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    46 Reasons You Need To Move To Manchester

    Spend a bit of time here, and you'll never want to leave.

    1. Because its architecture is a glorious mixture of old and new.

    2. Because this is what it looks like at night.

    3. And this is what Piccadilly Gardens look like in the dark.

    4. Because Manchester City Hall is a truly beautiful council building.

    5. Because our craft beer is second to none.

    6. Because Manchester Art Gallery has some truly stunning exhibitions.

    7. And the building's exterior is also pretty easy on the eye.

    8. Because we have the quirkiest bars and cafes.

    9. And we have some seriously quaint pubs.

    10. Because we're pretty good at football.

    11. Because it's the best place to study music.

    12. Because Manchester Cathedral may just be the most beautiful music venue in the UK.

    13. Because you can see an emerging band every night of the week.

    14. Because the theatre, ballet, and opera scenes are unbeatable.

    15. Because the revamped Central Library is absolutely beautiful.

    16. Because the beautiful Wolfson Reading Room in the Central Library is perfect for working and reading undisturbed.

    17. Because you can see arthouse and blockbuster films at the Cornerhouse.

    18. Because wherever you go, you can spot architectural reminders of Manchester’s industrial past.

    19. Because Manchester has in incredibly rich musical heritage.

    20. Because look at that burger.

    21. Because Manchester's Chinatown is home to plenty of authentic delights.

    22. And the Northern Quarter is a vintage-lover's paradise.

    23. It's also heaven for any vinyl collector.

    24. Because there are plenty of literary delights to discover.

    25. Because you can while away hours in the John Rylands Library.

    26. Isn't it gorgeous?

    27. Because Manchester is home to the Imperial War Museum North.

    28. Because December brings the award-winning Christmas Market.

    29. And every year there's a different Santa sitting on top of the Town Hall.

    30. Because Manchester has a huge LGBT scene.

    31. Because Pride is a massive annual party.

    32. Because Manchester is even beautiful in the rain.

    33. Because the shopping is indisputably excellent.

    34. And we have so many cute homeware shops that you'll be hard-pressed not to buy something.

    35. Because you're never very far from the beauty of the Lancashire countryside.

    36. Or the glory of the Pennines.

    37. Because public transport is cheap and plentiful.

    38. Because you can rent a city centre apartment with a friend without being a millionaire.

    39. Because Media City is in Salford.

    40. Because we've got the BBC too.

    41. Because Curry Mile is the best place to smoke shisha and eat authentic South Asian and Middle Eastern food.

    42. Because summer is the perfect time to skate in Platt Fields.

    43. And have late-night barbecues.

    44. Because Manchester hosts independent music festival Parklife.

    45. Because the nightlife is incredible and you can go to something new every night of the week.

    46. Why would you live anywhere else?