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    39 Things That’ll Help Anyone Whose WFH Space Is An Absolute Disaster

    Desk organizers, ergonomic furniture, cute and useful decor, and problem-solving items for the home office.

    1. A bamboo two-tier monitor stand designed to bring your computer to a better height so you can avoid neck and eye strain as you work.

    Reviewer pic of the bamboo monitor stand on a desk with the lower shelf, five compartments, and a groove for a cellphone and pen filled with office supplies

    2. A selfie ring light ideal for anyone struggling through Zoom conference calls in a low-lit room.

    3. An interlocking drawer organizer that'll give your desk drawer a total head-to-toe makeover.

    the organizer inside of a drawer with separate compartments for pencils, scissors, markers, and other items

    4. An adjustable rolling desk so you can create a mini workstation in your bedroom or in front of the couch — reviewers who work from home in small spaces swear by it!

    The adjustable desk with wheels at the bottom and brown wood top

    5. A WFH whiteboard sign that’ll hopefully lead to less interruptions. It’ll let your roomies/family know your current status and when you’ll be free to make grilled cheeses and watch some TV.

    a hand holding the sign with options to indicate do not disturb, knock first, come in, or I'll be done at a certain time

    6. An adjustable wood shelf for your desk to ensure you have plenty of space for notebooks, knickknacks, pens and pencils, house plants, and other necessities.

    The shelf in black with books organized in two shelves on the right and small plants, a clock, and other trinkets in shelves on the left

    7. A set of cute and highly useful expandable file folders so you can take that bin full of work papers down to a manageable size.

    8. A portable dual monitor that won’t break the bank *and* comes with features you’ll adore — like a rotating display and a magnetic pull strong enough to take your laptop from room to room without undoing your setup. Now you can increase your workspace screen capacity, or play some baby sensory videos to entertain the cat (who otherwise wants to lay on the keyboard) while you work!

    A laptop with a small black monitor attached to the existing monitor on a desk

    9. A colorful wireless keyboard and mouse set to make typing easier and add a pop of color to your WFH setup.

    a reviewer photo of their desk set up with the green keyboard and matching mouse
    a reviewer photo of the purple keyboard and matching mouse

    The set includes a wireless mouse and a wireless keyboard with a USB receiver. AA batteries not included.

    Promising review: "So, I just transitioned to work from home and wanted a cool keyboard for my new workspace. I tried two others, and they worked but I wasn’t 100% happy with the style, shape, nor color. A friend showed me her keyboard, and I fell in love with it. Hers was the pink/colorful option. I immediately went on Amazon and found the purple/lilac and ordered. I received it today, and I’m so pleased. I’m one of those who love hearing the click-clack sound of keys being hit with my nails and the weight of the keyboard is nice and heavy — it feels well made. I’m still getting use to the mouse it’s a wider shape then I’m use to, but it works and matches my keyboard. Now if only I could find a purple monitor, LOL. I highly recommend this keyboard. Happy typing!" —Kimberly Renee

    Get it from Amazon for $35.99+ (available in 12 colors).

    10. A Wi-Fi extender for those of us working from home with some of the spottiest Wi-Fi ever 😭. It's also ideal for anyone working in the quiet but far corner of the house where the signal could use a major boost!

    the extender with a phone held up next to it for scale showing they are the same size roughly

    11. A portable mini air purifier boasting three fan speeds and a HEPA filter. It'll clear the air of dust, pollen, smoke, and odor — because no one wants a workday full of allergens.

    12. An encouraging daily planner to give you a motivational boost and help you stay on top of your to-do list.

    A blank page of the planner

    13. An investment-worthy ergonomic office stool that offers a firm yet comfy place to sit and move freely throughout the workday. You can rock back and forth *or* side to side on this stool, and this movement helps train your sense of balance, exercises multiple muscle groups, naturally straightens your back, and prevents pain.

    a model sitting on the saddle stool in two different positions

    14. A set of sensory toy Monkey Noodles that’ll allow you to pull, stretch, twirl, wrap, *and* squeeze the stress of the day away as it arises.

