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    30 Perfect Things For Anyone Who Just Really Needs Some Peace And Quiet For Once

    Just be quiet and soothe my weary soul, pls.

    1. A pair of reasonably-priced noise cancelling headphones to block out all annoying sound for less than $100 (compared to Bose, that's a steal!) β€” bye noisy commute home!

    2. A quiet oil diffuser that'll help you unwind at the end of a long day with some peaceful essential oil aromatherapy.

    3. An adult coloring book and color pencil set with a case to remind yourself to chillllll out and color the stress away.

    4. A monthly Therabox subscription that features a monthly therapeutic activity (developed by a therapist) and tons of full-sized wellness goodies, so you'll have everything you need for a dose of radical self care.

    5. A white noise machine reviewers swear by for blocking out loud AF neighbors at all hours of the day; so the next time it's amateur bowling league hour upstairs, you can remain calm.

    6. A set of 10 extra large bath bombs for anyone who only has time to listen to the sound of their bath bomb fizzing away as they slip into their bath.

    7. And a set of 20 K-beauty sheet masks to wear while you soak, so you can soothe your skin as well as your mind.

    8. An eye mask that'll truly do what any good sleep mask should β€” block out all light, and communicate to everyone around you that it is peace and quiet time, or else.

    9. And a genius inflatable travel pillow with a hood so you can finally get some peace and quiet on your next long flight or road trip, or keep it on hand for spontaneous nap time 😴.

    10. A quiet, powerful vibrator perfect for anyone who has a minimalist aesthetic and penchant for releasing stress via an orgasm (or three).

    11. A set of four perfectly-sized anti-vibration pads designed to stop noisy washers and dryers in their tracks, so you can do the laundry in peace.

    12. A reusable wine stopper to make sure nothing ~stops~ you from attaining that just-opened freshness, even if that bottle is four days old! That means more unwind time and less trips to the store 🍷.

    13. A Vacation Crate subscription box filled with full-sized, fair-trade goodies from around the world; so you can get some much deserved "me time" every month without having to spend the dough on going away!

    14. An earplug for every type of noise-hating human out there: choose from contour ear plugs, soft foam ear plugs, or tapered ear plugs and stop the rage you feel trying to sleep next to your snoring S.O.

    15. A U-shaped body pillow that'll be there for you when you need to snuggle or curl up with a good book, and never ever snore or accidentally kick you in the middle of the night!

    16. An adorable squishy bunny who is here to take your stress *out of this world* as you squeeze and squish.

    17. A set of black out curtains reviewers swear by so you can block out the sun when you're in need of a mid-day meditation session.

    18. A cozy graphic baseball tee to let everyone know team introvert is the only team worth repping, so you're left alone to recharge πŸ€—.

    19. A cute and practical storage ottoman for anyone who needs to put their feet up and kick back while knowing all their extra pillows are nestled neatly in their new home.

    20. A pair of snarky socks so you can have low-key solidarity when you know you have a grueling, "I hate everyone" type of day ahead of you.

    21. An ultimate travel guide to keep you dreaming and planning your next getaway, because sometimes you reallllly just gotta get away in order to find relief from the stresses of everyday life!

    22. A declarative novelty mug that's not afraid to showcase the one and only worthwhile reason to not get a full eight hours sleep at night. Not saying I can predict the future, but staying up to binge-read the Harry Potter series for the third time is more likely than you think!

    23. A precious Groot planter and a set of little succulents to bring peace and joy into your life in the form of a plant babe. Do we stan an adorable character who has learned to carry on entire conversations with only three words? Absolutely.

    24. A none of your business tee that'll help you give off "pls, do not speak to me under any circumstance" vibes when you need it most.

    25. A set of string fairy lights (with hundreds of positive reviews!) so you can add calming ambience to your space with as little effort as possible β€” the dream.

    26. A colorful kitchen towel made for anyone who definitely loves cats, and is still unsure about people. Fair.

    27. A box of chamomile-infused calming chocolates that just may help you stay cool and collected when a stressful situation arrises.

    28. An Adults & Crafts subscription crate filled with the supplies and instructions you'll need to hone in on a new or existing craft. Not only will it take your mind off things, but you'll have a beautiful craft project to show for it!

    29. A quiet and very smart Robovac that'll clean up messes all on it's own while you do literally anything else; because coming home after a long day only to do chores is the worst part of being an adult.

    30. And a soothing ginger massage oil who will be there for you when you need a de-stressing massage session. "Don't talk to me until I've had my massage" is the nightly version of "don't talk to me till I've had my coffee" IMO.

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