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    28 Things That'll Make Your Bedroom Look Better In Under An Hour

    It's time for a mini bedroom makeover.

    1. An ivy wall decal that'll give your bedroom a stress-free perk and ~leaf~ you wanting more easy-peasy decor!

    the ivy wall decal in the corner of a bedroom

    2. A set of fairy lights because every bedroom needs a little twinkle and shine IMO.

    the fairy lights in front of a bedroom window with a curtain

    3. A storage vanity able you can easily fit your entire makeup collection inside, or all of your office supplies. This gem turns into a desk when closed, and it comes with a mirror!

    the storage vanity with a mirror on the underside and chair in front of it

    4. And a goregeous white marble makeup organizer to keep everything you need to get ready in the morning in sight without taking up an entire corner of your precious bedroom space.

    a white marble makeup holder with rose gold trim on the edges on a counter

    5. A fluffy area rug you'll use to tie your bedroom together. Reviewers say it's super soft so you can enjoy stepping onto your own little cloud when you wake up each morning!

    the fluffy rug in white

    6. An iridescent privacy film designed to give your windows a rainbow stained glass effect, to the delight of yourself and future guests! I have these in my room and they let sunlight and rainbows in without compromising privacy, a 10/10 product.

    7. A simple and beautiful earring bowl that'll keep your trinkets safe and your earrings in view at all times.

    a denim blue bowl with holes on the rim to hold earrings

    8. An adorable mini retro speaker to match all the retro vibes in your house, and play some jams in the cutest way possible.

    9. A mini-humidifier for anyone who wants to add some much-needed moisture to their room, and a squishy cat you may or may not be able to stop squishing every time you pass by.

    three different colored humidifiers with LED lighting and a white squishy cat in the middle of each humidifier

    10. A defend Black womanhood mug to sip your coffee or tea from as you're WFH or studying in your bedroom.

    a white mug that reads "defend black woman hood" in black lettering with a heart as a period

    11. A stackable storage basket so you can turn the disorganized closet or wardrobe in your room into a tidy and functional space with ease.

    a hand reaching towards four white storage boxes stacked on top of each other, the boxes are holding towels, blankets, and clothing

    12. A cozy bed shelf that'll give you an unimposing "me-time" area right where you need it.

    a small wooden shelf attached to the side of a bed

    13. An investment-worthy cooling weighted blanket made from silky-soft eucalyptus fibers for those of us who thrash around like a great white shark at night when we get overheated/don't have the calming effect of weight over our sensory-sensitive bodies (ME 🦈).

    the deep green colored weighted blanket on a bed in a bedroom

    14. A wood finisher that just may make it seem like you got new wooden floors in your room, but for under $20! This magic potion will bring out the shine and smoothness of your floors, and reviewers say it even takes scratches out.

    15. A carpet stain remover that actually works to stop ketchup explosions, wine and coffee spills, and other messes from ruining your day (and bedroom carpet). Reviewers say it works super quickly!

    16. A wall organizer you can put all your important documents in and then grab them when you need them, instead of searching through the messy paper pile that's been sitting on your desk for wayyy too long.

    the cascading wall organizer next to a desk

    17. A Birthdate candle that'll help you celebrate you and your zodiac traits, and transform your room into an aromatic delight.

    a lit March first candle next to a cardinal chart with a blue background

    18. A hand-sculpted vase to ensure you'll always have a place for flowers you find on long walks or the little bouquets your partner gives you just because.

    a teal blue vase with white stripes and a flower bud inside of it

    19. A mirror to reflect your lovely space back to you, add light and dimension to your room, and assist you in coordinating your daily looks, of course.

    the mirror with a black frame hanging on the wall

    20. A storage ottoman you can keep your shoes in and no one will ever know. And it's just the right size — big enough to declutter your space without taking up the entire room.

    a circular faux-leather ottoman with the tufted lid next to it and striped fabric cubbies with shoes inside of it

    21. A super cute vintage-inspired lighting fixture that'll look absolutely darling on your ceiling. Reviewers say it is easy to install, so you can take your lighting from drab to fab in no time!

    the mint green light with three bulbs hanging from the ceiling

    22. A hidden bookshelf designed to hold stacks of your favorite novels and give the appearance that they are floating in place!

    Ten hidden bookshelves holding books

    23. And a Wizard's Alley bookshelf insert that'll give the illusion of entire worlds hiding in between your HP collection.

    the Wizard's Alley-themed bookshelf insert surrounded by Harry Potter books

    24. A set of furniture legs so you can give your desk, dresser, and overall bedroom vibe a much needed *lift*.

    25. A mountain mural wall decal for those of us who miss the mountains and pine forests we grew up in — now you can have a little bit of home and peace right where you sleep.

    the mountain mural with a pine forest and mountain landscape in the foreground on a bedroom wall

    26. A three-tier rolling metal storage cart that'll help you store art supplies or beauty products in a neat and tidy corner of your room.

    27. A honey-brown faux fur sherpa throw bringing the cozy vibes and warmth your bedroom needs.

    a model posing with the honey-brown colored faux fur sherpa throw on a chair

    28. And a hypnotizing jellyfish lamp you seriously won't be able to stop staring at. The jellyfish are super realistic and you'll feel like you're at the aquarium from the comfort of your bed!

    You twirling around your room:

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