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    30 One-And-Done Fall Outfit Pieces You Need In Your Wardrobe Like...Yesterday

    Because fall is the best season for fashionable 'fits if you ask me.

    1. A slightly-off-shoulder top you'll pair with skirts, jeans, or corduroys for an effortless and put-together look.

    reviewer wearing the black off-shoulder top

    2. And a faux-suede miniskirt you can wear that blouse with, or any basic long-sleeved black shirt for that matter!

    3. A denim overall dress so you have something comfy to throw on over your fall sweaters, and voilà — you have a very cozy outfit for the day.

    A model wearing the midi-length, button front dress in the dark wash with their hand in one of the side pockets

    4. A sweater with a knotted back and color-blocked bold colors you'll want to wear every day for style and comfort.

    a model wearing the sweater with a knot in the back

    5. And a pair of simple yet stylish black high-waisted jeans that'll go perfectly with all your colorful sweaters. Reviewers say these are super stretchy!

    a model wearing the black denim jeans

    6. A gorgeous knitted sweater dress ideal for anyone in need of a warm and stunning outfit for autumn occasions, dates, or Halloween!

    the black dress with a white, orange, and brown ombre slit

    7. A super-soft long-sleeve knitted dress just begging to be paired with tights and leather boots/booties.

    Reviewer wearing the wine red dress

    8. A puff-sleeve blouse you'll look fabulous in. Try this statement piece with a simple skirt and leggings or high-waisted pants and your OOTD will be showstopping!

    reviewer wearing dark red top tucked into a skirt

    9. A pair of trendy paper bag pants and a long-sleeved linen shirt ideal for anyone who is carrying their love of linen well into fall. We all deserve a lightweight and lovely outfit like this one in our wardrobe!

    10. A lace peplum top to throw on with your favorite pair of jeans or leggings. You'll be glad you bought it when you *really* don't have 15 minutes to dig through the closet to find a suitable outfit.

    reviewer wearing black lace high-neck top

    11. And a pair of faux-leather leggings you'll pair with that peplum top for an all-black fit, or wear it with as much plaid as you can possibly muster for a classic look!

    12. A casual party dress with deep pockets so you can carry your phone on you and queue up "Monster Mash" for the third time during your annual spooky festivities.

    Reviewer wearing the orange print floral print casual party dress

    13. An oversized button-down shirt you just may need in multiple colors, because an easy-to-layer shirt like this goes with anything and is an essential part of any wardrobe!

    a model wearing the button up in burgundy

    14. A luxuriously soft wrap you can throw over a basic long-sleeved T-shirt and wear it as a shawl or a scarf — either way, it will be the perfect outfit accessory!

    15. A cropped long-sleeved shirt serving the black-and-white cookie vibe or celestial look you need in your life. I have this shirt and it is one of my faves — I love the stripes underneath, and it's super easy to mix and match this top!

    16. A cute and cozy smocked dress made for you and your little one so y'all can look adorable during your autumnal family photo shoot. Reviewers say you won't want to ~leaf~ this set out of your wardrobe!

    the brown smock dress with a leaf print on it

    17. A long flannel shirt to throw on with Sherpa-lined sweats when you need to run errands or be present for a Zoom call *and* prioritize coziness.

    18. A long-sleeved vintage-style dress that's handmade and has just the right amount of shimmer for an OOTD everyone will truly remember!

    the cottage core dress in forest green with a wrap-around sash

    19. A cute cropped hoodie to pair with comfy jeans or high-waisted joggers on days when casual but cute is absolutely the goal.

    20. A velvet tunic dress in a trendy deep green or red hue you'll feel your best in, according to satisfied reviewers.

    21. A hooded quilted jacket that'll go perfectly over any basic set of shirt and pants. A little jacket like this is an excellent way to create a fashion rule of threes look!

    22. An investment-worthy leather moto jacket reviewers say they'll be sporting for life, as will you — it's stylish, timeless, and durable. Pair it with a denim shirt and comfy vintage jeans for a stellar fit!

    23. A casual long-sleeve dress featuring autumn colors and a cut with a little bit of swing to brighten up your workweek.

    Reviewer wearing the floral wine long-sleeve casual dress

    24. A perfect little pumpkin dress that'll have you winning best-dressed at the pumpkin carving contest this year, which *should* be a category, IMHO!

    the black dress with an orange collar with pumpkins on it

    25. An oversized teddy bear coat to throw on when you want to get as close to walking around in a fuzzy blanket as possible. You can even dress this look up with a jumpsuit!

    26. A versatile cold-shoulder T-shirt dress so you have a layering piece to wear with denim, thigh-high boots, patterned tights, or a colorful jacket.

    Reviewer wearing the black short-sleeve cold shoulder casual t-shirt dress

    27. And a cropped moto jacket in a blush color you'll stand out in. Whether you wear it over that black dress on chilly days or with a blouse and skirt is up to you!

    a model wearing the pink suede jacket with a zipper

    28. High-waisted corduroy pants in a straight tube cut I'm lamenting over because I need these on my person, like, now, please! These pants will look stellar on you with chunky boots, basic tees and tops, and as part of layered ensembles.

    two models wearing two different shades of the brown corduroy pants

    29. A plaid lapel-collared coat so you can look your best and stay warm as the days get colder. Reviewers say you'll be raking in the compliments in this piece!

    a reviewer wearing the coat with black leggings and boots

    30. And Dr. Martens platform boots I personally swear by. These will give you a little lift, and take any fit to the next level — and they are ultra durable!

    You in your new fall fit:

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