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17 Public Struggles Only Freakishly Tall People Will Understand

Bigger isn't always better.

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1. People are always keen to push you to the back when the camera comes out.


2. You stick out like a sore thumb on public transport.

Embassy Pictures

3. Which isn't ideal considering how frequently you bump your head on the roof.

Lucas Films

4. Although it's not like giving the bus a miss will help matters at all.


5. Gravity isn't always on your side.

Channel 10

6. Especially when you add alcohol to the equation


7. You're constantly having to answer this question.

The WB

8. No matter how hard you try, hugs will always just be that little bit awkward.

Warner Bros

9. Kissing is basically out of the question.


Unless you wanna strain your neck.

10. Forget trying any PDA at all, really.


It'll just look awkward.

11. It can be genuinely difficult to hear what someone really short is saying without leaning down.

The CW

12. And trying to keep the same pace when you walk with them is pretty rough.


13. Clothes shopping is never a good time.

Paramount Pictures

Why doesn't anyone ever allow for your weird proportions to be considered?!

14. Especially when you go to try something on and everyone can still see your face.

Fox Searchlight Pictures

15. You're always stuck holding the camera because your arms are the longest.


Which means you always cop the ugly selfie angle.

16. When you're at a bar and everyone decides your shoulder is a perfect place to rest.


17. Although at least you always get served quickly.


Small victories.

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