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    30 Ways To Make It Look Like You Hired Someone To Deep Clean Your House

    Your home is going to sparkle like it's never sparkled before.

    1. Conquer slime, mold, and grime with a jar of chemical-free Humble Suds scour paste. It's a gentle yet effective way to clean your tub, counters, and oven. It won't expel any harmful fumes and it's even safe to use on your hands or to wash produce!

    the glass jar of cleaning paste

    2. Get fresh and old stains out of your home with this powerful carpet stain remover. That way, the next time a ketchup explosion happens, you don't have to dish out money to rent a carpet cleaner or replace the carpet altogether.

    3. Go at the slimy deck or bleak-looking backyard fence with a power washer for some seriously satisfying results! Not to mention it'll help you save tons of money on car washes.

    4. Ensure people think you paid big bucks to restore the wooden tables and surfaces in your home with a wood polish that costs under $10.

    a reviewer's before and after shot of a wooden table with water marks on it cleaned with the polish

    5. If your toilet *still* looks dirty right after cleaning it, try a drywall sanding sponge to get rid of pesky stains around the rim.

    6. Restore all your thermoses and water bottles to like-new condition with a pack of all-natural bottle-cleaning tablets. Just drop them in with some water and let the tablet work its magic for an hour or two while you clean up the rest of the house!

    a reviewer's before, during, and after shots of the tablets at work

    7. Get rid of chocolate, grease, and tomato stains in clothing with this fan-favorite stain remover. It works on everything from oil stains to pet accidents, and it's chlorine and bleach free.

    8. Upgrade your laundry routine with this box of dye , enzyme-, phosphate-, paraben-, and fragrance-free laundry detergent pods beloved by many folks with sensitive skin. These will clean and refresh your dirty laundry, and you won't have to worry about potential irritants getting into your clothes, blankets, and towels.

    a box of sensitive skin laundry detegernt pods

    9. Obliterate stuck-on food particles and grease from your stove with a cooktop cleaning kit that'll make your stovetop look like you've never used it a day in your life 👀.

    a reviewer's before and after photo of a dirty cooktop that is now clean

    10. Scrub the shower tiles and bathtub into a squeaky-clean state, but, like, the easy way — with this handy drill brush attachment. Just pair it with your cordless drill and clean away!

    11. Steam clean your microwave with a bowl full of water (lemons optional for a fresh scent). Let the bowl heat in the microwave for five minutes, and then let it sit for another five minutes before you open the door. Stuck-on food and grime will easily wipe away with a sponge!

    12. Leave a concentrated mold and mildew remover on bathroom tile overnight and people just may think you hired a cleaning pro come morning — the results really speak for themselves!

    13. De-funk your washing machine with a pack of cleaning tablets. Reviewers recommend letting the tablet soak for 15–20 minutes for an extra-thorough deep clean!

    a model dropping one of the tablets into the washing machine

    14. And pop a dishwasher-cleaning tablet into a cycle with your dirty dishes to ensure the dishwasher itself stays gleaming and odor free, so your dishes come out cleaner than ever!

    15. Tackle your bug problem with a DIY fly spray — all you need is a spray bottle, Pine-Sol, and water.

    a bottle DIY fly spray

    16. Keep your cleaning supplies in a neat and tidy spot with an eco-friendly cleaning kit that comes with a placement tray. You can add your own cleaning solution to the reusable glass bottle or try a fragrance-free all-purpose cleaner from this small biz!

    a brown glass bottle with two coconut husk sponges on a white tray

    17. Let a robot vacuum and mop have a go at crumbs and mop up spills before the mess gets trekked through your entire house. Deep cleaning the floors will be way less of a chore with this helper!

    a child napping next to the vacuum

    18. Suck the moisture out of the air and filter it *at the same time* with a dehumidifier with a reusable air filter (designed for large spaces). Reviewers say it pulls tons of water out of the air, even in the most humid conditions, so consider musty basement or bathroom smells handled!

    19. Or, place a moisture absorber in the bathroom, behind the kitchen sink, in the laundry room, or in other damp spaces. These babies are ideal for those working with a smaller space or who don't want to commit to a dehumidifier. These crystals last up to 60 days, and you can purchase separate refills for the future!

    a jar of DampRid moisture absorber on a bathroom counter

    20. Use a plant-based all-purpose cleaner for glistening countertops, tiles, and wooden tabletops. It's cruelty free, nontoxic, and safe to use around kids and pets.

    three bottles of the all purpose cleaner on top of a counter

    21. Grab a handful of The Pink Stuff to finally get your kiddo's Sharpie masterpiece off the living room wall. It's a powerful, all-purpose cleaning paste made from 99% natural ingredients, and reviewers say it works miracles on stove tops and headlights, too!

    22. Eliminate hard water from the mouth of your faucets and shower head by attaching a plastic bag filled with vinegar, using a rubber band. You can also substitute the vinegar for a more intense mineral cleaner if your plumbing is really stained.

    kitchen faucet with plastic bag filled with vinegar rubber-banded over the nozzle

    23. Remove dog hair and crumbs from your workspace with a keyboard-cleaning gel. It has over 18,000 5-star reviews so you know it'll get the job done, plus it looks pretty fun to use!

    24. Opt for a shockingly absorbent dishcloth instead of paper towels for wipe-downs. It'll barely be damp after drying a whole stack of dishes, which is probably more than you can say about the moldy rag that *may* or may not be in your kitchen right now.

    25. Make doing the dishes and being around the sink in general a tolerable experience with a pack of garbage disposal cleaner tablets. They have the foaming power you need to stop bad odors from ruining the entire clean kitchen vibe.

    the garbage disposal cleaner bubbling up in a drain

    26. Disinfect and mop up messes with ease using a spray mop with microfiber cleaning pads. This baby is everything the old spin and dry mop wishes it was!

    27. Swap out the stick or bag vacuum for a powerful handheld vacuum cleaner and the results may surprise you! This little vacuum is cordless and comes with five different nozzles, and it'll clean up pet hair, dirt, dust bunnies, and other messes with incredible force. I have this vacuum and ended up donating my larger vac because I was reaching for this one every time!

    a person using the handheld vacuum to clean up pet hair from a couch

    28. Use the dusting brush attachment (on your new or existing vacuum) on the outside of your exhaust fan to get rid of gross dust buildup. Don't forget to also pull the cover off to really get in there with some soap and water!

    29. Dust your blinds two at a time with a microfiber blind cleaner and be done with deep cleaning the window area quicker than ever before.

    a person using the blue blind cleaner to dust their blinds

    30. And return scruffy sinks, rusted stainless steel, or grimey cookware to their original, glistening state with a bottle of Bar Keepers Friend soft cleanser. It's designed to work miracles on stainless steel, brass, bronze, copper alloys, aluminum, ceramic, porcelain, glass, and Corian surfaces.

    a reviewer's before and after shot of a scuffed up sink that's clean after use

    Sending you squeaky-clean vibes!

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