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    21 Tips And Tricks For Making The Best Smoothies Ever

    All's well that blends well 😏.

    Hey what's up, if you clicked this post you probably love a good smoothie. So sit down, sip up, and get ready for some tips!

    1. First things first, get the right smoothie texture using some ~pretty smooth~ ingredients; like coconut milk or nut butters. Texture is everything!

    2. Up the creamy in a non-iced smoothie (like green smoothies) with coconut oil. You can go with an light-tasting unrefined coconut oil or a coconut butter that'll add coconut flavor.

    3. Skip the ice next time you emulsify. You might actually end up with a better-tasting and better-textured smoothie!

    4. Or, say bye to those awful ice chunks in your smoothies via little ice cubes instead of the big boys.

    5. Count on banana whenever you need a thickening agent and a natural sweetener. Banana is one of the greatest smoothie ingredients of all time!

    6. And thin things out with coconut water as opposed to ~regular water~ for added flavor, sweetness, and electrolytes. Sometimes thinning your smoothie out is necessary for those of us who put banana, avocado and sunflower butter in every smoothie (me).

    7. Combine oats, peanut butter (or any other nut butter), and banana for a super a filling smoothie; and laugh in the face of a fruit/green smoothie trying to pass itself off as a full meal.

    8. And if you want to get really wild, stock up on wide-mouth mason jars and try out an overnight oats smoothie hack to truly power through your mornings.

    9. Add a pinch or two of chia seeds after you blend for a nice texture variation and a little mid-day energy boost.

    10. Mix the two greatest things on earth: smoothies and caffeine via matcha green tea and this matcha smoothie bowl recipe.

    11. Find a smoothie recipe you like enough to drink all week long, buy the ingredients in bulk, prep everything in one go, and your smoothie-sipping days just got a lot easier!

    12. Or freeze ready-to-blend fruits and veggies ahead of time in mason jars or plastic bags until they are ready to use, as opposed to freezing an entire smoothie.

    13. Do you research when it comes to finding the right blender to match your needs, or better yet check out BuzzFeed Reviews to find the best blenders at three different price points.

    14. Or go for a budget-friendly Nutribullet people swear by and a non-stick mini muffin tin. You can blend and freeze fruits and veggies while they are in season (cheaper), and then have a ready-to-use smoothie base on hand.

    15. Tackle those three servings of veggies a day with veggie-packed smoothie recipes. Some people think veggies in smoothies are gross (you're wrong 🙃), but when done right they can add a burst of sweetness and fresh flavor you just cannot get from fruit!

    View this video on YouTube

    That cucumber apple mint smoothie is looking like a trip to flavor-town IMO.

    Get the full recipes from Tasty.

    16. Whip up smoothies The Powerpuff Girls would be proud of with a little sugar and spice — agave is a great liquid sweetener option, and vanilla extract and cinnamon will make you feel like you're drinking a rich dessert.

    17. Keep things simple with three-ingredient smoothies and an easy freezer hack that'll ensure you actually make these!

    18. Add some zing to your smoothies (like this refreshing vegan orange Julius) with a peeler and fresh orange zest. The first time I added zest to a smoothie I made one every day after for over a week 🙃🍊.

    19. Invest in high-quality food-based proteins that are easy to digest, like this one pound of raw organic vegan protein boasting 22 grams per serving.

    20. Meet your best smoothie-enriching friend: greek yogurt. She is powerful, protein-packed, thicc, and she is an ideal base for yummy smoothie bowls.

    21. And last but not least, make every day bring your own smoothie day with an easy-to-clean portable blender and a set of 16 reusable straws.

    Antoni when you add greek yogurt to all the smoothies:

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