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    27 Home Improvement Products That'll Save You Money In The Long Run

    Because home improvement done right means big savings on your heating bill, room makeovers, DIY projects, and more 🤑,

    1. A basic drill with a 10-piece bit set to meet your needs. I bought this set for assembling furniture, hanging frames, and other small projects when I got my first apartment, and it's still going strong! And reviewers swear by the 109-piece drill and screwdriver set for bigger home improvement projects.

    a person using the drill on a piece of wood

    2. A carpet stain remover that actually works to ensure the next time a ketchup explosion happens, you don't have to dish out money to rent a carpet cleaner or replace the carpet altogether.

    3. An overhead garage storage rack to store the tools you already have and make room for more! Dishing out money for a storage unit? No thanks.

    the rack mounted to a garage ceiling with containers

    4. An easy-to-use insulator kit that'll make the icy portal to an arctic tundra (aka the living room window) a bearable part of the house to be around. Not to mention the potential savings on the heating bill 👀.

    5. And — if that's not enough — a weighted door draft stopper may help you save on the heating bill as well. It’s nonslip, helps prevent warm air from escaping, and reduces noise!

    a reviewer's draft stopper in front of their door

    6. Expertly curated wall paint that just may have you painting your whole house yourself instead of paying someone else to do it! Reviewers say it is easy to use and has minimal smell compared to other brands — that's a win-win if you ask me.

    7. A power washer so you can make your wooden fence look like new, or save tons of money on car washes (when paired with a foam cannon).

    8. A large tile stencil that'll stay in place and help you paint over old tiles in your bathroom or home, so you don't have to dish out big bucks for brand new tile.

    white tile that has been painted with the stencil in black

    9. A mold-resistant grout pen to make pesky tile stains a problem of the past.

    10. A bidet to give your bathroom a quick but powerful bathroom upgrade. Not to mention the savings on TP.

    11. A wall-mounted wet dry vac for anyone in need of an easy solution when it's time to clean the car in the garage or the garage itself after messy home improvement projects.

    the wet dry vac hanging on a wall

    12. And a stainless steel shop vac that can also handle wet/dry messes, and is easily transportable via a built-in dolly.

    the stainless steel vac with filter, hose, and hose attachments

    13. A no-glue privacy window film that'll fill the room with rainbow light when the sun filters through and give you the privacy you need without pricey curtain sets.

    a reviewer's photo of the privacy window film with colorful light streaming through a large window

    14. A "Still I Rise" DIY Embroidery Kit so you can create your own decor, and place Maya where she will shine when you're done.

    the Maya Angelou embroidery kit showing Maya's face and the words "Still I rise"

    15. A storage cabinet for anyone who wishes they could just...create a storage shelf in that pesky good-for-nothing corner of the house. Now you can!

    16. A seven-piece gallery wall kit that comes with a hanging template to take the guesswork out of hanging up your precious memories. Plus, it's way cheaper than paying for custom framing!

    a reviewer's photo of the prep for the gallery kit and the photos hanging on a wall after completion

    17. A restorative wood finish to make those old cabinets or floorboards look fabulous once again, because why pay to replace when this magic product exists?

    a reviewer's before and after shot showing dull wood in the before shot and brightened wood in the after

    18. An investment-worthy, multi-use ladder capable of expanding from step stool all the way up to a 19-foot ladder, so you can use it for home decor and changing lightbulbs inside and cleaning the gutters outside.

    19. A 39-piece tool box that comes with everything you'll need for picture hanging, box opening, screw tightening, furniture assembly, repairs, and more!

    the tool kit in blue with a gray case

    20. An easy-peasy and affordable marble adhesive to give fireplaces, countertops, end tables, and other unsightly home areas a quick makeover.

    21. A chalkboard paint so you can make a Pinterest-worthy chalkboard wall in the kitchen or playroom without hiring a pro!

    a reviewer photo of a kitchen wall painted with the chalkboard paint

    22. A collapsable sawhorse workbench that's ideal for folks with a list of repairs and projects to tackle at home but no storage or workbench to get things done.

    23. An expandable gutter cleaning system that'll work with any blower to get the gunk out of the gutters yourself instead of paying someone to do it for you!

    the tubes included in the gutter cleaning system

    24. A 16-pack of furniture socks so you can prevent scratches on the floor and save yourself the time/money fixing them. It also works against Roombas that may or may not be guilty of bumping into the furniture legs!

    25. An easy-to-maneuver weed whacker and edge trimmer set durable enough to rid your lawn of those pesky weeds!

    a person using the weed whacker

    26. A set of wood repair markers designed to blend into scuff marks and dents and make damaged wood furniture look like new.

    27. And some blueprints to this greenhouse for anyone with the skills and space to build themselves an amazing backyard upgrade! I see many happy plants in your future.

    a greenhouse made of wooden planks, a wooden door, and clear siding

    Me feeling extremely powerful after assembling a piece of furniture by myself:

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