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17 Reasons The Sutherland Shire Is A Horrible Place To Live.

Seriously. So gross.

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1. There aren't any cool bars. The Blind Bear

2. There's absolutely nowhere to go if you want to catch some live music.

Anna Warr / The Brass Monkey

3. There's nowhere to hang on a Sunday afternoon. / Northies

4. Ice cream options are pretty limited as well. / jennajessywakley

5. Forget about finding any culture there.

Facebook: space44 / Space 44

7. Summer days are the absolute worst.

8. And there are absolutely no nice cafes to be found there. @inc_cafe

9. Seriously. None. @hamcronulla

10. It's nearly impossible to find a nice breakfast spot. @brunchinsydney

11. The beaches are heaps average, really. @harrisoncartwright

12. Totally average. @northieshotel

13. Really, it's actually quite boring.

14. The Royal National Park is nothing to write home about.

16. It's just not a very nice place to live, really.

17. So you definitely shouldn't think of heading down south next time you're in Sydney.

Nothing to see here. Really.
Sydney Coast Walks

Nothing to see here. Really.

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