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    21 Subscription Boxes That People Actually Swear By

    Subscription boxes for kids, beauty product lovers, avid readers, gluten-free cookie and chocolate aficionados, and more!

    1. Matter is a monthly science subscription that delivers the world's most interesting matter to you door for your child to explore. It's part museum, part lab project, and you'll want to show it off to everyone you know.

    2. Wild Woman offers everything you need to get outside, feel inspired, stay active, and get sh*t done.

    3. Jackie's Chocolate is a mouth-watering chocolate subscription you totally deserve to indugle in.

    4. Saltwater and Sand gives you high-end coastal themed self-care products so you can unwind and live your best life!

    5. Book of The Month Club does the hard work of researching the best new reads each month, so you can pick from the top five and always have an amazing book on hand.

    6. Basic Man offers super comfy monthly basics to keep your wardrobe fresh and well-stocked.

    7. Trunk Club will send expertly-curated clothing to you at any interval of your choice, and they are owned by Nordstrom ⁠— so returns are free!

    8. FaceTory is K-Beauty sheet mask subscription box that'll fill your skincare routine with the best sheet masks out there.

    9. Succulent Studios sends two sturdy succlents to your door each month, with a care guide so your plant babes can thrive.

    10. Skivvie Nix will make shopping for new underwear fun and easy by sending you unique undies every month!

    11. Ten Thousand Cookies offers gluten-free cookies in flavors of your choice, so you can look forward to a monthly treat at your doorstep.

    12. Pawtyfun is the purrfect box for your cat or pupper. It's packed with toys and treats to spoil your furry friend without even leaving the house!

    13. Fairy bag ships out super fun accessories for kids each month ⁠— if your kid loves to play dress up, they will adore this subscription.

    14. And Kids BookCase Club is a monthly book subscription made just for kids, offering three fun and engaging reads per month.

    15. Color Curate will help makeup lover's dreams come true, especially if you live for colorful, eye-popping looks.

    16. Snacksack is a yummy snack subscription service (with gluten-free and vegan options) so you can snack smart even if your local grocery store doesn't carry these delish options!

    17. Love Goodly is a vegan beauty and wellness box that'll keep your self-care routine well stocked with cruelty-free products, and introduce you to new brands you shall adore.

    18. Harry's makes getting a fresh, clean shave easier than ever with high-end razors and skincare products way under retail value. Get this in my cart right now, thanks!

    19. Fruit For Thought is a fun, fruit-themed subscription that'll send amazing candles, skincare products, and even home decor items based on the fruit of the month 🍋!

    You when someone says your subscription box came in the mail:

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