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    26 Reasons To Fall In Love With A Mancunian

    Chips and gravy, anyone?

    1. Mancunians are known for never mincing their words.

    2. Dating someone from Manchester means dating someone who'll never complain about the rain.

    3. Mancunians have excellent music taste.

    4. And they know how to have a proper night out.

    5. They're famed for making the best of limited resources.

    6. They have swish pads.

    7. And they know their haute cuisine.

    8. Mancunians don't take themselves too seriously.

    9. But they do get passionate when it matters.

    10. If you date someone from Manchester, they'll probably take you to the Wheel.

    11. And although Mancunians often try to play it cool...

    12. ...they're big softies at heart.

    13. They always have faith in their own creative endeavours.

    14. And they might even let you share their favourite dessert.

    15. They know their craft beers.

    16. They'll hold your shopping while you dive into the vintage racks at Afflecks Palace.

    17. You'll never run out of free dates to go on.

    18. Mancunians fight for what they believe in.

    19. Although they cultivate a healthy sense of irreverence.

    20. Mancunians can usually be found with a drink in their hand.

    21. They have their own hangover cures.

    22. And they'll drag you for a sausage, chip, or pasty barm at the end of a night out.

    23. The maturity of their humour is unrivalled.

    24. They're some of the most welcoming and open-minded people you'll ever meet.

    25. And they're pretty easy on the eye too.

    Anna Friel and Nick Grimshaw, anyone?

    26. So if you're lucky enough to fall in love with a Mancunian, you know you've really scored.