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21 Uniquely Mancunian Things The World Is Missing Out On

Drunken golfing, for a start.

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1. A truly Northern experience for grilled cheese lovers. / Via

3. An iconic tradition of music.

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Sure, amazing bands began in other cities, but Manchester is home to Oasis, The Smiths, The Fall, The Stone Roses, The Hollies, Herman's Hermits, Joy Division, New Order, The Charlatans, The Happy Mondays, Inspiral Carpets, James, and Elbow.

4. And a genuinely amazing local music scene.

You can see live music any night of the week in Manchester, and there's plenty of homegrown talent on offer โ€“ Luxury Death, Bernard + Edith, Blooms, Girl Friend, Peaness, Pale Waves, Elle Mary & the Bad Men, and The Bear Around Your Neck to name a few.


6. The Northern Quarter.

Looking for vintage clothing, craft beer, flat whites, A+ street art, or just a cheeky cocktail? This is the place to be.


9. Ethically-minded graffiti artists.

10. A cafe for cat lovers.

This is the purrfect destination if it's your dream to consume coffee and cake in the presence of 11 furry felines.

11. Some of the best vegan food in the UK.

V Rev on Edge Street was named the best vegan eatery in Britain last October at the annual VegFest.


15. A police force not afraid to use dad jokes to fight crime.

1pm call to man dressed as gorilla Stockport Rd Levenshulme apparently intimidating passers by. Some people are not happy and going bananas

16. Opportunities for drunk bowling and drunk golf.

You can booze it up with crazy golf or hope that a few bevs will improve your bowling game.


18. A pilgrimage site for literature lovers.

Flickr: mmulibrary / Creative Commons

At the Anthony Burgess Foundation you can go to lectures and visit the Reading Room, filled with books, correspondence, photographs and other items that belonged to the Clockwork Orange author.