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    36 Investment-Worthy Things That’ll Basically Last Forever

    Durable products are honestly everything to me.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A classic Stanley thermos that's vacuum insulated, rust-proof, made with stainless steel and BPA-free materials, and WILL keep hot drinks hot and cold drinks cold for up to 24 hours.

    a person pouring a hot beverage into the wide-mouth thermos

    We had one of these growing up and I can attest it is virtually indestructible and it will keep drinks tongue-burning hot seven hours after it was poured in, so be careful!

    Promising review: "Love my 40-year-old, 1-quart Stanley vacuum bottle, AKA thermos. The only problem, and I mean the only problem is 1-quart of hot chocolate doesn't go very far with a family of five. And who wants to lug and wash two of them? So I was excited to see this product that essentially doubles the capacity. After winter excursions where we come back to the car cold, this holds enough to make sure everyone gets plenty and warms right up. After hours in the car, the hot chocolate is tongue scorching hot. It has the same Stanley quality and durability as my classic, smaller model. This really is perfect. And you don't have to pay jacked up prices for the snow monster name. Stanley thermoses have been around generations, for a good reason." —John

    Get it from Amazon for $17.82+ (available in two sizes).

    2. A pair of Darn Tough socks with a lifetime guarantee, so you can put these through the wringer and rest assured your feet will stay cozy, dry, and warm.

    two people wearing the socks with their feet up

    Promising review: "Lifetime guarantee, no seam, quality wool sock, antimicrobial and antibacterial...what more reason do you need? Having worn standard boot socks for years in the Marines, I found the claim that their socks stay in place during the day to be questionable, but I have been pleasantly reassured after several weeks of daily wear that they do in fact stay put. The government should issue these instead of those old cotton things." —Michael

    Get them from Amazon for $22.50+ (available in sizes S-XXL and nine colors).

    3. A Le Creuset enameled cast-iron pan that'll truly put all other cast-iron pans to shame. Its heavyweight construction means you can use less cooking oil and get better heat retention, and it's dishwasher-safe so cleanup is a breeze!

    the Cast-Iron skillet with chicken dinner

    Promising review: "I purchased this skillet after buying and returning multiple ceramic 'nonstick' skillets. Those skillets were great at first but ended up sticking really bad after six months to a year. I've had this one now for a few months and I absolutely love it. It's my favorite pan ever. It is very heavy, but I just remember to use both hands when lifting. Every weekend I cook bacon in this and then follow up with eggs. I use a metal spatula and never get sticking with the eggs. It's actually pretty amazing." —Erin

    Get it from Amazon for $204.95+ (available in five colors).

    4. A peg system drawer insert to help you organize junk drawers and keep kitchen storage areas in tip-top shape.


    Promising review: "I have a very large and deep kitchen drawer. This allows me to put a full eight-setting china set in the drawer. It is happens to match the maple interiors of my cabinets and that is a visual plus. We had to cut it down to fit but that was fairly easy. I bought two and will most likely use the second to organize storage containers and mixing bowls." —Diana

    Get it from Amazon for $53.99+ (available in three sizes).

    5. A pair of sound-isolating headphones that'll keep your workspace as quiet as can be for hours on end, day-in and day-out.

    the metal headphones

    Promising review: "Replaced a set of V-Moda I purchased six years ago. Original pair still works great but showed a lot of wear. This set even better than first!" —Robin

    Get them from Amazon for $179.99+ (available in four colors).

    6. A sturdy, Teflon-coated, wind-resistant umbrella (with a lifetime warranty) designed to weather many storms and rainy days without bending like a toothpick.

    the umbrella show folded up and not folded up

    Promising review: "I am the guy who has never bought an umbrella until a few weeks ago. I bought a different umbrella, stepped outside in a storm, and within two minutes it bent in half and nailed me in the face. I am so happy I bought this umbrella. It is so strong and has already lasted a few storms and I feel like it will last forever. Let's face it, it will — there's a lifetime guarantee on it. Best money I ever spent." —MattChicago

    Get it from Amazon for $22.95.

    7. A hardy, water-resistant Carhartt backpack featuring laptop storage space and plenty of pockets for storing and protecting all your stuff.

    the backpack in brown

    Promising review: "I’m a HS Math teacher and I have tried probably 20 different bags and backpacks over the past six years — 31, Michael Kors, Vera Bradley — you name it, I’ve tried it. This bad boy is the winner so far. I love everything about it from the numerous pockets for organizing all of my teacher essentials (there are many) to the durability and water resistance. It does rain a lot where I live — I even got caught in the rain walking home this week — and my laptop and papers were bone dry! I’m also notorious for ruining zippers and this bad boy is tough — just like on the coats and snow bibs." —S. Rae

    Get it from Amazon for $75.01+ (available in three colors).

