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17 Reasons The Sutherland Shire Is A Horrible Place To Live.

Seriously. So gross.

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1. There aren't any cool bars. The Blind Bear

3. There's nowhere to hang on a Sunday afternoon. / Northies

4. Ice cream options are pretty limited as well. / jennajessywakley

5. Forget about finding any culture there.

Facebook: space44 / Space 44

8. And there are absolutely no nice cafes to be found there. @inc_cafe

9. Seriously. None. @hamcronulla

10. It's nearly impossible to find a nice breakfast spot. @brunchinsydney

11. The beaches are heaps average, really. @harrisoncartwright

12. Totally average. @northieshotel

13. Really, it's actually quite boring.

16. It's just not a very nice place to live, really.
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