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    28 Things To Keep On Hand That Are Worth Every Penny

    Things that'll make you say "take my money."

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A set of wireless Bluetooth earbuds with over 80,000 positive reviews to get you through workouts and work from home sessions with all the jams one could possibly need.

    Reviewer image of two black earbuds next to their charging case

    These come with a wireless charging case that provides up to 14 hours of charge (with the earbuds able to play for 4+ hours with each full charge). The earbuds are also sweatproof and waterproof so you can use them during workouts or runs, and they have a built-in mic so you can chat on the phone.

    Promising review: "The earbuds worked seamlessly and well out of the box. I use them while hiking the hills with my dogs and when working at my desk – I can still hear outside noises when needed for safety, but can listen to music without disturbing others. The earbuds are comfortable even during exercise, and they fit securely. Using the earbuds as a headset with my cellphone is easy as well. I do have to experiment with how they handle the Google assistant. The audio quality is at least stereo hi-fi, and the earbuds paired easily with both my phone and laptop. Wireless charging and having a large backup power source for the phone are terrific features." –Jawpar

    Get it from Amazon $33.99 (available in five colors).

    2. A small tub of super cute fluffy cloud slime that'll soothe and relax you any time you need.

    a person holding the cloud slime in their hands
    Bliss Balm / Via Etsy

    Bliss Balm is a slime shop on Etsy offering tons of cute and satisfying slimes.

    Promising review: "I like this slime a lot! I love how many different combinations of colors and scents there were to choose from. I ended up going with a light blue, cake batter scent. The order comes with a cute little cloud charm as described, but what I wasn't expecting was a small free sample of a different color/texture/scented slime which also came with an adorable cupcake charm! A care sheet, activator liquid, and some candy were also included." —Victoria Rosnack-Martin

    Get it from Bliss Balm on Etsy for $9.99.

    3. A cold-brew maker so you can stop overspending on cold brew concentrates at the grocery store and start making your own just the way you like it!

    Maitland Quitmeyer / BuzzFeed, Amazon

    I can't be the only one whose household runs on cold brew!

    Promising review: "We use this all the time in my house. A little less than when I initially bought it, as there's less call for cold brew in the winter, but it still gets some use. I generally prefer glass to plastic in my kitchen, but the body of it seems to have held up well despite extensive and extended use. I certainly recommend it if you're tired of making cold brew at home with the mason jar method but still don't want to spill the cash for a fancier-than-necessary alternative." —Matthew Baird

    Check out our full review of the Tayeka Cold Brew Iced Coffee Maker here.

    Get it from Amazon for $19.99+ (available in 1 or 2 quarts and three colors).

    4. Hunter short rain boots thousands of people swear by for a reason — they keep your feet dry during yucky weather, and do so in classic rain boot style.

    a reviewer wearing the boots in pink in the rain

    Promising review: "These boots are very comfortable and fashionable. They could go with many outfits. They are also very durable and do not let any water in." —Amazon Customer

    Get them from Amazon for $69.99 (available in sizes 5-11 and 18 colors).

    5. A pack of MagicFiber microfiber cleaning cloths ideal for anyone who is really talented at constantly getting their glasses dirty and needs an easy way to clean them (me).

    a reviewer showing a before and after photo of glasses being cleaned by the cloth

    I keep a cloth in my bag, one at work, and one in my apartment! I hate having dust and dirt build up on screens, so they're super useful to have on-hand.

    Promising review: "I usually dislike microfiber cloths; I know they are supposedly great for cleaning your glasses and screens, but every single microfiber cloth I've ever used has left unbearable streak marks on every surface When I opened these cloths, I immediately used one to clean my glasses that I hadn't been able to clean properly all day. I used one of these cloths, and nothing else, and my glasses came out streak free and beautiful! Love these. I was hesitant to spend so much on cloths I was pretty sure I wouldn't like, but these blew me away! Most definitely will buy again." —Stephanie Hollander

    Get two from Amazon for $5.49+ (available in larger packs).

    6. A hair finishing stick you'll use to catch annoying fly-away strands and tidy up your hair in a minute or two.


    Made from natural plant extracts, the serum won't leave your hair greasy.

    Promising review: "No matter what I do or what expensive and high rated product I try, my flyaways are an annoying constant. This product has completely rid me of my daily top of head flyaway frizz! I wish I would have discovered this product years ago! It smooths my hair out and truly lasts all day. Be careful, as a tiny bit goes a long way!" —RHoffsommer

    Get it from Amazon for $6.38.

