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    22 Horrifically Hipster Chorlton Problems

    Quinoa, anyone?

    1. When your nearest quinoa merchant misleads you in an unforgivable manner.

    2. When you just want to hire a bog standard bouncy castle but all you can find are handcrafted yurts.

    3. When even the children's books have a hidden agenda.

    Reckon we are onto a winner with our new ABC book #Chorlton

    4. When someone fills the last bike rack with their hula hoop.

    5. When your summer solstice gets ruined.

    6. When literally everyone thinks you're a terrible person because you don't ride a bike.

    7. When all you wanted was some hot sauce.

    The most #Chorlton hot sauce. CHRIST.

    8. When you spill all your dried lentils on the way back from shopping at Unicorn Grocery.

    Catastrophe in Chorlton! #lentilspillage #onlyinChorlton

    9. When you want to buy your child a plastic playset but you can't avoid trendy superfoods.

    What kids plastic fruit & veg playset is complete without fennel & artichoke? Only in #Chorlton. #middleclasskids

    10. When "picking up chicks" takes on a whole new meaning.

    11. When you want to get into Manchester after midnight but public transport from Chorlton doesn't run.

    It's like trying to get off Lost island.

    12. When all you wanted was a beer and it gave you an "Asparagasm".

    13. When the street art just straight up terrifies you.

    14. And let's not even get started on the tree art.

    The famous tree-climbing baby installation in Chorlton water park after the addition of a second baby.

    15. When the pub runs out of your favourite craft beer.

    16. When you realise that papoose baby carriers aren't just used for humans.

    @JanetHorsfield love this #whippet #papoose #onlyinchorlton

    17. When everyone starts wearing odd socks and sandals.

    And you definitely did it first.

    18. When even the cash machines only offer seasonal produce.

    19. When green-fingered thieves think nothing of targeting your carefully arranged hanging basket.

    20. When the hummus delivery doesn't arrive on time.

    21. When everyone assumes you must be a middle class hipster just because you live in Chorlton.

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    An unfounded accusation.