    8. A shirt folder to help your favorite T-shirts stay crisp and last longer! Not to mention your drawers will be organized AF 👀.,

    Promising review: "My first reaction was 'Why did I buy this?' because when I opened the box and wasn't too convinced by the way it looked. Then I gave it a try with a couple shirts I had just washed and next thing you know I simply had to do my entire drawer! Everything folds so pretty, neat, and easy. I still couldn't believe it, so I ended up organizing our bedsheets and towels. I am amazed at how much of a game changer this is. It's a must try! I am in love with how beautiful it leaves my clothes." —Jesus Antonio Vedia

    Get it from Amazon for $9.94+ (available in six colors).

    9. A Bodum French press that just may be enternal, judging from the reviews and my own personal use!

    the French press next to a cup of coffee

    My family has had one of these for years, and it's still my favorite way to make coffee! Not only is this French Press durable, but it's easy to use and makes a rich and flavorful brew.

    Promising review: "I have used a Bodum coffee press for about 10 years. I recently bought the 32-oz because I wanted a bigger pot. This has always made excellent coffee. Cleanup is easy and the filters seem to last forever." —Michelle Allen

    Get it from Amazon for $39.65+ (available in four sizes and multiple styles).

    10. A set of impact-resistant, waterproof outdoor lights with a lifetime warranty so you and the pups can enjoy endless hours of outdoor ambience.


    Promising review: "I have purchased these lights for our backyard. We absolutely love this product. It is very durable and unbreakable. It's almost impossible to break these lights. They also guarantee a lifetime warranty, never replace a light again. We live in Houston, Texas and we get a lot of rain every year so that was a bit of a concern. Water did not have any effect on this product whatsoever. I highly recommend this item to anyone looking for a high-quality lifetime investment." —Ahmad Yassin

    Get them from Amazon for $50.99 (available in five sizes and mutiple styles).

    11. A pair of sparkly tights reviewers swear by for staying in place (no riding up or down) and sparkles that last. You'll try them once and want to live in them!

    a model wearing the tights with sparkles

    Promising review: "These are perfect if you want a little pop in your look. Fit well and true to size and were a good quality" —MOMMEDONNA

    Get them from Torrid for $12.67 (available in sizes 1X–6X).

    12. A Magic Bullet to blend, chop, puree, and help you with prep work in the kitchen. This powerful little blender is made with stainless-steel blades and is dishwasher-safe!

    the Magic Bullet

    Promising review: "This is our second one. Our first is technically still working fine after eight years and just needed a new blade and the price of a blade is the same as buying a whole new one, so we figured it was time for a new one. We use it all the time. So easy and quick. Powerful and we always throw our stuff in the dishwasher and it's just fine. Highly recommend!" —Jenna B.

    Check out my full review of the Magic Bullet for more info.

    Get it from Amazon for $39.88.

    13. A lightweight hard side Tumi suitcase designed to last through every trip you take it on, and then some.


    Promising review: "This is a terrific suitcase. It’s light, moves easily, and holds a surprising amount. The separate compartment in the upper lid is great for suits, hats, or clothing that wrinkles easily. Because it is so light, it’s possible to pack more without exceeding airline weight requirements. I highly recommend this product, this is a purchase you will not regret." —Anonymous

    Get it from Amazon for $715 (available in two colors).

    14. A Quip subscription so you can get a gorgeous electric toothbrush and replacement heads *right* when you'll need them. I have a Quip brush and they definitely outlast disposable toothbrushes by a long shot!

    the toothbrush set

    I bought one of their brushes recently and I love how sleek the brush is, and the battery lasts forever! Now I need to sign up for the subscription to get my refills.

    What you get: You'll get an electric toothbrush base, a cover/mount, and an optional toothpaste. Refills come with a brush head, AAA battery, and optional toothpaste.

    Get the starter set from Quip for $25+ with $5+ refills every three months.

    15. A pair of Docs with some seriously sick style that can handle years and years and years of hard wear.

    Dr Martens

    Promising review: "Absolutely love everything about this boot! Beyond comfortable, stylish, and very pliable. I get stopped constantly about them due to the eye-catching color! I can’t wait to buy these babies in other colors."—Bee W.

    Get them from Dr Martens for $150 (available in sizes 5-12 and 12 colors).

