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    Just 28 Excellent Things Under $20 You Should Totally Indulge In

    Who knew $20 could stretch so far...

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Some may have been sent as samples, but all opinions and reviews are our own. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A reusable net grocery bag that'll carry all your produce and make you feel like the chicest person at the farmers market.

    A person holding the net grocery bag filled with oranges

    2. A backless lace bodysuit ideal for anyone who needs a gorgeous statement piece that goes with everything in their wardrobe. Reviewers say it is super comfy too!

    reviewer wearing backless body suit with jeans and red heels

    3. A 2000s eyeshadow palette to bring your look right back to all things glitter and glam. Reviewers say the colors are super pigmented and bold, and each palette has neutral colors for more ~toned down~ days.

    4. An intuitively picked-out Tarot card bookmark that just may speak to what you're going through in this season of your life, and it'll hold your place in novels for years to come!

    the tarot card bookmarks with tassels on the end

    5. A wrinkle-release spray so you can spend the time you *would* have spent ironing doing something else entirely.

    reviewer photo showing their white shirt before and after using the wrinkle release spray, revealing their shirt looks crisp and as if it were ironed or pressed

    6. A reusable Revlon oil-absorbing roller stick made with volcanic stone to take the oil in your T-zones down a notch or two.

    7. A monogrammed ornament you'll use to personalize your Christmas tree in an adorable way 🎄.

    different colored monogrammed ornaments

    8. A pair of precious cat moon earrings I'm betting everyone will ask you where you got them from. You'll wish these came into your life a lot *lunar*!

    white cats sitting on black floral moon earrings

    9. An air pressure wine bottle opener that'll make the whole "opening a bottle of wine while dinner is still hot" process go a whole lot smoother.

    10. A pair of fuzzy warm slippers so you can have your own Happy Feet as you rewatch the 2006 cinematic penguin masterpiece from your living room 🐧. But seriously, why ever go barefoot at home when you can get a great pair of slippers for under $20?

    a reviewer wearing the black fuzzy slippers with colorful polka dots

    11. A set of six satin scrunchies because you deserve to keep your hair in place without your strands being tugged or ripped out. Reviewers love these for sleeping in especially!

    12. I Dew Care mini scoops facial trio so you can indulge in a spa night and nourish your skin with these three masks. Introducing — Matcha Mood with vitamin B3 and green tea to soothe, Berry Groovy with raspberry extract and exfoliating strawberry seeds to brighten, and Birthday Cake with hyaluronic acid to moisturize.

    reviewer photo of the three face masks

    13. A Seche Vive gel-effect top coat perfect for those of us who feel naked without a manicure but like, need that polish to last! Reviewers say this coat helps prevent chipping 🙏.

    reviewer photo showing their nails on day 1 and then day 14 after using the top coat, showing their nails are chip free and looking healthy

    14. And a Nail Shack subscription so you can get a month's worth of easy-peasy manicures with high-quality polish strips for only $10!

    multiple sets of colorful and glittery nail polish strips

    15. An extra-long scarf reviewers absolutely swear by, as will you. It's warm, cozy, goes with everything, and is big enough to wear as a shawl on those extra chilly days.

    16. An adorable "Kiki's Delivery Service"-themed lunch bag so you can feel like all your lunches are brought to you by chipper Kiki herself.

    the brown bag with black handle and black and red image of KiKi and cats on a broom

    17. A key cover so you can stop confusing the building door key for the apartment door key.

    A black silicone cat on a keychain

    18. A set of three glitter gel pens that'll glide smoothly as you write and add a little bit of sparkle to your thank you notes and letters.

    19. A set of three thick clear lip gloss fortified with mint, coconut, and rosehip oil for days when you want your lips to look lovely but *don't* want to commit to wearing lipstick.

    Reviewer with glossy lips holding up the lip gloss

    20. Edible bubbles designed for your bubble-loving pet to enjoy, so you can watch them catch bubbles but *without* the look of betrayal once the soap taste kicks in — these taste like cotton candy, apple pie, or watermelon (just a few of many flavors) instead!

    21. A bath overflow drain cover that'll keep that noisy drain cover covered, which means you can fill the tub up as much as you want and enjoy a nice long soak.

    a reviewer photo of the customer's feet against the drain cover in a bubble bath

    22. And an extra plush faux fur bath mat that's human- and pupper-approved, so when it's time to get out of the bath you can indulge your feet in luxury for a few more minutes as you dry off. It's washing machine-safe too!

    a customer review photo of a dog on the white bath mat

    23. Silicone food huggers to indulge your practical side, and save many delicious sticks of butter from meeting an untimely demise.

    24. A super pretty pressed flower necklace out to prove handmade jewelry can be just as lovely as it is affordable.

    the clear glass pendant with dried pink and orange flowers

    25. A pack of mini rainbow scratch art notes you'll be glad to have on a gloomy day. Warning: these *will* transport you back to childhood and put a smile on your face!

    26. A personalized wildflower seed packet so you can inspire your friends and fam to get out there and plant some wildflowers, or encapsulate a cute wildflower planting date with your S.O.

    the brown seed packet with flowers and a date drawn on them

    27. Korean Exfoliating Bath Washcloths to make exfoliating all over an easy process. Will you be grossed out by the amount of dead skin in your bathtub after using this? Yes. Will your baby-smooth skin thank you for it? Also yes!

    28. And last but not least, a powerful yet gentle fan-favorite stain remover you'll be glad to have on hand when you spill hot sauce on your beautiful white and pink cow print shorts (did this just happen to me? Maybe 😭.) It works on everything from tomato sauce to oil stains to pet accidents, and it's chlorine- and bleach-free.

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