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19 Faces All Aussie Uni Students Will Instantly Recognise.

Higher learning mate.

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1. When it's tute enrolment time.

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May the odds be ever in your favor.

2. When it's the first week of a new session and there are people everywhere, blocking your path.

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It's okay though, half the first years will be gone within a fortnight.

3. When you calculate how much you've spent on textbooks over the years.


Or half a semester, really.

4. When you and the squad have a two hour break between classes so you hit up Unibar.


5. And you realise you've got enough spare change between you to afford an entire jug.


Or four.

6. Then you head to class afterwards and attempt to pay attention.


7. When someone won't stop bringing up their ATAR.


8. Or the HSC in general.


9. When you get that letter from the Government reminding you of your HECS debt.

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10. And when they announce more ~changes~ to higher education funding.


11. And then you think about interest rates.


12. When you have to weigh up whether it's more important to pay for on-campus parking or food.

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Or to just spend your last $5 on goon.

13. When the mature-aged student rocks up to class.


14. And when they start a sentence with "As a parent..."

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15. When you get up to a free coffee on your loyalty card.

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16. When your campus opens a kebab shop.

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...and it's actually good.

17. When your graduation ceremony falls during the middle of summer.


18. When you graduate and discover how dire the job market is.


19. And when you realize just how little uni has prepared you for adult life.


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