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    23 Things That'll Help Make Laundry Day A Breeze

    Portable washers, detergents, soap-free alternatives, and more things to upgrade your laundry game.

    1. A laundry hamper with a sorter system to organize your washes right off the bat. It also comes with convenient handles on the side!

    the black, white, and blue laundry hamper with sections for colors, darks, and light clothes

    2. A set of six wool dryer balls that are reusable and last 1,000 or more loads, meaning you'll be drying your clothes a little faster and without having to dish out money on dryer sheets for years to come.

    nine wool dyer balls in a basket

    3. A two-pack of Borax reviewers love for DIY detergent or adding to your clothes to remove odors and tough stains. Borax is nontoxic and I personally swear by it as well — I truly rely on this stuff.

    two boxes of Borax

    4. And a clever slide-out storage tower to give you plenty of storage space where there was once none at all so you can tuck Borax, detergent, and other laundry essentials away with ease.

    the shelf pulled out from a crevice

    5. A plant-based, cruelty-free, dye-free fragrance-free laundry detergent that'll keep your clothes fresh and clean, and the bottle is mess-free — just squeeze it over your washer to dispense the detergent!

    the laundry detergent with a squirt-bottle top seen on top of a washer

    6. And a big bottle of Arm & Hammer free and clear detergent reviewers with sensitive skin swear-by. It's hypoallergenic, fragrance- and dye-free, and washes up to 107 loads.


    7. A face mask laundry bag to wash all the cloth face masks in your household till they come out squeaky-clean. That way you can keep your masks sorted from the rest of your laundry and you don't have to worry about any mask straps getting tangled in the washing machine!

    the mesh black bag with cloth face masks in it

    8. A basic white and blue plastic hamper on wheels to make hauling your dirty clothes around as easy as possible.

    a tall, white plastic hamper with blue wheels and a lid

    9. A high-efficiency portable wonder washer that works like a powerhouse and cleans clothes in one to two minutes. It comes with a drain pipe for your sink, or you can try it in the tub.

    the portable washer in blue

    10. A duo pack of ultra-concentrated True laundry detergent and lavender-scented, plant-based fabric softener to keep your clothes fresh, clean, and super-soft. Each bag gives you up to 101 washes!

    a pouch of True fabric softener and laundry detergent

    11. And a compact wall-mounted laundry drying rack to create a space for hand-washed and hand-spun clothes to dry!

    12. A hamper you can actually get OFF the floor and hang up on the wall or door. That's more floor space for you, and it has a handy zipper on the bottom to get those clothes right into the washer on laundry day.

    13. A two-pack of Gain laundry detergent with an aroma boost and stain-fighting powers, so your clothes will always smell like you just stepped out of a field of flowers.

    the two green bottles of Gain detergent

    14. And a bag of organic soap nuts ideal for those who want very clean clothes that don't smell like anything at all. And yes, soap nuts literally grow on trees!

    a bag and a bowl of the soap nuts on a wooden table

    15. A double laundry hamper with a lid and inner liner, so you can organize clean and dirty clothes to your heart's content, and minimize trips to the laundry room.

    a four-panel image of a person dropping a towel into a double-hamper, velcroing the liner of the hamper, taking a bag of dirty clothes out of the hamper, and loading the clothes into the washer

    16. A two-pack of delicate wash bags to protect your finer things and clothes with strings, fringe, and other interesting things from being eaten up by the washer.

    a person loading the laundry bags into a washer

    17. A hypoallergenic, soap-free, mineral laundry egg (with a fragrance-free option) that'll last for 72 washes.

    the mineral laundry egg with mineral beads next to it to show what is inside

    18. A washing machine cleaning tablet designed to rid your washer machine of any funky smells and or soapy residue. Reviewers recommend letting the tablet soak for 15-20 minutes for an extra thorough deep-clean!

    a model dropping one of the tablets into the washing machine

    19. An aqua blue plastic hamper that'll be easier to find than the white ones once your laundry bin becomes buried in dirty clothes.

    a bright blue dirty clothes bin on a tabletop

    20. A high-efficiency portable washer dryer combo designed to hook up to your sink come wash time. Best of all, it can wash and spin-dry clothes at the same time!

    the gray portable washer and dryer unit

    21. An extra-large washable laundry bag that'll fit up to 48 pounds of laundry so you can haul it to the laundromat with ease. And if you're in Brooklyn, check out Celsious — they are a Black-owned, energy-efficient laundromat in New York that uses eco-friendly and fragrance-free products.

    a person lifting the laundry bag full of laundry

    22. A set of extremely efficient, environmentally-friendly laundry washer balls folks with sensitive skin swear by. They remove dirt, odor, and stains from your clothes and your washer, and they last up to 2,000 loads — that's like five years of laundry.

    a bright green and bright pink laundry ball

    23. And super sturdy foldable, stackable container with a metal frame you can rely on to hold all your neatly-folded, freshly clean clothes in the closet once you are all done washing!

    the container in use with folded clothes inside of it

    Stitch and I hope your next laundry day is fabulous!

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