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    26 Subscription Boxes That’ll Help Anyone With Bored Kids At Home

    Let the fun and learning begin.

    1. Green Kid Craft sends educational, environmentally sustainable, do-it-yourself STEAM projects right to your door, to encourage kids to love science and the earth as much as Bill Nye does.

    A model playing with a Green Kid Craft volcano project

    2. KiwiCo offers activities and projects for kids of all ages, so no matter how young or old your child; they'll have everything they need to play and learn.

    3. Slime brings a month's worth of high-quality slime to your door for hours of endless fun!

    Close up of a winter-themed slime box

    4. Sensory TheraPLAY is designed for kids on the spectrum and those with sensory needs; so they can have safe, soothing playtime.

    Featured sensory items and child's hands reaching for regulation putty

    5. Elephant Books ships out hardcover books to kids ages 0–6. Your little one(s) won't be able to put these books down, and they'll learn to look forward to their new books each month!

    Hardcovered children's books displayed with their info cards

    6. Find Your Wings is a monthly subscription for pre-teens packed with nail art, face masks, sparkly toys, and all sorts of goodies they'll adore and look forward to all month long.

    A sequin cat doll, colorful bath products, sticker sheets, and other featured items

    7. Little Dreamers Club sends you fun crafts, books, and the supplies you need for one-on-one quality time with your little one.

    A drawing of an octopus and other crafts, craft supplies, and children's books

    8. My Box of Magic is a sequential subscription that'll take any budding (or practiced) magician's tricks to the next level.

    9. Food Stirs delivers family-friendly baking kits with a theme that changes each month so you can make new memories with your kids and enjoy some cookies.

    A baked good shaped like a polar bear with chocolate chips for eyes and nose

    10. UnboxBoardom sends out the coolest and newest games to squash boredom from your child's day.

    A hand holding cards to the game that is laid out on the table

    11. Veggie Buds Club just might get your kids loving and eating their veggies via a fun monthly box of veggie-themed toys, recipes, and activities.

    12. Girls Can Crate (for ages 5-10) offers your little one a whole month of inspiring learning and fun activities to do that are centered around a new role model each month!

    13. Think Outside Boxes is perfect for kids in need of more outside activities and outdoor adventures.

    A hiker's backpack, outdoor gear, and children's books about camping and hiking

    14. My First Reading Club is here to give you loads of fun books and everything else you'll need to get your little one(s) stoked about reading! Any subscription that helps get kids reading is a win in ~my book~.

    An array of books for toddler's and young children

    15. Memories in Moments is an ideal subscription for craft-loving kids who could use a little more pre-planned fun.

    A freshly-painted white easter bunny with a colorful background

    16. Violette Sticker Club will keep your child well-stocked with bright, beautiful, and fun stickers for the month.

    17. Matter is a monthly science subscription that delivers the world's most interesting matter to your door for the whole family to explore. It's part museum, part lab project, and it will keep older kids pleasantly occupied.

    A Matter box featuring a mysterious object in a glass container

    18. Black Girl MATHgic aims to increase math confidence and decrease math anxiety in girls on a third- through eighth- grade math level, through positive representation, math lessons, and more.

    Hands displaying a Black Girl Mathgic workbook with stickers, historical playing cards, and other featured items scattered around

    19. Little Passports will be a blast for adventurous tykes — it'll help kids (and their parents) learn about the world around them.

    A child model reading a world-explore book with a map of the United States behind them

    20. The Preschool Box comes filled with monthly interactive preschool activities to keep your kiddo happy and learning at home.

    Close up of Preschool Box with children's books, know your letter activities, crafts, and other featured items

    21. Unicorn Dream Box is hands down the best box out there for unicorn-lovers of all ages! I feel more sparkly just looking at it.

    An unpacked dream box featuring unicorn plushies and toys, coloring books, themed back-to-school guide, and other items

    22. Escape The Crate offers a monthly "escape the room" game that'll keep teens and kids as entertained as can be. Goodbye, boredom!

    A Bonnie and Clyde themed escape the crate box featuring dice, background information and photos, and a notepad

    23. Prime Book Box encourages kids of all ages to love reading with hardcover children's books for under $20 a box!

    24. STICKII Club is a highly adorable and affordable subscription that kids won't be able to get enough of.

    Close-up of puffy hamster-themed stickers

    25. Superpower Academy makes learning fun with their monthly missions, narratives, games, and projects for your little one(s). They'll look forward to this box every month!

    26. And Little Bookish Wardrobe is an adorable book club for little ones who want to play dress up in accordance with their new favorite book.

    A mermaid children's book and costume laid out with other themed items

    When your kid opens up their subscription box:

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