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    28 Subscription Boxes That Are So Fun, You Just May Forget You’re Stuck Inside

    If you're bored and stuck inside, boy do I have a subscription box (or two) for you.

    1. Matter is a monthly science subscription that delivers the world's most interesting matter to your door for the whole family to explore. It's part museum, part lab project, and it will keep you pleasantly occupied while you hang inside!

    a subscription box with scientific matter inside of it

    2. An affordable EveryPlate meal kit subscription packed with simple, fresh ingredients, easy-to-follow recipes, and 30-minute meals! Say hello to quick and easy weekday dinners all year long, without even taking that trip to the store.

    person drizzling sauce on a plate of Creamy Mushroom Steak

    3. Mask Box is a K-beauty sheet mask subscription that lets you customize what types of mask you receive based on your skin type. May you always be ready for a spa day!

    sheet masks, clay masks, and a hair rinse next to the Mask Box

    4. Memories in Moments is an ideal subscription for craft-loving families who could use a little pre-planned fun. You'll make new, positive memories together through activities and craft-making!

    an Easter-themed craft activity

    5. Teacher Care Crate is a monthly care package you can send to a deserving teacher in your life, to ensure they have what they need to take time for themselves.

    a notebook that says "Made to Teach," coffee, stickers, snacks, and masks

    6. Fresh Baked Cookie Crate is here to make all our mouths water with their pre-measured, mess-free cookie-baking subscription; because an afternoon spent baking is an afternoon well-spent.

    7. A Fab Fit Fun subscription that'll send you seasonal goodies four times a year for all your beauty and fitness needs.

    a Fab Fit Fun box filled with soft pink slippers, coasters, beauty products, and other accessories

    8. Escape The Crate offers a monthly "escape the room" game that'll keep you and your family entertained as can be. Goodbye, boredom!

    an escape the high seas themed box

    9. Crated with Love is perfect for anyone who is stuck inside with their significant other and running out of things to do together! Say goodbye to endless binge-watching and hello to pre-curated date night activities and games.

    an arcade invasion themed date night box

    10. Butcher Box is a premium meat delivery service that basically does the fancy butcher work for you and delivers delicious cuts of meat to your doorstep.

    11. Jackie's Chocolate is a mouth-watering chocolate subscription you totally deserve to indulge in.

    a box and plate of chocolate truffles

    12. Succulents Monthly will deliver a bunch of precious plant babes (and super easy-to-follow care instructions).

    13. Bath Bevy will send you lots of high-quality goodies to soak in so you can easily pretend you are at the spa and not stuck inside, tyvm.

    bath bombs, candles, slippers, and books

    14. Girls Can Crate (for ages 5-10) offers your little one a whole month of inspiring learning and fun activities to do that are centered around a new role model each month!

    15. Atlas Coffee Club delivers mind-blowing coffee from all over the world, so you can live up to your caffeine dreams from the comfort of home.

    a person holding a cup of coffee on a countertop with a postcard of Costa Rica in their other hand

    16. Book of The Month Club does the hard work of researching the best new reads each month, so you can pick from the top five and always have an amazing book on hand.

    17. Sips By is a tea subscription that'll ship out tons of divine, high-quality teas for you to try and unwind.

    a person sitting in front of a Sips By box that is filled with different teas

    18. Wodbom offers an ideal subscription for anyone in need of support for at-home workouts. From gear to snacks, you'll be *pumped* to open your box and start your workout routine!

    19. Beauteque Monthly gives you the choice of a packed-to-the-brim K-beauty box, or a monthly face mask box so you can experience some of the best K-beauty products out there. I neeeeeed this 😍.

    a gelato pistachio mask, collagen mask, strawberry mask, and coconut milk mask

    20. Elephant Books ships out hardcover books to kids ages 0-6. Your little one(s) won't be able to put these books down, and they'll learn to look forward to their new books each month!

    unwrapped and wrapped children's novels and picture books

    21. Paletteful Packs ships out quality art supplies in various mediums so you can keep on painting, sketching, and creating!

    paints, markers, oil pastels, sketchbooks, and other art supplies next to a subscription box

    22. Veggie Buds Club just might get your kids loving and eating their veggies via a fun monthly box of veggie-themed toys, recipes, and activities.

    23. Knit-Wise is great for beginner knitters who want to create cute accessories and home decor items, and it also includes crochet projects 😊.

    a model wearing pajamas and sitting next to the box filled with yarn

    24. The Nailed It Box is an inexpensive way to treat yourself to unique, seasonally-themed mani-pedis via decals and stamps. If you love to do your nails but usually get nail polish everywhere (me), there is an easier way and it's this box.

    25. Harry's makes getting a fresh, clean shave easier than ever with high-end razors and skincare products way under retail value, just in-case you decide to shave off the "I haven't left my house so why shave" beard.

    a bottle of Harry's face wash, lotion, shave gel, shave cream, and a razor in a bathroom

    26. Love Goodly is a vegan beauty and wellness box that'll keep your self-care routine well stocked with cruelty-free products, and introduce you to new brands you shall adore.

    27. Bloomin Bin offers tons of organic, in-season seeds and all the info you need to start growing your own fruits, veggies, and flowers. If there was ever a time to finally plant that garden, the time is now!

    lettuces growing in a garden

    28. And Postmark'd Studio sends out absolutely gorgeous themed stationery for anyone who wants to send snail mail but is running low on supplies!

    You glued to the window on subscription box arrival day:

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