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    If You Like Cute Things, But Also Like Getting Stuff Done, Then You'll Like These 36 Products

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    1. A set of three excellent Nessie spoons to add a dash of mystery and fun to your family dinners, infamous chili recipe, and cups of tea.

    the Nessie family set of three different sized slotted spoons

    2. A cute ceramic note vase that'll hold together flower bouquets in a unique and decorative way!

    five of the ceramic vases made to look like rolled-up sheets of paper with notes scrawled on them

    3. A handy cutting board with removable trays so you can dice, sort ingredients, prep, measure, and grate all with one device. This cutting board does so many things you might as well consider it your personal sous chef.

    the blue cutting board with removable trays

    4. A set of rose shower curtain hooks made from 100% stainless steel (and resin flowers) designed to prevent rust from ruining your shower vibes.

    a reviewer photo of the rose shower curtain hooks

    5. A fold-down wall desk for anyone who needs to create a cute and productive nook for studying, WFH shifts, or crafting. It folds back into the wall when not in use, and it comes with a chalkboard.

    6. A colorful desk organizer that'll store your pens, office supplies, and other essentials in a neat and orderly fashion.

    a hand reaching for one of the desk organizers that are stacked on top of each other

    7. A llama-shaped duster I need to encourage me to keep up with dusting my room, as will anyone who appreciates cute cleaning products!

    fuzzy pink duster with eye and nose to look like a llama

    8. A cute floor cushion to help you meditate, eat bowls of cereal, and watch movies from the comfort of your bedroom floor.

    five different colored floor cushions stacked on top of each other

    9. A set of two self-watering birds as adorable as they are helpful. You'll never have to worry about under- or over-watering your plant babies again with these friends!

    a reviewer photo of two glass, bird-shaped plant waterers in a plant on a windowsill

    10. A precious narwhal tape dispenser ready to hang out in your home office and lighten up the mood.

    a blue narwarhl-shaped tape dispensar

    11. A compact reusable bag that'll easily fold up in a little square you can slip in your bag on the way to pick up groceries. Not to mention it comes in tons of fun patterns, and reviewers swear by their durability!

    12. A motivational Muse Illuminate subscription box ideal for those of us raising rambunctious kiddos, working full time, and pursuing hobbies and projects on the side! Consider this subscription your monthly dose of inspiration, focus, and cute accessories.

    a Muse box with a coffee cup, books, pens, and other items in the box

    13. A six-pack of sprout bookmarks that'll hold onto your reading place sweetly and serenely.

    leaf-like bookmarks sticking out of the top of two books

    14. A set of organic, hypoallergenic wool dryer balls to remove pet hair from your clothes and help speed things up in the dryer — a dream product if you ask me!

    the white wool dryer balls with embroidered flowers on them

    15. A cute cactus storage shelf so you can store your heaviest books and cacti friends on this iron piece of beauty.

    the mint-colored metal cactus bookshelf in a living room with books and plants on it

    16. A durable and cute weekend bag who will be there for you during summer road trips, weekend getaways, vacays with your SO, and many more future adventures, once we can all safely be in the world again!

    the open polka dot bag with handles and.a leather strap

    17. A gorgeous end table with an intertwining base you'll show off along with the objects and knick-knacks it holds!

    the end table with a base of intertwined sticks in a corner

    18. A set of three reallyy cute sushi sponges that just may make you hungry when you go to clean the counter or wash some dishes, but worth it IMO.

    three sashimi and roll-themed sponges

    19. A panda nail polish dryer to remove the ~panda-monium~ from the nail-drying process, or will it?!?

    a person drying red nail polish in the panda-shaped drier

    20. A Jiji-inspired night-light so you can add some reading light to your space, or mount this baby on the wall for cute and functional lighting for Zoom calls and TikTok shoots.

    two of the cat-shaped nightlights with bulbs hanging from the cats' tail

    21. A wall-mounted "Totoro" coat rack to hang up purses and coats in your home, but with cuteness. Honestly, I would love to have this hanging in my apartment!

    the "Totoro" coat rack hanging on a wall with keys and keychains hanging on the hooks

    22. A mini ladybug vacuum who will actually eat up crumbs and eraser shavings while you work away — adorable!

    A reviewer's photo of the ladybug vacuum which is roughly the size of a computer mouse

    23. An investment-worthy 10-speed Kitchen Aid stand mixer with a tilt-head design that'll give you ~unbeatable~ access to the beater and bowl so you can whip eggs, make frosting, or bake big batches of cookies without overbeating anything.

    the aqua stand mixer on a counter with blueberry muffins

    24. And a cookie cutter shaped like the Child to make overwhelmingly precious cookies for yourself or your friends with ease.

    the child shaped cookies decorated

    25. A cute illustrated yoga mat with an absorbent top layer and extra-long length to ensure your workouts and yoga sessions are as stress-free as possible.

    Yoga mat with an illustration of a woman standing on yoga blocks with her head full of curly hair on the ground in front of her

    26. A Gracula garlic twist crusher who will help you make garlic bread and other savory treats with adorable garlic-crushing powers.

    the black and white Dracula-themed garlic press

    27. A cat storage sculpture ideal for storing your keys in the entryway, holding onto your makeup in your bedroom, or many other *pawsabilities.*

    the resin sculpture of the storage cat

    28. And a pack of six cat-themed gel pens that'll write beautifully and make you smile every time you use them!

    the gel pens with cats figures on top of the pens

    29. An expandable file folder that's actually adorable? Just picturing how neat all my papers would look tucked away in these makes me want to de-clutter my desk.

    a set of the pastel file folders

    30. A set of two wooden spoons with bees on them and little bees on the handle to help these spoons stand out in your utensil drawer when it's time to give dinner a stir.

    two wooden spoons with small painted bees on the handle and in the center of the spoons

    31. And a quirky ravioli spoon rest that'll minimize counter- and stove top messes for good.

    square spoon rest that looks like a ravioli

    32. A set of colorful Tasty cookware made of nonstick ceramic you'll wish you discovered cooking with ages ago. Ceramic gets nice and hot as you cook and cleans up easily afterward!

    the colorful Tasty cookware set with frying pans, pots, saucepans, utensils, and small bowls

    33. A pair of weighted bangles to bump up your walks and workout routine. These weights can be worn on your wrists or ankles, and are designed so as not to restrict your movement.

    34. Crafting DIY, an adorable crafting kit subscription with a rotating monthly theme crafters far and wide are sure to love!

    a rainbow made of yarn, a glass jar, and dried flowers

    35. A pack of reusable beeswax wraps to keep your leftovers and lunches fresh without plastics! I use these to wrap and store onion halves and other foods when I'm prepping, and swear by them.

    the wrap over a bowl of food and the wrap being used to hold grapes

    36. And a memory foam baguette wrist rest to give yourself a squishy place to rest your hands as you work away throughout the day!

    A reviewer's photo of the baguette wrist rest in front of their keyboard

    You using your new cute weights:

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