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    28 Things To Keep On Hand That Are Worth Every Penny

    Things that'll make you say "take my money."

    1. A set of wireless Bluetooth earbuds with over 80,000 positive reviews to get you through workouts and work from home sessions with all the jams one could possibly need.

    Reviewer image of two black earbuds next to their charging case

    2. A small tub of super cute fluffy cloud slime that'll soothe and relax you any time you need.

    a person holding the cloud slime in their hands

    3. A cold-brew maker so you can stop overspending on cold brew concentrates at the grocery store and start making your own just the way you like it!

    4. Hunter short rain boots thousands of people swear by for a reason — they keep your feet dry during yucky weather, and do so in classic rain boot style.

    a reviewer wearing the boots in pink in the rain

    5. A pack of MagicFiber microfiber cleaning cloths ideal for anyone who is really talented at constantly getting their glasses dirty and needs an easy way to clean them (me).

    a reviewer showing a before and after photo of glasses being cleaned by the cloth

    6. A hair finishing stick you'll use to catch annoying fly-away strands and tidy up your hair in a minute or two.

    7. A handy magnetic flashlight you can count on for tasks when you need a bright light and both hands, because it'll stick to any metal surface!

    a reviewer holding the flashlight

    8. A tiny Bluetooth tracker you'll attach to your phone, wallet, keys, and then some, to keep tabs on all your important stuff. I need like eight of these...

    9. An encouraging daily planner to help motivate you and plan out your days in an adorable way.

    A blank page of the planner

    10. A relaxing salt soak you'll pour into your bath whenever you need to soothe sore muscles or unwind from a stressful day.

    four different bags of salt soak

    11. A hypnotizing jellyfish lamp you seriously won't be able to stop staring at. The jellyfish are super realistic and you'll feel like you're at the aquarium from the comfort of your bed!

    12. A pair of self-watering birds as cute as they are helpful, so you never have to worry about watering (or overwatering) the plants again.

    a reviewer photo of two glass, bird-shaped plant waterers in a plant on a windowsill

    13. A helpful laptop stand that'll get your workstation up to eye level, or give you a little area underneath your computer to make some seriously sick beats.

    14. An under-the-sink filtration system I really need to invest in, as do you if you can't trust your tap water 100% and you're sick of spending money on pitcher-style filters.

    a reviewer's photo of the filter installed under a sink

    15. A gorgeous ocean-themed cutting board so you can present a conversation starter and a delicious meat and cheese spread the next time you have guests over!

    the maple wood cutting board with an ocean wave design

    16. A carpet stain remover that actually works to stop ketchup explosions, wine and coffee spills, and other messes from ruining your day (and bedroom carpet). Reviewers say it works super quickly!

    17. Traceless Invisibobble hair ties to end the dreaded ponytail crease and maintain your hairstyle without pulling on your precious strands.

    18. A jar of strawberry perserves with a spicy kick worthy of keeping on hand — treat yourself to brie and preserves on toast, use it as a glaze for grilled meat, or just eat it by the spoonful (no judgment here).

    a hand dipping a strawberry into the jar of perserves

    19. An odor-neutralizing trashcan with a filter that lasts for three months to give yourself a less smelly window of time to take it out.

    a model stepping on the front pedal to open the stainless steel trash can

    20. A squishy toast pillow that's worth every cent if you ask me, because we all need a bread friend to *loaf* around with at the end of long day.

    three different sized toast pillows

    21. A tiny cordless vacuum powerful enough to clean up messes in your car while you're on the go so you don't have to deal with finding a gas station vacuum ever again.

    a person using the vaccum to pick up crumbs from the floor

    22. Maybelline Instant Rewind Treatment Concealer sponge designed to stop dark circles in their tracks, so you can pull all-nighters for studying/video games/binge-watching sessions and appear as if you actually got some sleep in the morning.

    23. A cozy fruit hammock to ensure your apples and bananas are always in view and ready to be snacked on.

    the fruit hammock with bananas and apples in it

    24. A set of furniture legs to give your desk, dresser, and overall bedroom vibe a much needed *lift*.

    25. An Aerogarden that'll grow herbs, salads, tomatoes, and peppers in a neat and orderly fashion. This is a hydroponic growing system with no soil and will grow your plants in ~no thyme~ even if you have little to no sunlight to work with!

    the Aerogarden on a countertop

    26. An investment-worthy cooling weighted blanket made from silky-soft eucalyptus fibers for those of us who thrash around like a great white shark at night when we get overheated/don't have the calming effect of weight over our sensory-sensitive bodies (ME 🦈).

    the deep green colored weighted blanket on a bed in a bedroom

    27. A set of smooth and crisp sheets to complete that vacay-at-home thing you have going on. These sheets have extra deep pockets so that making the bed is less of a chore, I have a set myself at home and swear by them!

    28. And a luscious and nourishing hair style cream ideal for coily and tight hair textures. This hydrating cream will give you definition and a touchable hold for setting twist-outs, braid-outs, Bantu knots, and other styles.

    the container of styling cream

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