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21 Moments Anyone Who Has Been Day Drunk Will Recognize

(Day) drink responsibly!

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1. You wake up and it's a beautiful day!

Universal Pictures

Time to hit your park/beach/backyard of choice.

2. But don't forget to bring your shades!


3. You crack open that first drink, and it basically tastes like the nectar of life itself.

Cartoon Network / The Pokèmon Company

4. Then a DOG comes over to say hi!

Burger King

5. You get to the end of that second drink, and you're really feeling your look.

Summit Entertainment

6. And you realize that the selfie lighting is perfect.


7. That moment someone brings out the massive amounts of snacks, you're all, YEEESSS.

Tristar Pictures

8. And it gets even more thrilling when someone fires up the barbecue.


9. After which someone inevitably breaks out the guitar for an acoustic session.


"And now here's Wonderwall!"

10. You're feeling all ~content~, when someone suggests an activity, like swimming.

The Lonely Island / YouTube

11. And this is where you discover how much more fun swimming, as well as any activity ever, is when there's alcohol involved.


12. Your life is basically feeling like a Corona commercial right now.

Corona / YouTube

13. Then the sun goes down and you realize just how lax you were with sun protection.

ABC Television

14. And you're probably feeling a little dehydrated.


Bet that water is looking good. Maybe you should go lap some up.

15. And you're looking a bit like this.


16. But you're feeling like this:

Warner Bros

17. Then it hits 7 PM and you remember those dinner plans with your parents.


18. Which is too bad, because everyone's still going hard.


Sorry, folks, GTG.

19. And then you're at dinner with your parents, starting to feel hungover.

20th Century Fox

20. And this is you at dinner, ready to go to bed, vowing to never day drink again...


21. But the joke's on you, because you'll be back at it the next chance you get.


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