    16. A waterproof Kindle Paperwhite you can read at home and take with you on all your adventures without worry that your books will get destroyed.

    a person using the Kindle in the back of a van

    Promising review: "I've owned and enjoyed most Amazon readers over the last 10 years and have never had any complaint with any of the devices. The last generation Kindle Paperwhite was a superior device, as was the Kindle Voyage. This Paperwhite seems to take the best of both and create a master device that exceeds the expectations for both. I've had my new Paperwhite for several weeks now and I've come to the conclusion that Amazon may have great difficulty finding a way to make it better next time. Is it really that good? I think it's nothing short of a masterpiece." —R. Dennis Hall

    Get it from Amazon for $129.99.

    17. A soft but durable Western chambray shirt to ensure you always have a classic wardrobe staple on hand.

    a model wearing the button up chambary shirt
    J. Crew

    Promising review: "Great investment piece! The material and construction are quality, and I know this will last for many years. Finding button-up shirts that fit in the arms/shoulders and don't gape in the front can be challenging. But with this cut, the 10 was perfect." —geminitwin70

    Get it from J. Crew for $88 (available in classic, petite, and tall sizes 00-24).

    18. A Samsung TV ready to disguise itself as a beautiful work of art when it's not in use. That's double the use out of one TV for as long as you have it!,

    Promising review: "This TV is badass! It’s more expensive, but that’s because it’s so much different than other TVs. If you hate the way normal TVs look, get one of these. It mounts flat against the wall and will look like a picture frame. Just one cord comes down to a box you can stash somewhere that you connect all your inputs into. Definitely spend the extra money to get one of the other bezel covers. It really will look like a picture on the wall." —Chris Fulmer

    Get it from Amazon for $848+ (available in four sizes).

    19. A warm alpine flannel made with a wool-blend, moisture-wicking fabric that'll hold up through countless winters, hikes, and camping trips.

    a model wearing the shirt with two front chest pockets

    Get it from Backcountry for $118.95 (available in sizes S-XXL).

    20. A Le Creuset enameled Dutch oven you'll make thousands of family meals in, because it is seriously built to last (and cooks like a gem). My partner inherited one of these from their grandma, and it is still going strong!


    Promising review: "Exactly what I had hoped! 'Old world' craftsmanship you can feel that will last a lifetime and beyond. My 9-year-old daughter is excited about inheriting it already. =) One of those purchases that brings a lot of extra joy to cooking (which is already joyous)." —andy hong

    Get it from Amazon for $359.95 (available in multiple sizes and 11 colors).

    21. A handy jewelry cleaner for anyone who wants to keep their rings and earrings as sparkly as can be at all times.

    a reviewer's before and after photo of a ring with more shine in the after photo

    This handy pen is filled with a cleansing and polishing solution with the ability to remove clouding dirt and oil from your stones. Simply twist the bottom of the pen to dispense the fluid and brush. Your jewels and heirlooms will look bright and shiny in no time!

    Promising review: "Don't get me wrong — my wedding ring was gorgeous before. It did sparkle and still made me smile every day. However...after using this Diamond Dazzle Stik...*oh my goodness*! After one use my ring is absolutely breathtaking! I knew my ring got dirty now and then, simply from sweating and being outside in the elements. However, I never realized just how much dinge and schmutz marred my diamond until I cleaned it. It literally took my breath away with its fiery, dazzling brilliance!" —liltreeclimber

    Get it from Amazon for $8.77.

    22. A Conair Infiniti hair dryer that'll last years and give you a salon-level blowout from the comfort of home.

    the blow dryer with rose-gold details and attachments

    This hair dryer is made with titanium and ceramic, and the infrared heat will dry hair faster which means less hair damage for you!

    Promising review: "I have used the Conair Infinity pro for years and my original one finally bit the dust after 10 years of use. I knew I wanted to get another one and I am NOT disappointed. Best blow-dryer." —Kayla Snow

    Get it from Amazon for $34.94.

    23. A set of delightfully rainbow reusable metal straws complete with a traveling case and cleaning brush, so you can not only replace disposable straws, but do it with ~style~.

    12 rainbow tinted metal straws in four different shapes, a cloth case, and two straw-cleaning brushes

    Promising review: "I bought these straws because I am very conscious of the amount of waste I create and try to do my best to minimize it. I just got these but I can already tell I love them. I love that they give you multiple different sizes, and they also include two cleaning brushes which makes cleaning them a breeze. I also just put them in the dishwasher if I'm feeling lazy. Great straws for the environmentally conscious!" —Kimberly

    Get a set of 12 from Amazon for $8.99 (available in four colors).

