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    38 Things To Take Your Room From A Cluttered Mess To An Angelic Place Of Rest

    Time to make your room a place you actually want to be.

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    1. A set of floating bookshelves to make art out of the books you already have, and clear up some space in your room.

    three sets of books "floating" on the shelves

    2. A versatile storage ottoman within a storage ottoman for anyone who wants storage space, a place to sit, and a place to eat all in one piece of furniture.

    the storage ottoman with a tray on top and smaller ottoman next to it

    3. A set of clear plastic bins that'll keep your makeup and beauty supplies, office supplies, or knickknacks in ~clear~ order.

    makeup brushes, hair clips, and makeup in the clear tins

    4. A Privacy Pop bed tent I personally swear by for a better night's sleep, because peace of mind is hard to attain without restful resets!

    5. A garment rack ideal for those of us who are making life work without a closet...or are dealing with an overflowing one.

    a model going through clothes on the rack

    6. And a set of space-saving hangers to give you even more space to work with.

    a before shot of lots of clothes on a rack and after shot of the same clothing taking up half the space on the rack

    7. A set of cable clips that you can stick anywhere to untangle all your chargers.

    a cable clip holding a phone charger

    8. An elegant crescent moon shelf that'll display your plants, photos, and other mementos on the daily.

    the shelf in the shape of a crescent moon holding various items on the wall

    9. A tiered shoe rack you can customize and stack to make room for the ultimate shoe collection.

    BuzzFeed Editor Yi Yang's shoe rack with five tiers holding various shoes like boots and sneakers, with some space underneath for smaller shoes like sandals

    10. And a 24-pocket clear over-the-door organizer for stowing away even more shoes, or your jewelry, leggings, and cleaning supplies!

    11. A waterproof Kindle Paperwhite that just may help curb your habit of bringing home book after book even though you have nowhere to put them. Now you can bring your entire book collection with you wherever you go!

    12. A *purfect* trinket dish so you can give your rings, bracelets, crystals, earrings, and other little goodies an adorable home.

    the trinket tray with a cat face painted on it

    13. A pack of vacuum bags designed to handle all those thick winter sweaters or extra bedding you honestly don't even know what to do with.

    14. A nail polish bin boasting storage space for up to 48 colors. And it's clear to make the process of choosing your mani-pedi colors a bit easier.

    Reviewer photo of the bin filled with a rainbow of assorted nail polish bottles

    15. A simple and efficient skateboard rack for anyone who 1. needs to get their skateboards off the floor and 2. needs an excuse to splurge on that perfect complete you saw in the store the other day (me times two honestly).

    the wooden skateboard rack holding one board with space for three more

    16. A cart organizer ready to ~roll~ right into your life and make your stuff easy to find, or to make your decor really pop!

    the rolling cart organizer in yellow

    17. A magnetic rack so you can store even more goodies on the outside of the mini-fridge in your room, genius.

    the rack with spices on it hanging on a metal wall

    18. A set of cool and crisp 100% eucalyptus sheets that are so comfy, you might start to look forward to making your bed every morning, knowing you'll be sleeping in cozy town at the day's end!

    a model and a dog in a bed with the blue sheet set

    19. A makeup organizer to take your makeup collection from chaos to calm and tidy in no-time.

    BuzzFeed Editor AnaMaria Glavan's makeup organizer on a bathroom countertop neatly holding various makeup products

    20. An adorable set of moon wall hooks because it's not just every once in a blue moon you need to hang up your hats, jewelry, dog's leash, and so on and so on.

    the moon wall hooks with jewelry hanging from the hooks

    21. An earbud detangler with a magnet in the center to give you easy access to all your ear buddies.

    three different colored ear bud detanglers in-use

    22. A hamper you can actually get OFF the floor and hang up on the wall or door. That's more floor space for you, and it has a handy zipper on the bottom to get those clothes right into the washer on laundry day.

    23. A sofy fuzzy llama throw blanket who will roll right into an upward standing friend when not in-use!

    the llama throw all rolled up and standing upright

    24. A Roaming Wild 2021 calendar that'll help support national parks and help you keep track of that one month where it's like...everyone in your family's birthday at once.

    25. A basketball trash bin so you can slam dunk your trash into the bin every. single. time. It's your room, live your life!

    the basketball bin on the floor of a bedroom

    26. A set of clear storage bins to store your favorite snacks or your bathroom loofahs. Either way, this will keep them nice and crisp!

    27. A clever acorn storage pod you can tuck your stuff into and then hang by a window to make all the neighborhood squirrels big-time envious.

    a hollow storage cotainer in the shape of an acorn holding items

    28. A woven rectangle bin designed to declutter your life and give your stuff some much-needed breathing room.

    the woven pink rectangle bin storing sheets

    29. A twinkle light curtain that screams "this is my place of peace and rest" but in a gentle, soothing voice.

    30. A set of boot inserts reviewers swear by for keeping all those fall and winter boots still standing like your fave Elton John song.

    31. A set of Command hooks that'll allow you to build your own hanging rack for under 15 bucks!

    32. A hanging shelf to slip shoes, chunky sweaters, and guest towels into neat cubbies. Goodbye, closet-floor clutter!

    a reviewer's photo of the shelf being used to store shoes

    33. And a two-pack of touch lights that'll make you feel like you walked into an episode of MTV Cribs every time you go to look for something in the closet.

    34. An under-the-bed storage container no one will even know is there. Except you, of course.

    the clear storage bin peeking out from under a bed

    35. A clever yoga mat rack so your yoga mats can finally stop collecting dust bunnies on the floor.

    36. A set of cute expandable folders that'll inspire you to organize the heck out of your stray papers.

    37. A set of drawer dividers ready to take organizing your underwear drawer to the next level.

    a reviewer's photo of their drawer organized with the inserts

    38. And a bed shelf perfect for anyone who likes to read or enjoy a cup of tea as they wind down for bed. Now you can, in the tidiest way possible!

    You after organizing your room:

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