    Reviewer image of five long noodle-shaped toys in different colors

    15. A standing desk converter for anyone who desperately needs to turn their desk or table into a standing desk. Now you can spend less time sitting without paying full price for one of these babies!

    A two-tier standing desk in light brown and black on top of an actual desk with a laptop and keyboard on it

    16. A double-sided electronics cleaning brush with soft bristles to sweep away dust and crumbs and a rubbery side to clean in between keys.

    17. A mug warmer because you deserve your comforting beverage of choice to stay piping hot, especially on chilly weekday mornings!

    Mug propped on black circular warmer on table

    18. A simple writing desk that’ll give you plenty of space for your laptop, books, mini humidifier, and other WFH necessities.

    the desk with a metal frame up against the wall

    19. A foot hammock you'll use in your WFH room to kick your feet up throughout the workday.

    a model using the foot hammock under their desk

    20. A set of affordable, highly popular (seriously, these have over 80,000 rave reviews) wireless Bluetooth earbuds to help you block out distracting noise and jam out while WFH.

    Reviewer image of two black earbuds next to their charging case

    21. A memory foam baguette wrist rest to give yourself a squishy place to rest your hands as you type away throughout the day!

    A reviewer's photo of the baguette wrist rest in front of their keyboard

    22. A stylish room divider so that you can differentiate the separate areas of your space and create a private office nook where there once was nothing.

    a white wooden room divider in a living space

    23. A lift-top coffee table with storage drawers and compartments underneath to maximize your space. Plus, you'll be able to bring your laptop to you and work from the couch.

    24. A cute and handy mini folding crate you can use as a desk organizer, coaster, snack container, and more — the possibilities are truly endless.

    four differently colored small folding crates

    25. A wonderfully bendy USB lamp with a port to charge your phone as it lights up your desk.

    26. An L-shaped desk that offers plenty of room without taking up too much space in your home. Plus, it has shelves and adjustable and sturdy feet.

    the wooden and metal L-shaped desk in a corner

    27. A memory foam seat cushion reviewers swear by for relieving lower back pain and reducing pressure on the tailbone, which can happen from prolonged sitting.

    Gray memory foam cushion on an office chair

    28. A USB-powered cooling pad with three fans so you can keep working from your laptop without worrying about the computer overheating or burning your legs.

    29. A cute cat note dispenser that’ll brighten up your day and offer a ~purfect~ way to jot down reminders or notes.

    a reviewer's photo of the cat note dispenser

    30. An insulated soundproofing strip to ensure your conference calls from home don't get interrupted by the giant truck bellowing down your street, the neighbor's party time music, or other wonderful sounds.

    31. A cascading wall organizer so you can stop piling papers on top of your desk and hang them up on the wall instead!

    32. A pen holder with a little calendar to help you remember upcoming holidays and due dates, or simply what day of the week it is when things get hectic.

    the block pen holder with the cal date

    33. A nonbinary pronouns mousepad to bring some pride to your home office space 🌼.

    the yellow, white, purple, and black mouse pad with she, her, hers pronouns in the center

    34. An anti-slip calendar mousepad that also comes with a phone holder and space to jot things down, so you can make the most of your precious desk space!

    the turquoise mouse pad with a 2022 calendar on it

    35. A handy paper shredder for anyone who needs a better way of disposing of all those work-related and outdated papers that have been piling up around the house.

    36. A no-glue privacy window film to put on your home office windows for privacy and a rainbow light effect when the sun filters through! And FYI, more than 40,000 people gave this easy-to-install film a 5-star review.

    a reviewer's photo of the privacy window film with colorful light streaming through a large window

    37. A mini ladybug vacuum who will actually eat up crumbs and eraser shavings while you work — adorable!

    A reviewer's photo of the ladybug vacuum which is roughly the size of a computer mouse

    38. A relaxing foot roller to add "foot massage" to your list of ways to wind down after a long day. It's even quiet enough to use while you WFH!

    Reviewer using the abacus-like foot roller on their foot

    39. And a Doodlebob pen holder that'll make your desk a bit more delightful and tidy.

    the black and white Doodlebob pen holder

    Live footage of everyone's cat when the work computer comes out in the morning:

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