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    33 Pride Products That Are ACTUALLY From Queer-Owned Businesses

    All the pride gear you need, made by the LGBTQIA community for the LGBTQIA community 🏳️‍🌈

    1. A Rebel Roots crop top or tank to celebrate Marsha P. Johnson and the black trans activists who paved the way for LGBTQIA rights. A portion of gc2b's proceeds benefit The ​Marsha P. Johnson Institute​!

    2. A pride flag that will scream "GAY RIGHTS" from your front porch for you, even while you're fast asleep.

    3. A rainbow unisuit for splashing around in the tears of the straights. And hey, 10% of online profits from this unisuit will be donated to True Colors!

    4. Some trans pride underwear that is almost too adorable (but there's no such thing, so I'll take 100 pairs, please).

    5. A Fluide matte lipstick or gloss to make your karaoke rendition of 2008 SMASH hit "Lip Gloss" by Lil Mama all the more fantastic.

    6. A double Venus rainbow choker for a true Rainbow Bright accessory moment.

    7. Some awesome apparel from Flavnt that say "YES, I'm queer, YES I have amazing style, I truly have it all."

    8. And some trans edition Flavnt shirts to wear to the funeral of the gender binary. 15% of all sales go to their fundraising partner's gender affirming surgery, so literally go smash that "add to cart" button yesterday.

    9. A lapel pin, because every denim jacket is sentient and wants to be adorned with depictions of queer love-making — it's canon.

    10. A gender-affirming pair of briefs with a packer — life's too short not to experience as much gender euphoria as humanly possible!

    11. A magic pin or patch that predict a very bright, queer future ahead.

    12. An inclusive memory book like a gender-neutral baby book, adoption memory book, or same-sex family baby memory book, because if there's one thing that should obviously be inclusive, it's the recording of YOUR OWN MEMORIES

    13. A Wildfang rainbow pin or shirt — you may not have been able to emblazon your homemade tie-dye shirt with a message of queer acceptance and pride when you were at camp in 1994, but hey, it's never too late!

    14. A pansexual flag tote bag that is great for repping that pan pride, but is also just a damn cute bag.

    15. A set of three postcards or a cult patch for the hella queer care package you’re sending to your BFF this June. Fun fact: g-mail really stands for gay-mail.

    16. A range of pride identity flag coffee mugs, because nothing says "I’m here and I’m queer" like a gay cat on a cup of tea.

    17. A QPOC pride pin to represent people of color within the queer community and an aromantic pride pin to celebrate all those awesome aromantic people out there. Remember that celebrating Pride without intersectionality isn’t something to be proud of!

    18. A nonbinary iron-on patch in the shape of the nonbinary symbol with the nonbinary flag colors! Put it on your t-shirt, hat, jacket, backpack, or superglue it to your forehead (jk, jk, please don't do that last one).

    19. A wide variety of magical queer pins and stickers to add to the pin-tastic collection you’ve started on your backpack, jean jacket, and tote bag!

    20. An intersex button to represent your community and share your voice in the growing conversation around intersex rights. There are SO MANY other pride buttons, too, so check 'em out!

    21. Something from the Stonewall 50 collection at The Phluid Project for the perfect piece to pull your whole pride outfit together. Plus, 10% of each purchase will go to the Pride Organization.

    22. A “Butch Please” keychain for your ring of keys *cue Fun Home soundtrack* and some gender-affirming packers and STPs.

    23. A T-shirt that just so happens to have your short and long term goals in life printed on the front.

    24. An enamel pin designed after that tattoo your friends almost convinced you to get last Pride month.

    25. A swimsuit that’ll be a more liberating option for all bodies when it comes time to head to the beach or pool party this summer.

    26. A queer AF hat so you can express your pride from head to toe.

    27. A “Love always wins” T-shirt because it’s just true and we need to say it more!

    28. An array of pins, one of which is farting rainbows, and if you aren’t doing that already, I highly recommend.

    29. An “If it isn’t intersectional it isn’t feminism” T-shirt, which really spells it out for anyone who didn’t get the memo. Not to mention a reclaiming safe spaces sweatshirt, because after all the inequality we've been subject to, it's pretty clear that the queer community at LEAST deserves the moon.

    30. A “Trans4Trans” shirt designed with two trucks fucking which I just wheely wheely can’t express enough how much I love.

    31. A they/them, she/her, he/him necklace so you can wear your pronouns with pride!

    32. A muscle tee of which 100% of profits will be donated to Pull for Pride's Share the Platform Scholarship to support transgender, gender non-conforming, non-binary, and intersex strength athletes.

    33. A pin for your best friend who just came out as nonbinary and you’d love to make their day (and their jacket) that much better!

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