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    37 Products That'll Help Make Your House A Way Better Place To Live In

    These products will make a big difference 🏡.

    1. A fragrance-free allergen spray to help rid the air and surfaces in your home of pesky allergens like dust mites and pet dander.

    reviewer's bottle of spray

    2. A set of blackout curtains for when you need to catch some z's and *don't* want to be aware of how much natural light the bedroom gets. These will help you shut the sun out 😮.

    3. A beautiful velvet sectional couch that'll instantly upgrade your space. It's super comfy as well as gorgeous to look at!

    blue velvet sectional couch in a living room with a pink, blue, and beige rug and pink ottoman

    4. Marble Pothos plants for any space in need of more green vibes. This babe will arrive in healthy condition and it'll keep growing best in indirect sunlight!

    The Pothos plant hanging in a macrame hanger

    5. A big leaning mirror made with shatterproof glass so those of us who are accident-prone (me!) can do a daily fit-check in a sturdy and pretty mirror.

    6. A bath pillow that'll make your tub a way more comfy place to indulge in long baths and at-home spa treatments.

    A two-fold pillow attached to the rim of the bath tub

    7. OR — a full-body bath pillow to ensure you can really get your soak on. It comes with extra-large suction cups so it will *actually* stay in place!

    8. Closet dividers you'll use to organize your closet and make getting dressed an easy-breezy process.

    9. A wine rack to store and display your wine bottles so you can ponder what'll go best with dinner as you food prep.

    10. A tree-style table lamp that has features you'll adore, such as a wireless charger and Bluetooth speaker.

    lamp sitting on a desk in an office overlooking a big city. The lamp has an oval wooden shade that looks like the top portion of a tree, a lamp stem that looks like the tree trunk, and a base where the phone can lay and charge wirelessly

    11. And light-dimming stickers to rid your place of bright lights that kill the vibe/make sleeping way more difficult that it needs to be!

    12. A Radiate portable campfire for anyone who *needs* campfire vibes but doesn't exactly have the infrastructure (or time) for regular backyard campfires. It burns for three to five hours with no embers.

    13. Organic linen spray to spritz on your sheets and bedding when it's the day before laundry day and you're doing your best to get through a busy week!

    the bottle of spray

    14. A tapas-inspired wooden serving dish you'll love for its bowl/tray functionality, plus it's beautiful enough to store on your countertop.

    15. A set of accent chairs so you have plenty of comfy and cute places to sit.

    16. An adjustable bamboo bathtub tray to help you read, watch a show, or sip a glass of wine as you soak in the tub.

    long wooden tray that stretches across the entire tub. it has a book, wine glass, and candle sitting on top of it and the reviewer's legs are shown underneath, soaking in sudsy water.

    17. Window film that'll give you plenty of privacy without having to use curtains or shudders. The sunlight that streams through the film will leave little rainbows all over your home!

    18. Or a hanging light catcher so you can usher in sunlight-induced rainbows in a different and adorable way.

    the hanging light catcher which has a gold metal piece that's like a half-circle with a prism hanging in the top middle which looks like a round crystal and another smaller one hanging from the bottom of it

    19. A minimalist rug to add some style and warmth to the floor, and it'll be super easy to clean when the fur baby tracks in dirt.

    20. A hanging reminder tag you and the fam will rely on to *not* feed the cat or dog twice in one evening, much to their disappointment 🐱.

    a dog tag with a tiny rope for hanging at the top. One side says "the dog has been fed." Another tag shows what the other side can say which is, "Bella has NOT been fed."

    21. A wall mount shelf so you can flip the script on all those items in your apartment that are "backing you into a corner." We love a clever storage solution!

    22. A gel-enhanced seat cushion that'll take some of the pressure of your lower back as you WFH.

    The gray cushion in an office chair. It has a slightly rectangular shape with rounded edges and an empty space near the tailbone to relieve pressure

    23. A reversible baby play mat for parents who want their kids to have a fun place to play and a decent carpet for the guest room.

    24. Stick-on chalkboard paper to turn any wall into a ~drawing board~ for your own ideas or your kid's doodles!

    25. A bedside tray you'll use to keep your book, cup of tea, phone, and other essentials nearby your bed when it's time to wind down for the night.

    a wooden tray attached to a bed with moisturizer, a bottle of water, a watch, and a book sitting on it

    26. A power perch so you can keep the electric toothbrush and electric razor in reach, but not in danger of falling into the bathroom sink.

    27. A hanger stacker you'll be glad to have by your side come laundry day when it's time to hang up all your fresh, clean shirts, dresses, and jackets!

    28. Extra-strength shoe deodorizing spray that just may end the stinky-shoe closest reign of smelly terror over your home.

    reviewer holding the spray bottle

    29. A touchless trashcan you'll truly wonder how you lived without. It comes with a motion sensor that'll pop the lid open when you go to throw something away, no hands needed!

    30. A satin pillowcase set to soothe frizz, prevent hair breakage and keep you nice and cool as you sleep.

    31. A light curtain ideal for adding ambiance and chill vibes to your bedroom.

    32. A deep-pocket microfiber sheet set made from soft and hypoallergenic material. Reviewers say they are super easy to get on the bed, stay on, and don't pile after multiple washes!

    sheets on the bed along with the pillowcases. they're white and black.

    33. An Always Pan that's so multi-functional it'll replace eight pieces of cookware — use it to fry, steam, strain, stir, sauté, and make sauces in.