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    31 Things That'll Make You Swear Off Clothes Without Pockets

    Dresses, rompers, skirts, swim trunks, and more — all with pockets!

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Some may have been sent as samples, but all opinions and reviews are our own. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A high-waisted corduroy a-line skirt that'll become a staple in your wardrobe and make you feel like the star of every room you walk into.

    2. A pair of breathable leggings with a pocket deep enough to store a bottle of...champagne? So it's safe to say they will hold your phone while you jam out on a jog!

    3. A long-sleeve floral dress with pockets pretty enough to be a stunning outfit all on its own, and you can layer this baby up once it gets cool out again!

    4. A pair of classic denim shorts with pockets in the front and back so you can stash your chapstick, keys, wallet, and pack of gum as you head out for a summer picnic.

    5. A gorgeous spilt maxi dress you can wear on your summer vacation and keep on wearing right into fall!

    6. A pair of baggy overalls with lots of pockets that'll help you put together an outfit that screams "I'm way too cool for all of this."

    7. A pair of wide leg cropped jeans featuring pinstripes that scream "why yes, the party did just walk in and we're gonna have a good time."

    8. A high-waisted midi skirt with deep pockets to wear to the office and that last minute happy hour your co-worker just invited you to!

    9. A pair of tactile cargo shorts for anyone whose daily summer goal is "leave the house with enough pockets for all my stuff so I don't have to lug a bag around (me)."

    10. A pair of stylish coveralls so you can serve practical fashion model looks from every angle.

    11. A casual, comfortable dress you just may have to order in tons of colors for a flawless everyday look.

    12. A pair of shortalls as cute as they are affordable, because who doesn't need an instant wardrobe upgrade?

    13. A denim jacket to help you stash your stuff and make sure your OOTD fits within the rule of thirds.

    14. A pair of boots with a hidden pocket for credit cards so you can wear this on your next night out or to a theme park and not have to worry about carrying around a bag!

    15. A lightweight pleated midi skirt you'll want to frolic around in all summer long!

    16. A pair of moisture-wicking joggers featuring side slant pockets; a cargo welt pocket; and back welt pockets; so you can stay dry and bring the essentials on your next hike — like snacks, snacks, and more snacks!

    17. An adorable sparkly pink romper that'll become your go-to for a cute summer date outfit! I need it 👀.

    18. A simple but durable T-shirt with a cute front pocket you can buy in tons of colors to complete your wardrobe basics!

    19. A pair of durable, workwear-inspired overalls I absolutely need in the railroad print, as will anyone who wants to show up at their friend's party looking fly AF.

    20. A pair of blue shorts featuring outlined front pockets and cute buttons. Someone needs to go sailing in these, they are just too cute not to show off.

    21. A short-sleeve belted dress with pockets everyone will think you bought at a fancy boutique and not online for $15!

    22. A floral patterned skirt you can wear to work and then some — pair this statement piece with simple blouses, and you've got outfits for days!

    23. A bright, strappy button-down dress with pockets that's chic, versatile, and fun — just like you!

    24. A soft flannel shirt you'll want to curl up in around the campfire after a long day in the great outdoors...or just like, on the couch when it's time to lounge.

    25. A colorful lightweight jacket as stylish as it is functional — you'll want to wear it with every outfit!

    26. A sleeveless romper with pockets out to prove that basics are a good thing, especially if they can keep you cool all day long.

    27. A cute v-neck midi dress with features you'll adore, like polka dot print, buttons, and ruffles on the sleeves!

    28. A pair of black denim Bermuda shorts ideal for those weekend days filled with errands to run when you'd much rather be on vacation 🙄. Now you'll at least look the part!

    29. A sleeveless blazer with pockets that'll bring together all your outfits and help you look professional in the heat!

    30. A pair of Patagonia board shorts with pockets so you have a place to put cool sea shells you find (just try to remember not to cronch them up when you go to sit in the car!).

    31. And a casual summer dress with pockets that'll be down for trips to the mall, the beach, and photoshoots!

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