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    26 Things That’ll Help You Survive Living With A Terrible Roommate

    Thankfully my roommates are angels, but as for the rest of you...👀

    1. An oil diffuser so you can focus on adding moisture and aromatherapy to your bedroom, instead of the smell of your housemate's hard-boiled eggs wafting in under the door. Essential oils sold separately!

    a reviewer's photo of the diffuser lighting up while in-use

    2. A white noise sound machine for anyone in need of consistent privacy. This baby never loops sound and will help keep outside noises from disrupting Zoom calls, sleep schedules, and WFH sessions.

    a reviewer's photo of the white noise machine

    3. A genius self-watering planter that'll keep your plants hydrated for up to two weeks, so next time you're out of town you can rest assured your plants will be well-taken-care-of.

    a reviewer's photo of their plant in the white pot

    4. A sunrise alarm clock reviewers swear by for waking up on time and less groggy. The alarm mimics natural sunlight and is often bright enough to wake you up without any noise at all. Now you can finally be an early-bird and enjoy more quiet time before your roomies are up!

    a model reading near the sunlight alarm clock in a bedroom

    5. A simple yet effective wall divider for anyone in need of an easy way to get more privacy in their room, home office, or study space.

    the white room divider

    6. And a large room divider with built-in shelves so you can add more privacy and storage to your precious living space.

    7. A Ron Swanson dirty/clean dishwasher magnet that'll allow you to let someone else communicate their displeasure over dirty dishes for once.

    a set of two Ron Swanson dishwasher magnets with Ron grimacing on the "dirty" magnet

    8. A pair of reasonably-priced noise-cancelling headphones to block out all annoying sound for less than $100 (compared to Bose, that's a steal!) — say bye to the noise from your roommate's binge-watching sessions while you're trying to study/relax!

    a model using the headphones in blue

    9. A weighted blanket for anyone who struggles to slip into a deep sleep due to anxiety, stress, or night terrors. The comfort of the weight helps all types of people fall asleep and stay asleep easier, so no matter how much stress your roommate added to your day you'll be able to rest easy.

    the weighted blanket in blue

    10. A magnetic whiteboard that'll help create an easy-to-follow chore schedule you and your roomie can (hopefully) agree on and stick to.

    the white board with a marker clip on the front of it

    11. An adult coloring book and color pencil set with a case to remind yourself to chillllll out and color the stress away.

    12. A set of 12 extra large bath bombs for anyone who has "listen to the sound of my bath bomb fizzing away as I slip into the tub" at the top of their peace and quiet to-do list.

    13. A bottle rack for storing the household's heap of water bottles in one easy-to-find place.

    six water bottles stacked two by three in a clear plastic rack

    14. A portable food warmer so you can finally enjoy a bowl of morning oatmeal or heat up a can of soup without having to encounter the dreaded messy microwave or stacks of your roommate's dirty dishes in the kitchen.

    chili being heated in the mini Crock pot

    15. An adorable angel plushie to comfort you on those days where you have to deal with a not-so-angelic roommate coming home at 3 a.m. and waking you up by turning on the light.

    a pink angel plushie with wings, a tail, and little horns

    16. A set of clear stretchable food covers that'll let you store all sorts of leftovers without hassling through the unorganized, mismatched Tupperware system in the shared kitchen. And you can write your name on everything!

    the food covers stretched across a watermelon and other fruits, vegetables, and containers of leftovers

    17. A set of four perfectly sized anti-vibration pads designed to stop noisy washers and dryers in their tracks, so everyone can finally do the laundry in peace.

    18. A Therabox subscription that features a monthly therapeutic activity (developed by a therapist) and tons of full-sized wellness goodies, so you'll have everything you need for a dose of radical self-care no matter who you're living with.

    a person holding a self-care wellness book next to the box which is filled with a candle, essential oils, and other products

    19. A set of sturdy chopsticks in a Marvel-themed ramen bowl to let you eat ramen in peace even when you can't find a clean utensil.

    a bowl with Marvel characters on it with a set of chopsticks going through a hole in the top of the bowl

    20. A set of blackout curtains reviewers swear by so you can block out the sun when you're in dire need of a mid-day nap or meditation session.

    a reviewer's photo of the blackout curtains around a large window

    21. A *purfect* cup and mug pour-over set for anyone who wants to enjoy a cup of coffee without discovering someone else's left-behind moldy coffee grinds in the process.

    a white mug with a pour-over device on top shaped like a cat

    22. A pair of snarky socks so you can have low-key solidarity when you know you have a grueling, "I hate everyone" type of day ahead of you.

    a pair of socks that say "I hate everyone too."

    23. A 50-pack of super-soft earplugs with the highest noise reduction rating designed to help you fall asleep and stay asleep through it all.

    the 50 earplugs in their container

    24. An affordable bidet to ensure you'll always have a clean tushy no matter how many times your roommate "forgets" it's their turn to buy TP.

    25. A five-window insulation kit you can rely on to keep your room warm and cozy. Say bye to cold drafts and hi to lower heating bills!

    26. And a cute planner to help you stay on track of goals and plans, so you can hopefully plan on moving on out with better company.

    a planner that reads "evil planner 2021" with an image of a little devil sipping a drink on the cover

    When you walk into the kitchen and see your roommate eating your chips:

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