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    23 Adorable And Useful Products That People Actually Swear By

    Cuteness makes the world go round.

    1. A set of reusable silicone straws so you can cut back on your personal waste and make your drinks even more colorful!

    the straws being used with two drinks in glass cups

    2. An adorable ice cube tray that'll make dachshund-shaped cubes and *pawsome* drinks for your guests!

    the tray in use displaying dachshund-shaped ice cubes

    3. A pair of plant watering stakes so you can ensure your plant babies are taken care of even if you're out and about.

    glass bird-looking bulbs filled with water inserted into a container plant

    4. A set of two super cute (and soft!) makeup brushes featuring cat prints for you to fawn over.

    5. A five-pack of handy magnetic cable clips you can use as bookmarks, fridge magnets, and to tie up pesky wires.

    the cable clips in use as bookmarks and with headphone wires

    6. A keyboard cleaning gel that is by far the most fun way to get grime and dog hair off of your work computer once and for all!

    7. A flower power steam releaser to stop water from boiling over in the cutest way I've ever seen.

    the flower-shaped steam releaser clipped onto a stainless steel pot

    8. A nifty chapstick holder so you don't have to search and scour the bottom of your bag every time you need to moisturize your lips.

    the chapstick holder on a backpack

    9. A little doggy doorstop who shall hold the door open in the most adorable way possible and put a smile on your face.

    10. A magical rainbow light for anyone who wants to set up some delightful decor in their child's room or their own, because who doesn't need an instant rainbow in their life?

    the rainbow light in use in a dark room

    11. A Gracula garlic twist crusher who will chop and mince garlic for you (and put a smile on your face).

    the garlic crusher which looks like a vampire next to garlic bread

    12. Some pumpkin patch slime to ensure you have something to squeeze and squish when you are feeling stressed and overwhelmed. It's so cute, I neeeed it!

    the orange pumpkin patch slime with little pumpkins on top

    13. A squishy and fun tangle-free earbud system so you can eliminate the chaos of tangled wires from your life.

    14. An expandable file folder that's actually adorable? Just picturing how neat all my papers would look tucked away in these makes me want to de-clutter my desk.

    a set of the pastel file folders

    15. A cactus reed diffuser who is here to make your bedroom feel more green and smell wonderful! Just slip the reed fragrance into your cute container and in 2-3 days, it will fully absorb (and diffuse) the scent.

    three different types of the cactus oil diffuser

    16. A destination cutting board for anyone who loves their hometown to use in their kitchen, or hang up for some charming decor.

    17. A "did you feed the dog" reminder to make feeding the fur babies as simple as it should be. You can stick this handy friend on your wall or it will stay on your fridge as a magnet!

    a reviewer holding the reminder with their dog in the background

    18. A portable charging bank with a cute print that'll stand out when you're packing for your next vacation so you don't forget to bring it!

    a hand holding a space-themed portable charger bank

    19. A pair of washable mop slippers so you can get cozy and clean up the floors at the same time.

    a reviewer's feet in the bunny slippers

    20. A six-pack of sprout bookmarks that'll hold onto your reading place sweetly and serenly.

    leaf-like bookmarks sticking out of the top of two books

    21. A cute waterproof Bluetooth speaker to help you sing in the shower and blast your favorite playlist without fear of wrecking the speaker!

    22. A genie lamp stopper that is made for anyone who wishes their cooking oil would stop overpouring.

    a hand using the stopper to slowly our oil over a beet salad

    23. And a set of six woodland creature bag clips to keep your favorite snacks fresh and your kitchen looking cute.

    the bag clips in-use

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