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    20 Things That’ll Help You Pack A Ridiculously Good Lunch

    Mini slow-cookers, insulated bags and containers, yummy snacks, and more.

    1. A waterproof, insulated lunch tote bag that'll give you the space you need to pack a big lunch and then some, so you can stop using the rain as an excuse to get take out.

    2. A reusable straw to fit perfectly in your Yeti rambler filled with the fuel you need to start the day.

    the brightly colored straws in a pack and in a Yeti

    3. An incredible, rechargeable (via USB), BPA-free portable blender that just might make you toss your full-sized blender out the window. Smoothie for lunch every day, here we come!

    4. A leakproof Bento box for anyone who wants to pack a worry-free lunch in four satisfying compartments.

    a reviewer photo of two bento boxes filled with pasta, fruit, and other foods

    5. An apple corer and cutter ideal for slicing up apples with ease for an easy, healthy addition to any lunch.

    an apple being sliced into 16 even slices with the cutter

    6. A three-pack of 16 oz. Mason Jars with a wide mouth so you can fill this babe to the brim and enjoy a delish Mason Jar meal.

    a mason jar filled with rice, beans, corn, tomato, and chicken

    7. A jar jacket that'll insulate your precious lunch and help protect your hand from hot glass when you heat up a chicken pot pie in a Mason Jar.

    8. Jessie's Nutty-Cups subscription service will end your peanut butter chocolate lunchtime cravings and give you the treat you need to get you through the day.

    white chocolate, peppermint, and pretzel cups

    9. A set of savvy travel utensils that'll be way better for the environment than those pesky plastic forks, not to mention it'll be way easier to cut into your food with a metal knife!

    10. An insulated Totoro lunch bag I'm completely obsessed with, as will any other Studio Ghibli fans!

    a cream-colored tote with Totoro on it

    11. A vacuum-insulated stainless steel food thermos as cute as it is powerful. This is perfect for bringing hot soup for lunch — or you know, an ice cream sundae on a Monday.

    the pink thermos with strawberry ice cream in it

    12. A genius can colander who shall be there for you when you gotta drain that water before you whip up a tuna salad.

    a person using the can colander to drain tuna fish

    13. A portable Crock-Pot you'll bring to work every day and let your lunch slow-cook to perfection like some sort of modern rustic cowboy.

    the small white and red Crock Pot with stew inside of it

    14. A phthalate- and BPA-free mug with a snap-on lid for splatter-free heating of delicious soups, midday cocoa, and morning oatmeal.

    a person sprinkling seasoning over their food in the mug

    15. A rapid Dash egg cooker to help you make the speediest egg salad sandwich or a soft-boiled egg for ramen day.

    the egg cooker in black with a dozen eggs in it

    16. A mini portorable oven that'll make you the lunch-envy of the office once everyone smells the tasty meal you are preparing before their very eyes.

    17. A reusable, eco-friendly sandwich wrap so the whole family can replace aluminum foil and plastic bags, and still have an effective way to transport a very important sandwich.

    18. A Japan Crate subscription box filled with new and familiar goodies you'll want to pack in your lunch bag all month long.

    the Japan Crate Box filled with various sweet and savory snacks

    19. A ravioli maker so you can stop paying $12 for a bag of "artisan ravioli" and just make your own at home!

    20. And a four-pack of slim ice packs designed to fit like a dream inside your lunch pack. Hello still cold, fresh lunch!

    You making yourself a scrumptious lunch on the daily:

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