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    31 Small Organization Products That’ll Make A Big Difference

    Small but powerful organizing is my favorite organizing.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A set of adorable and highly useful expandable file folders so you can take that bin full of important papers down to a manageable size.

    2. A set of five adjustable shoe slot space savers that'll get all your shoes in order and make you say "clunky shoe rack? I don't know her."

    3. A cup holder caddy here to ~elevate~ the mess of cell phones, pens, chap stick, glasses, and drinks in the car cup holder to accessible, 👏 organized, 👏 and tidy.

    4. A simple but genius magnetic knife stripe reviewers swear by for holding up their color-coded knife set, and even heavy-duty kitchen utensils. Now you can have all knives in view and accounted for, and feel assured a murderer is not in your house after listening to way too much My Favorite Murder podcast!

    5. A set of three expandable dresser drawer organizers that, unfortunately, are leaving you with no excuse to not fold and color-code the underwear drawer.

    6. A set of 12 multi-color magnetic twist ties to bundle up headphones and wires, mark your place in a book, or use as magnets.

    7. A small and handy key organizer for anyone who needs a better system than "check yesterday's pants" for finding the keys in the morning.

    8. A stainless-steel clothes drying rack you can use indoors or outdoors to get those delicates dried and put away in no time! It also collapses when not in use to save space — the dream.

    9. A universal nail polish organizer (read: will fit all your fave brands) that honestly puts the Caboodle I use for mine to shame. This organizer lets you see every color you own at once 🌈.

    10. An over-the-door pantry organizer so you can keep your most-used pantry items close at hand even if you don't have a lot of kitchen storage space!

    11. A handy USB charging cable bracelet to make staying on top of whether you charged your phone last night / have a charger in your bag way easier — just wear this babe and you'll always be prepared.

    12. A pair DIY desktop pencil holders you'll be able to put together easily, and enjoy the satisfaction of de-cluttering your work area.

    13. A large backseat car organizer so you can stash away toys, drinks, baby wipes, snacks, and much more of life's necessities in a neat little home.

    14. And a smaller (but still mighty) backseat organizer for anyone who might not have a whole family's worth of stuff to keep on top of, but could still use a little organization before the next road trip.

    15. A stick-to-the-wall toothbrush holder as adorable as it is useful. It can also hold razors in the shower, it's easy to clean, and it just might encourage your little ones to brush their teeth!

    16. A four layer pencil case that won't let all your pencils roll around wildly and will keep everything in nice, soothing, color-coded order.

    17. A stackable under-the-sink cabinet organizer featuring a sliding basket that'll tidy up the kitchen/bathroom sink, and everything you need will be way easier to reach.

    18. A weekly pill organizer to ensure you are serving "I'm cute and have my life together" vibes, and, more importantly, to ensure you don't forget to take your meds/vitamins!

    19. An over-the cabinet basket so you can tuck away cutting boards, baking pans, plastic wrap, and whatever else is cluttering up the cupboard as we speak.

    20. A water hyacinth storage bin with handles that makes me feel calm and tidy just from looking at it. Bye random stuff laying around the house!

    21. A dotted planner reviewers absolutely swear by for getting their life in order. It has sections for meeting your goals, daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly planning, space to journal, and will help you be even more efficient with color coded pens.

    22. An easy-to-assemble sturdy bamboo utility shelf to mount for more storage in the bathroom, or set up on the floor for the plant angels in your life.

    23. A cute, rustic key holder that'll encourage everyone who visits your home to hang up their coat and keys as soon as they enter.

    24. A mousepad that doubles as a transparent memo pad so you can make the most of your precious desk space, and always have a convenient place to write things down.

    25. A simple yet effective tea bag organizer perfect for anyone who has way too many tea bag boxes taking up way too much space in the kitchen.

    26. A magnetic tear-off notepad available in whatever format you need — to-do list, grocery shopping list, meal planning, and more!

    27. And a waterproof noted pad designed to help you out when you just can't stop organizing and planning, and need to jot some stuff down in the shower.

    28. A white wire space rack so you can get those spices out of the cabinet and closer to where the cooking action is happening.

    29. A handy cable and charger organizer to declutter the tangled wire mess at your desk once and for all!

    30. A purse organizer insert for anyone who often switches bags and needs a better system so no chapstick gets left behind (or for anyone who wants to make their go-to purse totally clutter free)!

    31. And a set of six Command cord bundlers designed to wrangle up pesky little cords into neat bundles, like the cord behind your KitchenAid mixer!

    You chillen out knowing your entire life is organized:

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