21 Things Mancunians Never Want To Hear Again

    "Are you mad fer it?!"

    1. The "boop boop" noise that trams make when someone's in their way.

    2. Drunk students singing on the Magicbus.

    3. People questioning why we douse everything in gravy.

    4. Being aggressively asked whether you support City or United.

    5. People talking about how beer up north is always really cheap.

    6. People asking you to do the "hard man" walk.

    7. People fearfully commenting on how mad things must get when the football's on.

    8. Being told that London is the place to be and you should move there immediately.

    9. Sarcastic remarks about how nice the weather is.

    10. Being informed by people who don't live in Manchester that Shameless is an accurate representation of the city and it's people.

    11. Being told that you must be able to hold your drink.

    12. People attempting to imitate a Manchester accent and doing a Yorkshire one instead.

    13. Hearing about "Gunchester" and how it's "full of crime".

    14. People telling you that your accent's "rather unfortunate".

    15. People asking whether you're "mad fer it", usually with a cheeky wink.

    16. Being told about a new band that's like a cross between Joy Division and the Stone Roses.

    17. Being told that Morrissey has said something controversial.

    18. The self-service checkout telling you that approval is needed.

    19. Market Street charity muggers asking if you've got a minute.

    20. Being asked whether you've seen the Manchester Google Maps fail.

    21. Hearing these dreaded words: "The North is basically all the same, right?"