    7. A handy magnetic flashlight you can count on for tasks when you need a bright light and both hands, because it'll stick to any metal surface!

    a reviewer holding the flashlight

    Promising review: "I have a couple of flashlights at home, but none of them can compare with these two well-designed LED flashlights. It’s compact, multi-functional, and handy. And the most important thing is it’s really really bright. It's USB rechargeable and magnetic at the end. The COB light is very bright and definitely convenient for me when I need two hands to do my garage tasks under the hood or in the dark. It is highly recommended to anyone who wants to have a functional handy flashlight like this." —Chun M.

    Get a two-pack from Amazon for $21.99.

    8. A tiny Bluetooth tracker you'll attach to your phone, wallet, keys, and then some, to keep tabs on all your important stuff. I need like eight of these...


    Promising review: "I am always losing my keys or my phone and with the tile, it makes it so easy to find my keys in a flash or find my phone! All you have to do is attach it to your keys and you're all set. When you misplace your keys, you go into the app on your phone (which is super user-friendly) and tap, find my keys. It then rings your tile that is attached to your keys and if they are not in an area where they can ring, it shows you the location of the tile, which is also very helpful. If you misplace your phone, you can double-tap the middle button on the tile and it will also ring your phone! It is such an amazing product and I am thinking about attaching them to everything in my house (I am such a scatterbrain!)!!" —Brooke

    Get it from Amazon for $24.99.

    9. An encouraging daily planner to help motivate you and plan out your days in an adorable way.

    A blank page of the planner

    Each planner comes with 50 tear-off sheets the size of a standard piece of paper.

    Promising review: "Super cute and helpful. Exactly what I needed to help me stay on track with working at home during this quarantine." —Arline

    Get it from Amazon for $10.99.

    10. A relaxing salt soak you'll pour into your bath whenever you need to soothe sore muscles or unwind from a stressful day.

    four different bags of salt soak
    Left Hand Soap Company

    Left Hand Soap Company is a Black-owned business based in Birmingham, AL offering handmade soap bars, body butters, bath salts, candles, tote bags, liquid hand soaps, beard care, and much more!

    Get a bag from Left Hand Soap Company for $7+ (available in two sizes and three scents).

    11. A hypnotizing jellyfish lamp you seriously won't be able to stop staring at. The jellyfish are super realistic and you'll feel like you're at the aquarium from the comfort of your bed!,

    My baby cousins have this lamp and my eyes were glued to it the time I last visited them, they are super relaxing to watch!

    Promising review: "I like to occasionally add decorations to our guest house and this one turned out to be a real conversation starter. The guest comment on how they love just relaxing and watching the jellyfish. There is a multi-color light or you can choose a single color. I like the blue myself. This was a good project for my girls to work on together. They soaked the jellyfish in soapy water (blue Dawn) overnight, then rinsed them off as to not make the water turn blue. Then they filled the plastic tank with distilled water, added the jellyfish, and viola, instant feed-free aquatic life. This comes with everything you need to get you up and running: tank, lid, motor, cord, wall outlet head, and two four-inch jellyfish that are unique from one another. The motor shuts off after four hours. It comes in a gift box if case you are gifting." —Texas Knowhow

    Get it from Amazon for $35.99.

    12. A pair of self-watering birds as cute as they are helpful, so you never have to worry about watering (or overwatering) the plants again.

    a reviewer photo of two glass, bird-shaped plant waterers in a plant on a windowsill

    Promising review: "These are very cute watering bulbs. I have a bunch of colored orb ones and wanted something different so I ordered these. They are just as adorable and work as well as any other ones I’ve used. Like any other watering bulb, the soil gets drawn up into the water reservoir, this doesn’t bother me, but since these are clear glass it’s more evident than in the colored glass bulbs. I just rinse out when refilling." —Erin B.

    Get a set of two from Amazon for $10.08.

    13. A helpful laptop stand that'll get your workstation up to eye level, or give you a little area underneath your computer to make some seriously sick beats.

    Amazon, a reviewer with their computer on the stand and keyboard below it

    Promising review: "This laptop stand fits my Macbook Pro very well. It creates a very good setup when paired with a keyboard and mouse. Also, there are holes on the legs for putting wires through, such as the charging cord. This is a great added feature that helps keep your desk organized and clutter-free. There is rubber on the stand where the laptop sits to provide protection and prevent the bottom of your laptop from being scratched. Also, the construction is very good as the material is strong and will for sure last a long time." —IshanD

    Get it from Amazon for $24.99+ (available in nine colors).

