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    24 Food And Booze Subscription Boxes That Make Awesome Gifts

    Jerky subscriptions, vegan snacks, wine of the month clubs, booze-infused cookie subscriptions, and tons of other yummy goodies that'll give Santa a run for his money.

    1. Jerky Snob is perfect for jerky lovers who want only the best of the best artisan jerky out there — yum.

    2. Bon Appetit Box comes with snacks made in France to hold them over until they make it back across the pond again.

    3. Loaded-Cookies lets them indulge in giant, boozy cookies every month. Doesn't get much better than that!

    4. Graze offers healthy, delish snacks to the luckiest gift recipient of all time IMO. They can even pick their favorites after the first month!

    5. Coffee and a Classic is a subscription box filled with book-themed beverages, snacks, and more for your favorite bookworm!

    6. Winc brings at least four bottles of wine to their door so Xmas just keeps coming all year long.

    7. Hot Sauce of The Month Club will take their taste buds on a delish, spicy journey.

    8. Butcher Box curates and sources high-quality beef, chicken, or pork straight to their door so they don't have to squeeze in a drive to the *good* butcher shop a few towns over.

    9. American Cocktail Club shall bring the cocktail-making wizard lots of joy, with everything they need to get mixing!

    10. Bokksu delivers artisan snacks and teas from all over Japan, with tasting guides and goodies world-travelers will swoon over.

    11. Louisville Vegan Jerky of The Month Club is guaranteed to make vegan in your life v v happy, because everyone deserves jerky!

    12. Food Stirs is an organic baking kit, so you can give the gift of making precious memories and delicious treats.

    13. Simplicity Teas sends new organic teas each month for under $20!

    14. Monthly Cheesecake Club delivers a box of cheesecake to the most deserving angel in the world, no big deal at all.

    15. Double Cider helps satisfy cravings for anyone who yearns for hard ciders from all over the world.

    16. Bar & Cocoa is a gourmet chocolate subscription that just may be best thing to happen to them all month.

    17. Hiker Crate offers healthy, high-protein snacks and freeze-dried meals the hiker in your life shall adore.

    18. Piquant Post takes their cooking from boring and bland to flavorful and fun with spice packets and recipes.

    19. He Wines, She Dines is here to bring monthly wine and other goodies that'll pair with your palate and your budget.

    20. Golden State Fruit Monthly Fruit and Cheese Club pairs perfectly with that wine and will please anyone with deliciously high standards.

    21. Veggie Buds Club is designed to get kids loving and eating their veggies via a fun monthly box of plants, recipes, and activities.

    22. Sun Basket offers a wide variety of weekly meal plans and recipes curated specifically for their diet and family size. Plus their food is super fresh, organic, and GMO-free!

    23. Best of Mouth subscription gives them the best indie snacks, artisan pickles, and much more from small-batch snack makers all over the country.

    24. And Man Crate's Home Brew Kit is NOT a monthly subscription, but it will give them the fun experience of making home brew beer they can drink for months to come!

    Trying to decide which subscription to give them:

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