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    33 Pieces Of Clothing So Soft You’ll Want To Pet Them All The Time

    Velvety, silky, buttery, and soft clothing finds you'll adore.

    1. A velvet cami you'll want to layer under every jacket you own this spring for maximum velvety vibes.

    a reviewer wearing the cami in pink under a leather jacket

    2. A leopard print sweater ideal for anyone whose ideal OOTD is soft and cozy with a little dash of drama and flare. Get this in my shopping cart immediately, thanks!

    A model wearing the blue leopard crew shirt with matching leggings

    3. Lightweight and soft leggings with a buttery feel that just may have you tossing all your ~other pants~ out the window.

    a model wearing the black full-length leggings

    4. A gorgeous polka dot maxi dress featuring a comfy elastic waistband and long balloon sleeves for a fit you won't be able to get enough of!

    a model wearing the polka dot maxi dress with heels

    5. A pair of high-waisted faux leather shorts so comfy, you're likely to wear them all through the summer and in cold weather with leggings!

    6. Mott & Bow high-rise jeans you'll simply adore. They're soft, yet structured enough so they won't stretch out with wear.

    BuzzFeed Senior Writer Elena Garcia wearing the light blue jeans

    7. A cashmere turtleneck sweater dress that honestly is setting a standard for wardrobes everywhere. Warm, soft, and has pockets?!? We stan.

    8. And a gorgeous velvet midi dress that's stretchy, velvety, comfy, and will help you shine like the star you are once you can finally leave the house.

    a reviewer wearing the blue dress

    9. A longline cardigan you can throw over just about any outfit. According to reviewers, wearing this soft number is like being hugged all day.

    a customer reviewer wearing the cardigan in dark gray

    10. A two-piece loungewear set so you can finally have the perfect weekend outfit — cozy, super soft, and comes in pants or shorts — this one is a winner!

    11. And a breathable long-sleeve pajama top for anyone who sweats through their PJs, the sheets, the blankets, and then some every night. This gem will help keep you cool and it looks veryy silky 😍.

    a model wearing the long-sleeved top in blue with matching shorts

    12. An adorable froggy tee to make your commitment to cottagecore outfits look easy and feel fabulous.

    the black shirt with a frog strumming a banjo on it

    13. A lightweight soft crewneck sweater to pair with leggings or your fave pair of pants and voila — outfit complete!

    14. A pair of micro modal (read: soft as heck) high-waisted undies to help the start of every outfit be a comfortable and effortless experience.

    a model wearing the high-waisted underwear in black

    15. A silk wrap shirt you'll want to pet every time you wear it, and honestly who could blame you?

    a model wearing the shirt with puffy sleeves by the ocen

    16. A fuzzy sherpa sweater serving all of the "I am a goddess of style, grace, and power naps" vibes one could hope for in an outfit.

    a reviewer wearing the pink sweater with slits on the side

    17. A pair of high-waisted cutlottes that are as stylish as they are comfy, so you can rock this look while working from home or out on a date night.

    a model wearing the high-waisted pants with a matching shirt and cardigan

    18. A Patriarchy Shmatriarchy sweatshirt to empower you on the days you need it most. I don't own this gem in particular, but I have some sweaters from Flavnt and they are always super soft on the inside!

    a model wearing the forest green sweatshirt that says "Patriarchy Shmatriarchy"

    19. An absurdly soft V-neck tee sure to become an everyday essential. Wear it under sweaters, jean jackets, or on its own.

    20. A pretty pink elephant cardigan to pair with skirts, black jeans, and other ensembles for a fun and cozy look.

    a model wearing the black cropped cardigan with pink elephants on it

    21. A comfy tunic dress made of loose flowy material you may not be able to get enough of, plus the ballon-styled sleeves are super cute!

    22. A mock neck sweater you'll style in a multitude of ways so you can wear this cashmere beauty as often as possible.

    a model wearing the ribbed sweater in heather beige color

    23. A Venus crew neck sweater that's pre-shrunk and made with air-jet spun yarn to ensure you receive a super-soft sweater with reduced pilling.

    the crew neck sweater in blue with a line-drawn image of Venus standing in a shell in the center

    24. An oversized faux shearling coat because we all deserve to feel as soft and loved as a teddy bear, and this coat is made to do just that!

    a customer reviewer wearing the brown jacket in the snow

    25. A silky soft jumpsuit you can dress up or down and wear for just about any occasion.

    26. A pair of cute leggings made from soft cozy space-dye hacci knit so you can run errands, tackle laundry day, or work out in style and comfort.

    a model wearing the gray sweatpants with a white and yellow stripe on the side

    27. A pack of lightweight cashmere socks designed to last. These socks are so soft, they may ruin all other socks for good — you've been warned.

    a model wearing the blush-colored socks

    28. A buttery boxy tee made from sustainably-sourced cashmere. This shirt is designed to feel weightless over your body, which sounds like a dream to me!

    a model wearing the boxy black and white striped shirt

    29. A soft and smooth house hoodie trusted by yours truly. If buttery-textured clothes are a wardrobe must for you, definitely give this sweater a try.

    the author wearing the lavender and mint colored hoodie

    30. A silk-blend maxi skirt you'll want to wear constantly. It has side pockets and a wrap belt to add functionality to your effortless look!

    a model wearing a blue version of the long maxi skirt

    31. A 100% cashmere scarf made in Scotland with plenty of classic plaid/tartan patterns to prove it! I've paid this much for scarves that aren't cashmere and now I'm mad at myself.

    32. An unlined floral lace bra reviewers say is lightweight, soft, comfy, and supportive.

    a reviewer wearing the mesh and lace bra in black

    33. And a cropped jean jacket lined with delightfully soft sherpa you won't be able to stop running your fingers through every time you wear it!

    a model wearing the jacket

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