    14. An under-the-sink filtration system I really need to invest in, as do you if you can't trust your tap water 100% and you're sick of spending money on pitcher-style filters.

    a reviewer's photo of the filter installed under a sink

    Promising review: "Easy to install, comes with everything you need for an easy install. I requested a free longer faucet stem which was delivered promptly, but I ending up using the one it already came with since it was just long enough. Water flow/pressure was really good for water the is passed through three filters. I wanted filtered water for my refrigerator's icemaker as well, so I spit the filtered water pipe with a tee. There were no issues with the refrigerator icemaker receiving the water. The three-stage filter set came with a beautiful stainless steel faucet. The neck is able to turn 360 and tall enough to fill pots on the countertop or placed in the sink. Highly recommend to anyone looking for a water filter, it's an excellent water filter system, great value, and worth every penny." —Pen Name

    Get it from Amazon for $129.99.

    15. A gorgeous ocean-themed cutting board so you can present a conversation starter and a delicious meat and cheese spread the next time you have guests over!

    the maple wood cutting board with an ocean wave design
    Schafer Art Studio / Via Amazon

    Schafer Art Studio is a small family business on Amazon Handmade offering custom signs, paintings, cuttingboards, and other high-quality decor items for your home.

    Get it from Schafer Art Studio on Amazon Handmade for $74.95.

    16. A carpet stain remover that actually works to stop ketchup explosions, wine and coffee spills, and other messes from ruining your day (and bedroom carpet). Reviewers say it works super quickly!

    Promising review: "This is seriously the most amazing product I have EVER purchased! I used it to remove a dry ketchup stain from the white carpet. It removed every speck of the ketchup without ruining the texture of the carpet!" —Amazon Customer

    Get it from Amazon for $12.13.

    17. Traceless Invisibobble hair ties to end the dreaded ponytail crease and maintain your hairstyle without pulling on your precious strands., Amazon

    Promising review: "It sounds like hyperbole to say that these hair ties changed my life, but it's true. I sleep with my hair in a messy topknot using these elastics every night. In the morning, I just take my hair down, run a brush through it, and that's it. My hair is done, and more voluminous than ever before. I do have pretty low-maintenance hair in general (long, naturally straight) but I never thought it could be THIS EASY." —Rachel P.

    Check out our full review of the traceless hair ties.

    Get three from Amazon for $4.99+ (available in three colors).

    18. A jar of strawberry perserves with a spicy kick worthy of keeping on hand — treat yourself to brie and preserves on toast, use it as a glaze for grilled meat, or just eat it by the spoonful (no judgment here).

    a hand dipping a strawberry into the jar of perserves
    Boonville Barn Collective

    Boonville Barn Collective is a small, sustainable farm based in Boonville, California that grows hard to find chiles and grinds them into spices and other delectable treats.

    Get it from Boonville Barn Collective for $12.

    19. An odor-neutralizing trashcan with a filter that lasts for three months to give yourself a less smelly window of time to take it out.

    a model stepping on the front pedal to open the stainless steel trash can

    Promising review: "Easy-to-use foot pedal. Doesn't hit the wall and can be pushed all the way against the wall. Trash bag when put on can be tucked in between pull out and outer can so you don't see it when its closed. Great size and I love the slow close lid. Seems very well made and looks great. Highly recommend." —Amber

    Get it from Amazon for $69.99+ (available in 19 sizes and multiple finishes).

    20. A squishy toast pillow that's worth every cent if you ask me, because we all need a bread friend to *loaf* around with at the end of long day.

    three different sized toast pillows
    Apollo Box

    Promising review: "It is the cutest thing I've ever seen. I ordered the medium size and it's perfect on my king-size bed with my other pillows. Very happy with it!" —Ella B.

    Get it from Apollo Box for $24.15+ (available in sizes S-L).

    21. A tiny cordless vacuum powerful enough to clean up messes in your car while you're on the go so you don't have to deal with finding a gas station vacuum ever again.

    a person using the vaccum to pick up crumbs from the floor

    Promising review: "This vacuum cleaner is very easy and convenient to use. Thanks to the cordless design and USB charger, I can use it in any corner of my car. Also, there is no need to be worried about battery life, because you can charge it in your car. I used it to clean my keyboard and it worked very well." —wayne

    Get it from Amazon for $44.99.

