone get this dude in a Corona ad, stat.

13. Xavier Rudd

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Xavier Rudd / Via

The king of Aussie chill-out music, Xavier Rudd's got a new album out soon, but before that drops, let's bring this gem back and bliss out.

14. Lakyn

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Lakyn / Via

Lakyn joins that elusive list of TV talent show contestants who actually manage to transcend said reality television and go on to be pretty bloody compelling. He's best known for his stripped back covers and current chart-toppers, and released his debut EP last year. Watch him cover Drake and swoon.

He also has very nice eyes.

Feeling better now?

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