    24. A pair of waterproof Timberland boots with a lifetime warantee and a comfy fit — you don't have to break these in!

    Amazon, Harper Hendrickson / Via BuzzFeed

    Promising review: "I love these boots. The first day I wore them. I was a little bit worried because I had a store walk planned for the day. I didn't know if I would get blisters, but I never did!! These boots are SO comfortable right off the bat and are now my go-to boots anytime I know I'll be on my feet all day. The construction and quality are amazing. The leather is so soft and very beautiful and VERY durable. The boots fit slightly bigger than the size stated (I'm normally a perfect 8 — these had a little extra wiggle room in the toes — this wasn't a bad thing, but just something to keep in mind if you're teetering on what size to order). Overall, I was extremely satisfied with these boots and will be ordering Timberlands again." —Jody

    Get them from Amazon for $95.99+ (availabe in sizes 5-11 and six colors).

    25. A 10-speed KitchenAid stand mixer you'll be glad you spent ~the dough~ on when it's time to roll out hundreds of holiday cookies. This machine is like having a personal assistant in the kitchen — it will make all your sweet and savory baking adventures come together in a flash.


    The mixer comes with a flexed edge beater, a coated dough hook, a six-wire whip, and a flat beater. The 5-quart glass bowl can mix dough for nine dozen cookies or four loaves of bread in a single batch!

    Promising review: "’I've been holding back for years waiting to get a KitchenAid mixer. I've tried other brands and none are the same quality or power. This mixer is the absolute best — when I received the item it was even prettier in person. Came with many attachments including the one that scoops the entire bowl and a cover for the glass bowl. This makes storage so nice and easy." —NikkieL

    Get it from Target for $429 (available in four colors).

    26. A Fjallraven Kanken sling bag made of water-resistant Vinylon fabric designed for all the hard wear you can throw at it!

    Urban Outfitters

    Promising review: "Like most Kankens, it fits more than it looks like it would. This one is a good choice for people who found the mini too big for daily use, like running errands. As always the water resistance is a huge convenience in many circumstances. Also easy to wipe clean." —QuinnG143

    Get it from Urban Outfitters for $65 (available in eight colors).

    27. A pair of durable Panasonic earbuds you are probably more likely to lose than you are to break.

    the headphones shown in many colors

    Promising review: "It's frankly silly how well these things hold up — I've had a pair for FIVE YEARS. I wear them while in the gym, while roofing in the burning sun, while repairing maple lines in the freezing cold, while singing in the rain. I've used them all-day while tending the fire in a steam-filled maple boiler shack. I've run them through the washing machine god knows how many times. I once accidentally shut them in the door of my truck and dragged them through snow-covered, salt-treated roads for four miles. I've dropped them in mud. I've snagged them on a hundred corners. They live. The adhesive holding the buds together gave out once, but with just a dab of Gorilla Glue, they rose again. I don't know what they're made of or why they're so much more durable than any other pair of $5–$10 buds you might buy, but they absolutely refuse to quit. Buy a pair and leave a functional heirloom to your great-grandchildren. Do it before the aliens return to recover whatever technology Panasonic stole from them. Do it before the global economy moves to the ErgoFit standard. Do it now." —Jonathan

    Get them from Amazon for $12.95 (available in 15 colors).

    28. An investment-worthy Dyson vacuum that'll handle all the dirt, fur, dust, and mess in your home no problem. This baby is powerful, lightweight, cordless, and has up to 60 minutes of run time., Amazon

    Any version of the Dyson stick vacuum is a worthwhile purchase according to reviewers!

    Promising review: "I love this vacuum. The V10 doesn't disappoint. While it's weird to get used to holding this tiny piece of machinery, it really does an amazing job. It was incredible how much dog fur it picked up! I was pretty grossed out, to be honest, to think I lived in this atmosphere for this long 'thinking' it was clean is nuts! I love all the attachments too, they are all top-notch and well made. I feel like I can tackle my entire house with this bad boy. AND it's lightweight! I use it on the lowest setting and it still picks up a ton. I don't think I'll ever need the high or medium setting. But I did try the highest setting for a few seconds and literally felt like the vacuum was ATTACHED to the floor, that's how hard it sucked (in a good way)!" —Matthew Mintun

    Get it from Amazon for $489.99+ (available in three styles).

    29. A cozy Arc'teryx pullover with a high neck and lifetime warranty so you can be sure you'll stay warm and get your money's worth.

    the fleece pullover with a high-neck
    Back Country

    Promising review: "I have about five of these tops in various colors, and in the winter wear them almost daily. Perfect mid-layer for skiing on all but the coldest days, including backcountry climbing. Surprisingly warm for such a lightweight material, breathes well, wears well. Recommended!" —Mark W.

