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    29 Pieces Of Decor That Are Guaranteed Conversation Starters

    Me, you, and this decor need to have a chat.

    1. A Dewplanter that'll grow a little plant babe in your home without you having to water it at all, ever. This high-tech planter generates water by condensing moisture in the air, so all you have to do is sit back and marvel as your plants grow!

    the dew white planter with wooden accents and a visible moisture vent

    2. A four-pack of cute hand towels sure to be the talking point of any bathroom. These friends are like a little hug for your hands.

    a blue and gray hand towel

    3. A hypnotizing jellyfish lamp everyone in your household will find themselves staring at, and guests are sure to comment on once it is safe to have friends over!

    4. A mermaid tail blanket to help you achieve your dream of living life as a merperson, sprawled out on the couch in bliss.

    a reviewer wearing the purple mermaid tail blanket on a couch with a fork in their hair

    5. An ingenious DIY book nook kit I so would love to have in my home. Anyone who catches a glimpse of this little world on your bookshelf is for sure going to ask where it came from, and then you can brag about building it yourself!

    a book nook insert showing an alley with cafes, cobblestone, cats, and plants

    6. An adorable mini retro speaker to match all the retro vibes in your house, and play some jams in the cutest way possible.

    7. A custom constellation map guaranteed to start many convos about the special date you've chosen to memorialize by capturing the starry sky of that night! It's a perfect way to celebrate anniversaries, adoption dates, and other special times.

    an example of the custom star map printed in Chicago on April 15th, 2019

    8. A super fuzzy and soft area rug I bet you're going to have many talks about with your dog or cat as they claim this piece as their nap spot yet again.

    the fuzzy floor mat in pink on a wooden floor with slippers nearby

    9. And a living room area rug that'll bring the room together and act as a vibrant conversation starter!

    the bright pink, purple, orange, mint, and white floral pattern rug in a living room

    10. A set of two cactus storage cubes to add an adorable touch to your kiddo's cacti-themed bedroom.

    the two cacti floral fabric bins tucked into a storage cube in a bedroom

    11. A ceramic waterfall incense burner so you can enjoy aromatherapy and watch the incense cascade towards you. Cue comments about how soothing it is from everyone in the house!

    a customer review photo of the incense burner next to a cactus

    12. A "to be trans is to be infinite" print to fill your home with T4T energy and empowerment.

    a print that reads "to be trans* is to be infinite" with two hands in the background

    13. A mini-humidifier for anyone who wants to add some much-needed moisture to their home, and a squishy cat you may or may not be able to stop squishy every time to pass by.

    three different colored humidifiers with LED lighting and a white squishy cat in the middle of each humidifier

    14. A unique fruit hammock to keep your fruits in reach so you remember to eat them, not to mention it'll show off your excellent home decor finds to all who enter the kitchen.

    the fruit hammock with white rope hanging underneath a kitchen counter with bananas, apples, and oranges inside

    15. A sunset painting that'll remind you of all your favorite sunsets and the people you saw them with.

    a painting of four people watching the sunrise over a hill with an abstract landscape

    16. An iridescent privacy film that'll give your windows a rainbow stained glass effect, to the delight of yourself and future guests!

    17. A splash-resistant nonbinary pride folding stool for all my nonbinary angels out there who are the main character (if life were a movie), and deservedly so.

    a folding stool with a nonbinary pride cat face printed on the top

    18. A duvet cover and pillowcase set that is sure to make your bed stand out and receive many compliments from those you are staying at home with!

    the pink quilt with strawberries printed on a bed

    19. A 62-inch cat tree out to prove your cats are really the ones running the show here. You and others may try to argue, but this magnicficent beauty (and the amount of cats it can accommodate) speaks for itself!

    two cats on the cat tree in a living room

    20. And a cat butt tissue dispenser guaranteed to cause a lot of laughs, or pure fear and loathing, depending on one's sense of humor!

    a reviewer photo of the cat-shaped tissue holder in a bathroom

    21. A wood knife block gorgeous enough to serve as a center talking piece of your kitchen counters if you ask me.

    a knife block with magnetized knives on the side

    22. An investment-worthy Aerogarden truly adored by gardeners far and wide. Trust me, once you experience the ease of growing fresh herbs indoors, you won't be able to stop talking about this baby!

    the white Aerogarden growing an array of herbs on a countertop

    23. And a Child succulent planter ideal for anyone who *does not* have a green thumb. It comes with an equally-adorable faux succulent for everyone to coo over!

    The Child themed planter with space for a small plant in the pram

    24. A colorful accent chair with cutout armrests to function as a comfy place to rest and a work of art for your living room.

    25. A teeny-tiny magnetic vase (tiny-teeny plant not included) so you can keep little leafy friends growing on your fridge, and use the magnets to hang up photos and notes!

    eight different tiny vases, some with plants inside of them

    26. A JiJi-themed lamp to spark up conversations about your favorite Studio Ghibli film.

    the cat-shaped lamp with the light hanging from the end of the black cat's tail

    27. A decorative five-piece moon set made of durable acrylic to add some light and dimension to any room!

    the set of five mirrors

    28. A colorful toadstool to add some fun and a pop of color to your bedroom.

    the toadstool with a white base and red and white polka dot mushroom head as the seat

    29. And a storage cabinet for anyone who needs a clever nook to keep impressive collections of spices, thread, or craft supplies. Cue many oos and ahhs every time you open it!

    All of us looking and the JiJi lamp:

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