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    38 Products You’ll Want That Are Extremely Excellent

    Useful and clever products, cute accessories, cult-favorite makeup products, and more excellent finds.

    1. An ice pop-shaped water bottle that's transparent and cute enough to accessorize with any summer outfit.

    a hand holding the popsicle water bottle

    2. An anti-fog spray for your glasses so you can finally wear your mask while at work *without* your glasses fogging up every time you breathe.

    A reviewer image of a person wearing unfogged glasses with their face mask holding up the spray

    3. A handmade string light with little boats to help transform your backyard or patio into an ideal space for cookouts and entertaining friends and family.

    the skyboat lanterns against the night sky

    4. A pack of handy dishwasher cleaning tablets that'll make de-funking the dishwasher an easy task. Just pop a tablet in with a cycle of dishes to keep your dishwasher looking (and smelling) brand-new!

    5. An adorable and sparkly Sailor Moon purse with a magnetic closure to store your keys, phone, wallet, and much more in style.

    the white and blue Sailor Moon purse

    6. A two-sided tea stand that'll store many bags of tea so you can make your nightly cup of chamomile a totally stress-free experience.

    7. A breakfast sandwich maker for anyone who wants to be lured out of bed every morning by an easy-to-make bacon egg and cheese.

    8. Eureka Crate is a monthly subscription offering kids and teens engineering and building projects that'll teach them to apply principles of science and math to the awesome things they'll create!

    a person making an animated lamp

    9. Solar-powered mushroom lights to add peaceful and precious vibes to your garden or outdoor space.

    six of the mushroom-shaped solar lights glowing in a flower bed outdoors

    10. A three-in-one smart water bottle featuring a built-in Bluetooth speaker, not to mention it lights up to remind you to stay hydrated. If you're like me and need to be reminded to drink water throughout the day, this bottle is the one for you.

    11. A pair of waterproof high-top sneakers so you can stay cool, causal, and collected when you're out in these and a thunderstorm decides to blow through.

    two reviewers wearing high-top sneaker style rain shoes in light blue and yellow

    12. A small tub of super cute and fluffy cloud slime that'll soothe and relax you any time you need.

    a person holding the cloud slime in their hands

    13. Maybelline Instant Rewind Treatment Concealer to stop dark circles in their tracks, so you can pull all-nighters for studying or engage in binge-watching sessions, and still appear as if you actually got some sleep.

    14. And Essence Lash Princess mascara that'll give your lashes an extra plump and bold look for an affordable price!

    15. A set of wireless Bluetooth earbuds with over 80,000 positive reviews to get you through workouts and work from home sessions with all the jams one could possibly need.

    Reviewer image of two black earbuds next to their charging case

    16. A S'well stainless-steel bottle so you always have an excellent water bottle on hand to get you through the seasons. This baby is capable of keeping cool drinks cool and hot drinks hot for hours on end, and they come in super cute styles for kiddos!

    17. And a pack of water bottle-cleaning tablets that'll have you saying goodbye crusty, coffee-stained stainless steel and hello to rejuvenation!

    a reviewer's before and after shot of the water bottle cleaning tablets

    18. Glossier's all-in-one Ultra Lip — it's a balm, tint, and lip gloss that'll go on smooth and lock in moisture to keep you looking fresh and feeling your best.

    a model applying the lipstick

    19. A set of four super durable food shopping bags you can set up in your shopping cart to keep food shopping as efficient and mess-free as possible.

    a reviewer photo of four of the heavy-duty bags in a shopping cart

    20. A genderflux beehive pillow cover or nonbinary bees pillow cover so your couch forever remains a cozy and cute place to be.

    21. A monthly Therabox subscription that features a monthly therapeutic activity and tons of full-sized wellness goodies, so you'll have what you need to help quiet and calm your mind throughout the month.

    a person holding a self care book next to the therabox

    22. A sunrise alarm clock that'll make you feel more refreshed than ever each morning by waking you up gradually — the light will grow increasingly brighter in the half-hour leading up to your alarm.

    a model stretching in bed near the glowing sunrise alarm clock

    23. A set of three very cute and excellent squishy pens who are destined to be a part of your prized pen collection in your home office.

    a reviewer's photo of the pink and blue pens

    24. A deep creme contour kit that'll bring all sorts of bold looks together for you. This palette was created by BatMe, the first Black trans-owned beauty brand in the country.

    the palette with six rich colors

    25. A bottle of moisturizing body oil formulated with cocoa butter so you can put an end to dry skin, and get the hydration you need during showers.

    a reviewer holding the cocoa butter body oil in the shower

    26. A genius cat toy that'll have your cat dancing and leaping around. This lure-like toy has over 15,000 5-star reviews — that's a lot of ~purrfectly~ happy kitties.

    27. A set of blackout curtains honestly everyone needs in their home. They block out sunlight and dampen sound to help you get the peace and quiet you deserve.

    the blackout curtains in gray over a window

    28. A charming outdoor rocking chair made of durable, weather-proof steel sure to become your new favorite spot to sip an iced tea on a Friday afternoon.

    the red chair on stone patio

    29. A dinosaur-themed ice pop mold so you can make an icy treat your kiddos are sure to remember this summer.

    30. And a set of adorable handmade dino earrings you'll want to bite your ears, or at least *appear* to, to everyone's delight.

    a model wearing the dino biting earrings

    31. A relaxing foot roller so you can add "foot massage" to your list of ways to wind down after a long day. It's even quiet enough to use while you WFH!

    Reviewer using the abacus-like foot roller on their feet

    32. A heavy-duty travel duffel bag you can count on to hold a weekend's worth of stuff in a flash — without compromising on style.

    a model holding the blue duffel bag

    33. A duvet cover and pillowcase set of cute strawberries that just might make you smile every time you see your bed!

    the pink quilt with strawberries printed on a bed

    34. An affordable jewelry cleaner for anyone who wants to make their rings and earrings as sparkly as they were when you first got them.

    a reviewer's before photo of a dull ring and after photo of the shiny ring

    35. BomiBox, a monthly subscription that delivers top-of-the-line K-beauty and skincare products in sample or full sizes, so you'll have relaxing face masks and revitalizing skin-care products on hand for your next spa night.

    broccoli and green tea face masks and other beauty products with the Bomibox

    36. An orange-scented wood polish ready to get scratches and watermarks out of your wooden chairs, and make them as lustrous as they were the day you bought them!

    Reviewer's before-and-after photo of their scratched-up wooden chair and then new-looking, glossy chair

    37. A pair of excellently decorated unicorn slippers out to prove it's never too late to have a perfect sleepover filled with movies, plushies, and soft and magical slippers!

    the pink fuzzy slippers with unicorn horns on them

    38. And an inflatable Coleman hot tub that'll seriously upgrade your backyard into paradise. It can fit up to four adults and is easy to maintain, according to happy reviewers.

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