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    24 Pairs Of Shoes That Won't Get Absolutely Ruined By Rain

    *adds all waterproof sandals, slides, and sneakers to cart.*

    1. Hunter short rain boots thousands of people swear by for a reason — they keep water out so your feet stay dry in classic rain boot style.

    a reviewer wearing the boots in pink in the rain

    2. Or a pair of Hunter rubber ballet flats that are way less cumbersome than boots, so you can pack these with you in case of puddles!

    3. Sneaker boots made with waterproof leather ideal for anyone who enjoys long hikes through the mountains and woods (where it may or may not rain at any time).

    a tan sneaker boot with blue accents and lace

    4. Birkenstock Arizona slip-ons that are waterproof and washable, so they don't get grimy due to moisture or rain, no matter how often you wear them this summer.

    two reviewers's pairs of feet: one in the blue, the other in the pink Birkenstocks

    5. Waterproof garden sloggers designed to let your feet breathe and keep them dry while you water the flowers this spring. I don't have an outdoor garden but these in the goat print make me really want one 😍!

    6. All-purpose lace-up boots that are water-resistant and stylish enough to go from brunch to a hike, no problem.

    7. Waterproof high-top sneakers so you can stay cool, causal, and collected when you're out in these and a thunderstorm decides to blow through.

    two reviewers wearing high-top sneaker style rain shoes in light blue and yellow

    8. Doc Martens platform boots I personally swear by. These are not waterproof but they'll give you a little lift, complete your stylish ensembles, and they hold up just fine against puddles and drizzling dreary weather.

    a person wearing the platform boots in white with a wite skirt and green top

    9. And a pair of waterproof Timberland boots I also swear by with a comfy fit — you don't have to break these in!

    10. A pair of supportive flip-flops reviewers say are extremely comfortable and hold up just fine no matter the weather.

    the flip flops in mint green with an arched sole

    11. Sam Edelman Chelsea rain booties you just may find yourself wearing even when it's not pouring outside — they are that stylish and lightweight!

    12. All-terrain trail runners designed to withstand rain, mud, puddles, and any other obstacles you may encounter while out on the trails.

    a model wearing the black shoes with neon blue and yellow detailing

    13. Jeffrey Campbell boots that are so fabulous, you and everyone around you will likely forget these are waterproof rain boots. Get these in my cart immediately, thanks!

    a model wearing opaque red tights and ankle rain boots in glossy red finish

    14. A pair of Suavs high-tops with a super-stretchy knit exterior (made from recycled plastic bottles) for a breathable, quick-drying, super-comfy fit.

    Harper wearing the shoes in brown and standing on the wet ground

    15. London Fog rain booties to pair perfectly with your waterproof double-breasted trench coat for a classic look that'll certainly keep you dry from head to toe.

    the ankle-length rainboot in red

    16. Lavender Chacos reviewers swear by for holding up through rivers and streams, in the rain, and in water parks.

    Model in the purple strappy Chaco flat sandals

    17. Adidas aqua slides you can wear in the gym shower and on your way to the car in a downpour no problem, according to satisfied reviewers.

    the slides in neon green with white stripes

    18. Keen's whisper sandals over 14,000 happy hikers, adventurers, and seaside citizens adore. The sole of these water shoes is sturdy enough to go from stream to trail, no problem!

    19. A pair of waterproof leather flip-flops that'll keep you stylish and supported whether you're braving the rainy weather on a quick trip to the deli, or out for a beach or boating day.

    the waterproof leather flip flop in brown

    20. Blondo waterproof ankle boots so you can throw on an all-black outfit to match the vibe of a rainy day, yet still make it to the art museum and give your look a pop of color in the process.

    ankle boots in a cheetah print with a buckle accent on the ankle

    21. Ankle-length rain boots with slip-resistant tread who will hold up in the outdoors when it's raining and in the garden on mushy spring days like it's their job, because it is!

    a model wearing the boots in green

    22. Teva Hurricane Drift waterproof sandals — you'll feel like you're walking on a cloud whenever these are on your feet. Rain or shine, these are likely to become your new go-to sandals.

    Model wearing the yellow sandals in a pool of water

    23. Fur-lined waterproof snow boots for anyone who lives in an area where trudging through snow is a regular occurrence. These babies will keep your feet toasty and dry, and they have an easy-to-use strap and an anti-skid sole.

    24. And a pair of waterproof Cloudventure running shoes you can count on when the weather is less than pleasant, but you still need to get that daily run in!

    the white and green waterproof running shoes

    You and your friends out in the rain with your new shoes:

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