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    33 Unique Gifts The Guy In Your Life Won't Hate

    These gifts will make them swoon.

    1. An incredible weighted blanket thousands of people swear by for helping with anxiety, stress, and nightmares because everyone is their best self with plenty of sleep! And anyone who can gift that is a true angel.

    2. A green tea mud mask you and your special guy can indulge in the next time you have a night in! This nourishing mask may just become a regular addition to his down-to-the-nines skincare routine.

    3. A customizable wallet so your S.O. can read a sweet note from you and look at your picture all in one wallet!

    4. A jerky snob subscription so the one you love can open up a box of artisan jerky every month and say "so, we ~meat~ again."

    5. A whiskey appreciation crate (literally, it comes in a crate) so you can give a gift that's as fun to open as it is to enjoy. It comes with personalized glasses, cheers!

    6. A mini Fenty lip gloss and highlighter set to ensure the boy of your dreams has what they need to stay fabulous.

    7. And a bold, gold matte liquid lip that's just the perfect shade for holiday parties and other festive times!

    8. A set of cute mountain range rings that'll come together when they're not on your fingers.

    9. A bonsai growing kit to give your man everything he needs to grow four mini bonsai trees. Who says you can't garden in the winter time!

    10. A luxurious after shave balm with shea butter to moisturize, soothe, and leave skin smelling great.

    11. A sorting hat-themed projector for any HP fans out there who want to revel in their favortie fandom no matter what movie is playing during movie night!

    12. A monthly men's vintage subscription box someone needs to send to my doorstep like yesterday 👀. This subscription will be like gifting a personalized vintage stylist, it doesn't get better than that!

    13. A small but mighty waterproof Bluetooth speaker that'll hold up on beach trips, BBQs, road trips, and many many dance like no one's watching sessions in the shower.

    14. A warm and cozy Carhartt hat he'll want to collect in every color, but will have no need to, because these last forever!

    15. A sturdy, rustic kitchen knife set that'll look just dashing on any countertop, and inspire your boo to cook something delish for dinner for the two of you.

    16. A set of four pizza socks ready to roll on out and give everyone extreme pizza cravings.

    17. And a set of three merino wool socks featuring seamless toes and awesome color-blocked patterns. Plus every sock bought equals one donated!

    18. A chemical-free, machine-washable, and reusable cooling cloth that screams "I love you but sometimes you get really sweaty at the gym, pls cool down."

    19. A handy, foldable ladder for anyone who is a practical gift giver, and has a handyman on their shopping list this year.

    20. A trans equality T-shirt to empower and uplift your partner/boyfriend when they need it most.

    21. An investment-worthy sunrise alarm clock featuring light cycles that speak to our circadian rhythm and will help your precious boy sleep better and get up in the morning!

    22. And a French press that'll put full-flavored coffee (in just a few minutes!) back at the top of the morning priorities list.

    23. A Finders Seekers subscription box so you can both decode secret locations and get into detective mode when boredom strikes.

    24. A pre-seasoned cast-iron fry pan any good chef shall adore, and use to cook up tons of rustic meals.

    25. A pair of touch screen-friendly gloves lined with fleece so your man can send you selfies of his beautiful face in the snow without freezing ❄️.

    26. A home-brew gift set with everything needed to start brewing IPAs at home! This starter kit is ideal for beginners.

    27. A set of handy, glow-in-the-dark bottle caps perfect for preserving cold ones and preventing root beer from spilling all over the car seat (guilty).

    28. A Tamed Wild subscription that just may help your partner stay grounded — this box is packed with intention setting rituals, herbs, teas, crystals, and alter items for a monthly lunar ritual.

    29. A bottle of Mike's Hot Honey that will put chicken sandwiches on the dinner menu three nights in a row because clearly, these two are made for each other.

    30. A flying-fishing subscription box stocked with high-quality flies, gear, and trail snacks; so his love for fishing doesn't *scale* down any time soon.

    31. A pair of very comfy slip-on slippers made for those days when it's just time to be a sloth and only a sloth.

    32. A Marvel Advent calendar because there is really nothing better than watching your adorable S.O. geek out over a fandom they love just as much as you.

    33. And a small Keurig for those Sundays when your babe is so engrossed in a novel, just getting up to make a pot of coffee is too much! Instant caffeination is a gift we all need.

    Actual footage of me *drum-rolling* into the holidays knowing I'm dating the most powerful gift-giver of all time:

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