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    22 Sex Toys Queer People Swear By

    Bring on the good vibes.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Some may have been sent as samples, but all opinions and reviews are our own. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A waterproof Satisfyer pro that just may help you achieve the climax of your dreams! This toy is designed to suck and works with folks who have bottom growth.

    the pink Satisfyer pro toy submerged in water

    2. A classic magic wand worthy of being a part of every queer person's arsenal of sex toys IMO (and according to VERY satisfied reviewers).

    the blue and white Magic wand

    3. A posable, packable Shiloh dildo boasting 8 inches of insertable length. This toy is one of the most flexible toys on the market, but is still firm enough to hit all of your (or your partner's) spots!

    four of the dildos in various skin tone shades with the toys bent over to show how posable they are

    4. A flexible Bender toy with all the multi-speed and waterproof capabilities you need to orgasm like never before. This vibe is designed for internal use but is bendy enough to stimulate multiple spots simultaneously!

    a hand holding the flexible bendy toy in mint green color

    5. A golden rabbit vibe that'll have your eyes rolling in the back of your head quicker than a jackrabbit.

    the silicone rabbit vibrator in gold with a hard black plastic base

    6. A versatile and vibrating princette sex toy designed for all bodies and all genders. You can use is as an external or penetrative vibe and discover new euphoric heights!

    the light blue princette toy

    7. A comfortable and adjustable strap-on joque harness reviewers adore — you'll barely feel it's there while in use, and it's machine-washable!

    a mannequin wearing the black strap on with a purple dildo

    8. And a Mustang Royale dildo reviewers swear by for strap-on play as well as getting off solo, thanks to the saddle base designed to bring pleasure to the wearer.

    a hand holding the Mustang Royale dildo with a flared purple base

    9. A mini glitter wand with seven patterns and 10 intensity levels so you can take control of your orgasms, wherever you are. Reviewers really love how quiet and discreet this wand is!

    the mini glittery wand in purple

    10. A versatile two-in-one stroker designed to work with or without bottom growth (it will suction onto anatomy at least 1/2″ in diameter), so you can use it to pack, stroke, or play in a whole new way.

    11. And a silver stroker made for trans masc folks who want a stroker in a non-realistic color scheme!

    the phallic stroker in gray, silver, and black

    12. A remote control We Vibe you won't be able to put down, whether you're using it solo or with a long-distance partner (you can control the vibe from far away via an app). If you like toys with deep rumbly feelings and unlimited patterns, this one is worth the splurge.

    a hand holding the purple We Vibe with a remote control

    13. A designed to suck BJ dildo ready to give you all the gender europhia you deserve to feel while getting off! This toy suctions onto your parts to give you a phenomenal blow job experience while a partner sucks on the toy, or you can use it solo and create a similar sensation with your hands.

    seven the BJ Dildos in various colors

    14. A hypoallergenic, vegan, fragrance-free lube reviewers with sensitivities and sensitive skin absolutely swear by, as do I! Once I tried this lube I never wanted to use another — it's not sticky and it is everything a lube should be, minus any potential irritants.

    the clear bottle of Sliquid lube with a blue label

    15. A strapless strap on that'll bring on lots of sensations, moans, and eye rolls for the wearer. Reviewers say they can get off just by jerking the dildo, so def add this to your list of top toys for partners and masturbation sessions!

    a hand holding the rechargeable strapless strap on which is purple and has rabbit ears for stimulation

    16. A 9-inch dildo realistic dildo queer folks adore for strap-on use. Not to mention it has a suction cup, so really the possibilities of you going for the big O with this baby are endless.

    a hand gripping the realistic dildo

    17. A trans masc pump designed to surround and enlarge transdicks and bottom growth of all sizes. Both reviewers on and not on T love it!

    18. A brief-style strap-on with a versatile O-ring ideal for anyone looking for a comfy strap that offers more coverage, and is compatible with a variety of different sized toys.

    a model wearing the strap on with an o-ring

    19. A love bump with the perfect place for a bullet vibe so you can take your next sex sesh to another level of sensation that you and your partner will enjoy.

    a hand holding the love bump which has a stretchy ring for wear and a bullet vibe inserted into the toy

    20. A smooth trinity vibe made by queer folks for queer folks! This vibe has a flared base for anal and strap-on play, and ridges to stimulate you on your wild ride.

    a model holding the vibe while laying in bed

    21. An affirming STP reviewers who are new to stand to pee devices can't get enough of. It won't break the bank and is flexible enough to pack with as well.

    22. And a small but mighty waterproof mini wand you just may tell every other gay in a 50-mile radius about, because this little powerhouse has a setting for everyone!

    a reviewer holding the black mini wand

    Me reading about these toys bringing queer folks gender europhia and other pleasant *vibes*:

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