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I'm Just A Bird Fleeing The Nest

A quick update on my life after university.

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It’s 9p.m. on Wednesday 12th October 2016…

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I’m sat in my bed with a hot water bottle and my duvet wrapped around me with Spotify on in the background *listening to The Greatest by Sia ft Kendrick Lamar*

I’ve always been the one to follow my dreams. I was raised surrounded by Asian parents pressurising their children to become the greatest – whether this was to become a doctor or a lawyer or… actually, that was about the only two careers we had a choice of.

I didn’t become a doctor, nor a lawyer, I became a Journalist. I loved writing, talking and thinking of new ideas to interest my audience. The media is such an influence in everybody’s life and I loved the thought of it – the creativity, the power, the freedom, the change.

I would say I’m a multi-media journalist, I enjoy the different aspects from Radio, TV, Print and Online. I even created my own magazine for my final project in my third year of university. I can’t explain how proud I felt that day I saw my magazine printed in gloss held in my hands, it was like holding a baby you’ve given birth to for the first time (I’m guessing that’s how it feels haha).

Life after university

It’s been almost 4 months since I left Coventry University – where I studied Journalism and Media, I must admit it was the best 3 years of my life. Was it because I was so passionate about the subject? Maybe it was because I met the most beautiful people? Or that I just felt secure being in an educational environment.

Let me tell you one thing, it is so god-damn hard finding a job. For a person who has continuously been in a routine and walked into the next stage of life swiftly, how did I think I could just walk into a job?! I guess I just had high hopes.

I currently work at part time hours at Morrisons – it’s okay. *Screaming in my head* BUT MY PASSION IS JOURNALISM! It gets frustrating and I have days where it makes me want to cry and days where I want to give up. I have applied for hundreds of jobs and attended so many interviews, rejection after rejection. What am I doing wrong?!

But then I have days where I tell myself I am the greatest, there will always be someone better than you – but the interviews help you practise and get better, the rejections stiffen up your back bone and when you fall just bounce right back up again. I have the greatest friends who are extremely supportive and we all ride this boat together. The right time will come and the right job will be mine.

While I’m applying to jobs, on the side, I upload YouTube vlogs and freelance on this blog by attending events and reviewing music/theatre/clothes. I need to carry on writing, editing and filming to keep my passion alive! Guys, I feel like this will be a good month and I promise to keep you all updated on my career, also I graduate next month!

Bye for now & be kind to one another.

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