    Get it from Backcountry for $81.75+ (available in sizes S–XL and seven colors).

    30. An end grain cutting board (made with high-quality acacia wood) to replace all the flimsy plastic ones hanging out in your cupboard right now.

    herbs being chopped on the cutting block

    Promising review: "This board is SO BEAUTIFUL, the colors are very contrasting and there is even a bit of a luster within the wood! Not only that, it's also sturdy, a good size, and comes with clear instructions to care for it. I struck gold with this. It's super high quality and I definitely recommend it." —Amazon Customer

    Get it from Amazon for $44.43+ (available in 10 styles).

    31. A tin of nourishing rose salve that'll last and last until you finally run out. You can use it on your lips, cuticles, face, and anywhere else you have dry or chapped skin!

    the tin of rose salve

    Promising review: "Moisturizing and smells great. It's about the texture of vaseline. Not a realistic rose smell, it's more sweet, but still yummy! Twist and pull the cap at the same time to get it off. It's lasted me a year (though I don't use it daily during spring and summer, it gets plenty of use in the fall and winter) not to mention, it's just pretty! I'll definitely find another use for the tin if I ever run out of the salve (which doesn't look likely)" —Amazon Customer

    Get it from Amazon for $10.33.

    32. An Anker charging cable reviewers swear by for its durability and quick charge time. Plus, it has a lifetime warranty in case anything goes wrong and you need a free replacement.

    a reviewer's photo of the cable

    Promising review: "There are lots of generic Apple charging cords on the market, and I have tried quite a few of them. They work well for a short time, and then the connector contacts seem to wear off, or the end breaks or the cord wears out. I haven't had those issues with the Anker cables. They are the first ones I tried, and I just assumed other brands would perform the same. They don't! After several other purchases, I am back with Anker, and delighted with the durability of these cords. I will stick with this brand!" —Laurie Pace

    Get it from Amazon for $9.99+ (available in two sizes and seven colors).

    33. A Instant Pot that truly does it all, and fast as heck too. This baby consolidates a rice cooker, slow-cooker, pressure cooker (and more!) into an absolute unit. The stainless-steel insert is nearly indestructible, and it's dishwasher-safe!

    the Instant Pot, featuring a digital display

    The IP's seven functions are: rice cooker, pressure cooker, slow cooker, steamer, sauté, yogurt maker, and warmer. I have one at home and I use it all the time to whip up quick meals. I love the sauté function — it gets nice and hot really quickly. I use my IP more than I use my oven TBH.

    Check out Instant Pot Hacks from Tasty to see more fun ways you can use your IP.

    Promising review: "This is quite possibly the coolest, most versatile kitchen gadget I’ve ever owned. I love it so much that I’ve purchased two more for friends and relatives. What can it do? I think the real question is 'What can’t it do?' I truly believe you could replace every cooking appliance (including your oven and stove top) and do EVERYTHING in the Instant Pot. I purchased two sizes for my own use: the 3-quart (which is my almost-every-day workhorse for two person dishes) and the 8-quart (which I bring out to handle my dinner party dishes). Everything I’ve tried has been fabulous. In the realm of kitchen appliances, there is no better investment than the Instant Pot. Highly recommended!!!" —Stereoman

    Get it from Amazon for $59.99+ (available in three sizes).

    34. A razor for sensitive skin so you can get an ultra-close and smooth shave with just one, expertly designed blade! Say goodbye to razor burn and hair-pulling.

    the rose gold razor
    Oui The People

    Oui The People is a Black-owned business that makes innovative shaving products to help you avoid ingrown hair and razor burn.

    I have super sensitive skin and thick facial hair and definitely would give this a try 👀.

    Get it from Oui The People for $75 (includes a pack of 10 blades).

    35. A pair of coveralls that are all the things a solid pair of coveralls should be — soft, stretchy, durable, machine washable (on cold!), and it has deep pockets. Whether you're wearing these for work or for style, this one-and-done outfit is worth the investment!


    Wildfang is a women-run and queer-founded brand that regularly donates to charities that support reproductive, immigrant, women’s, and human rights.

    Get it from Wildfang for $188 (available in sizes XS-XXL and five colors).

    36. And a reversible cotton quilt that's woven vintage-style for hardware and daily use. It'll help keep you cozy and warm in your bedroom for years to come!

    School House

    Get it from School House for $169 (available in three sizes).

    You realizing how well these products hold up over time:

    Disney / Via Giphy

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