    22. Maybelline Instant Rewind Treatment Concealer sponge designed to stop dark circles in their tracks, so you can pull all-nighters for studying/video games/binge-watching sessions and appear as if you actually got some sleep in the morning.

    Kayla Suazo/BuzzFeed

    Promising review: "This is the best under-eye concealer ever. I am 67 years old and have tried them all. It blends nicely with my foundation and has never caked. The sponge applicator is soft and makes the application quick and easy. I will continue to use this product and hope, like many products I've used over the years, that it doesn't get discontinued." —Morty

    Read our review of the Maybelline Instant Rewind Treatment concealer for more info.

    Get it from Amazon for $7.48+ (available in 18 shades).

    23. A cozy fruit hammock to ensure your apples and bananas are always in view and ready to be snacked on.

    the fruit hammock with bananas and apples in it
    KnappsKnots / Via Etsy

    KnappKnots is a San Diego-based Etsy store offering handmade wooden crafts, shelves, hanging baskets, and more!

    Promising review: "Adorable! It is a beautiful addition to my kitchen 😍" —heather

    Get it from Knapps Knots on Etsy for $27.90+ (available in two sizes and nine colors).

    24. A set of furniture legs to give your desk, dresser, and overall bedroom vibe a much needed *lift*., Amazon

    Promising review: "One of my best purchases, it added more elegance to my living room. Great quality too." —Amazon Customer

    Get it from Amazon for $25.99+ (available in four sizes and three colors).

    25. An Aerogarden that'll grow herbs, salads, tomatoes, and peppers in a neat and orderly fashion. This is a hydroponic growing system with no soil and will grow your plants in ~no thyme~ even if you have little to no sunlight to work with!

    the Aerogarden on a countertop

    A dream come true really.

    Promising review: "Love this new garden! It's my fourth AeroGarden and they just keep getting better. This one has a very sleek design and takes up less space than I thought it would without sacrificing grow space or water capacity. Set up was a breeze with the display walking me through the steps. I love that on their larger gardens you can set the time on the garden, plus this one is wifi enabled so I can keep track of my garden's needs on my phone! My favorite new feature though is vacation mode, which will slow down the light and water use so I don't have to worry about my plants so much when I'm out of town. I can't wait for my plants to grow. I recommend it!!" —Ted

    Get it from Amazon for $199.97+ (available in three models and two colors).

    26. An investment-worthy cooling weighted blanket made from silky-soft eucalyptus fibers for those of us who thrash around like a great white shark at night when we get overheated/don't have the calming effect of weight over our sensory-sensitive bodies (ME 🦈).

    the deep green colored weighted blanket on a bed in a bedroom

    Like many autistics, sleep can be a bit of a challenge for me. My partner gifted me one of these blankets this winter and it helped so much — I was falling asleep way faster and staying asleep longer, and the chunky knit and gorgeous colors will really make your bedroom pop!

    Promising review: ""Let me say I weigh 360 lbs and I have the 25 lb napper, in case there are larger folks reading this who may be unsure. The day I received it was the first night I slept through till morning in over a year." —Frank C.

    Get it from Bearby for $269+ (available in three colors and in 15, 20, or 25 lb options).

    27. A set of smooth and crisp sheets to complete that vacay-at-home thing you have going on. These sheets have extra deep pockets so that making the bed is less of a chore, I have a set myself at home and swear by them!


    Promising review: "Love these sheets. Soft, comfortable, extra deep pockets help them stay put. Bright color doesn’t fade after washing." —Aunt_Cat

    Get it from Target for $24+ (available in sizes Twin-Cali King and 11 colors).

    28. And a luscious and nourishing hair style cream ideal for coily and tight hair textures. This hydrating cream will give you definition and a touchable hold for setting twist-outs, braid-outs, Bantu knots, and other styles.

    the container of styling cream

    Pattern is a hair care company that makes products for curly and kinky hair textures. They have haircare for high porosity and low porosity hair types. Pattern was founded by Tracee Ellis Ross and their products help support organizations and programs that empower women and people of color.

    Promising review: "I have finally found my go-to styling product. I have fine 4b hair and have tried everything over the past 10+ years of being natural. This styling cream allows me to do a one product twist out. Leaves my hair defined without having to leave twists in for DAYS and after a few days my hair is BIG without being frizzy. Love it." —SDHrrs

    Get it from Ulta for $25.

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