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Thoughts That The Jaded Science Major Has

It seems that your dopamine levels are low while your cortisol levels are out the window....

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Thoughts That The Jaded Science Major Has Had

1. Statistics do suggest that if your hot, you can bullshit your way through life. But the once you turn 35, you'll become but a wrinkly sac of water.

2. Even if knowledge is what helps us become better human beings, it won't mean anything you get into a tragic accident or die.

3. I'll be able to contribute to society, but it won't amount to anything when I get Alzheimer's or dementia.

4. After experiencing 4 years of unnecessary bullcrap, several semesters of professors trying to fuck me over, and realizations that I am going to have crippling debt, a piece of damn paper is not worth it.

5. Why the fuck do I need to understand how ortho and meta directors work?

6. If I were to ever rule a kingdom, there would only be one rule: no remote displays of either joy or happiness.

7. Love is just a series of chemical reactions that occur within the brain.

8. No life. No hope. No Future.

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