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    21 Practical Things For Your Car That People Actually Swear By

    Car puns *exhaust* me.

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    1. A pair of back seat head rest hooks so you can snap these on, hang up your purse, and listen to Car Seat Headrest without worry.

    2. A lint-free car duster people swear by, as will you, for keeping your car shiny and dust-free on the daily.

    3. An aux cord to easily hook your smart phone up to the car, and show everyone who the overlord of good bops is (it's you).

    4. A blindspot mirror for anyone who still has their dad's voice yelling "check your blind spot!" every time you switch lanes — make dad proud.

    5. A waterproof non-slip trunk organizer so you can keep all the junk in the trunk organized and tidy.

    6. An orthopedic cushion people swear by for staying comfy on long drives; so even if your back-seat driver isn't supportive, at least this cushion will be.

    7. A waterproof car seat cover ready to protect the seats from doggo dirt, water, and hairs.

    8. A frost guard windshield cover honestly anyone who owns a car in a cold climate needs to own. Where was this when I was scraping snow from my windshield with a wet mitten at 8 a.m. in college?

    9. A car charger that just may boost you up faster than lesser chargers — may Google Maps guide you forever.

    10. A small but mighty jelly llama who will keep your car smelling fresh whilst looking as adorable as ever.

    11. A compact wet dry shop vac sure to remove the spills, pet hair, cereal, French fries, and gross pennies from your car, so your car doesn't walk out on you for being too messy.

    12. A backseat organizer and protector that'll organize your life and turn the mud on your kid's shoes from "oh god" to not a big deal at all.

    13. A precise dashboard cam with superb video quality for anyone who is weary of accidents or unruly Uber passengers.

    14. A super-fine microfiber towel so you can quickly soak up spills that happen when you're not being ~carful~ enough. These are also great for drying things off after a car wash!

    15. A drop stop car seat gap filler you'll feel calmer just thinking about. Imagine — never a misplaced phone or fry lost to the abyss of your car again.

    16. A clever stowaway trash can to stuff trash into what looks like any other car organizer 'til it's filled. Take that, friends who throw their trash on your car floor like you're driving around a dumpster.

    17. A set of four af*Ford*able* floor mats with no-slip backing that'll make you say "you shall not *pass*" to mud, parking lot oil, water, debris, and other unwelcomed guests.

    18. A comprehensive five-day emergency pack (including food, water, gas stove, first aid kit, and more) every car-owner in America should have on hand, just in case of natural disaster or an accident.

    19. A heavy-duty expandable car hanger bar so you can load up the car with clothes, plants, dry-cleaning, and whatever else you need, easy-peasy.

    20. A set of bamboo charcoal air purifying bags you'll rely on for eliminating wet dog, late-night fast food runs, and other unpleasant odors from the car the natural way.

    21. And a genius magnetic mount designed to universally hold up your cell phone on air vents so you can keep the directions or good tunes going as safely as possible.

    Your newly decked out car:

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