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    25 Cozy Sweaters And Sweatshirts That People Actually Swear By

    Sweater weather sweater weather sweater weather sweater weather sweater weather!!!

    1. A cropped sweatshirt with a scalloped hem so you can easily dress up a cozy look and stand out!

    2. A loose and fuzzy pullover that's basically begging to be paired with jeans and booties all autumn long.

    3. A chunky knit pullover to keep you warm in the cold, cold office. It's long enough to wear with leggings — the dream.

    4. A cropped, cable lace-up sweater as cute as it is cozy. If you love wearing high-waisted pants, this is the gem you need in your life.

    5. A plaid pullover that just may be one of the best sweaters you can buy on Amazon. It's sturdy but soft, has a pocket, cute button details, and it's nice and long!

    6. A cozy sweater featuring ruffled sleeves you'll want to order in every color and wear all season long.

    7. A unique knit cropped sweater to wear out and be showered in compliments about your outfit.

    8. A fleece pullover featuring a geometric pattern for anyone in need of a comfy outfit to run errands in.

    9. A really pretty cowl sweater you'll adore for its bright colors and super soft feel.

    10. A cozy cashmere pullover to make you feel like you're wrapped in a soft thick blanket as you go about your day.

    11. And a splurge-worthy lightweight cardigan over 2K people swear by, so you never leave the house without looking put-together ever again.

    12. A grey knit sweater comfy and cute enough to give the other sweaters in your wardrobe the ~cold shoulder.~

    13. A highly adorable patterned sweater out to prove sweater season is the best season there is. I need this babe in my life 😍.

    14. A classic olive or rainbow sweater you can wear true-to-size or oversized, and look great either way. Everyone will want to know where you got it from!

    15. A black puff sleeve sweater for anyone who wants a go-to look for their next night out.

    16. A heather knit cowl neck sweater that'll look good with whatever bottoms you have on hand, and become a wardrobe staple in no time.

    17. A buttoned cardigan hundreds of people swear by. It's not too thin like ~other~ cardigans.

    18. A simple but powerful embroidered crew neck sweatshirt featuring a design made to match your mood; such as stretching kitten or "cowboy strong." Wear this and you'll quickly become an icon.

    19. A beautiful teal cardigan with pockets and everything you need to stay warm and look cute as heck.

    20. An angelically soft, handmade alpaca knit sweater worth investing in. This sweater is comfy, minimalistic (so you can wear it with anything), and it's bound to become an everyday fav.

    21. An open-front cable knit sweater in tons of colors that just may be your perfect fall fit.

    22. A bat-winged oversized knit that'll go with any outfit you can put together like the fashionista you are.

    23. A varsity-striped sweater so you can show your spirit for sweater weather in the cutest way.

    24. A striped babe here to ensure you are serving dramatic and powerful looks all winter long.

    25. And a 100% merino wool turtle neck that's currently 40% off and destined for your shopping cart. Those retro-inspired sleeves are everything.

    Me as soon as it gets cold:

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