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    21 Car Products That Must've Been Designed By Geniuses

    Accessories for the sun, snow, car cargo, and more.

    1. A drop stop car seat gap filler you'll feel calmer just thinking about. Imagine — never a misplaced phone or fry lost to the abyss of your car again.

    2. And a car seat gap organizer for anyone who wants to make the most of every nook and cranny in their car. Plus it'll keep your stuff from flying all over the place or ending up on the floor!

    the holder holding a phone and wallet

    3. A stick-on shade to help keep your car from becoming as hot as a sauna on sunny days.

    The shade in use in a car window with the door open

    4. A clever stowaway trash can to stuff trash into what looks like any other car organizer 'til it's filled. Take that, friends who throw their trash on your car floor like you're driving around a dumpster.

    A hand placing a bottle into the trash can in a vehicle

    5. A steering wheel desk for anyone who needs a mess-free way to eat in their parked car, or a comfortable on-the-go working station.

    6. A blindspot mirror that's genius, safe, and practical as heck.

    The blindspot mirror in use on a vehicle

    7. An essential-oil diffuser designed to clip onto your vent and deodorize the car. Just apply your fave essential oil to the felt pad inside the locket!

    8. An orthopedic cushion people swear by for staying comfy on long drives. If you spend a lot of time in your car, this is the cushion for you!

    the memory foam cushion placed on a passenger seat of a car

    9. An adorable scrunchie keychain that'll make your car keys easy to find and wear on your wrist.

    different colored scrunchies with key rings on the end

    10. A phone grip strip to keep your phone in place so you can glance at GPS or Spotify without using your hands.

    a smartphone stuck to the grip strip in a car

    11. A pair of durable escape tracks lightweight enough to store in the car in case you get stuck in the snow, sand, or a ditch on the road.

    12. A heavy-duty power inverter that'll allow you to charge a computer, blow up an air mattress, run a projector for a DIY drive-in, or accomplish all sorts of other possibilities!

    A close-up of the power inverter

    13. A heavy-duty expandable car hanger bar so the car can get loaded up with clothes, plants, dry-cleaning, and whatever else you need — the easy way.

    14. A clever seatbelt pillow cover for anyone with kids who are always falling asleep in the back seat. Voilà, instant headrest!

    15. A gorgeous shimmery coaster to seriously upgrade the current cup holder situation in your vehicle.

    five different colored shimmery coasters

    16. A restorative headlight-cleaning kit that'll make your lights shine like new so you can see better when you're driving at night!

    before: cloudy headlight after: clear headlight

    17. A pair of versatile back seat headrest hooks so you can snap these on, hang up your bag, and focus on the journey ahead.

    18. A 4-gallon compact wet-dry shop vacuum that'll clean up dirt, dry messes, and spills — you can skip the gas station vacuum and detail at home.

    A person using the shop vac to clean a truck

    19. A car air mattress to take car naps, camping trips, and overnight adventures to the next level of comfort.

    quilted inflatable bed in back of car

    20. A lint-free car duster people swear by, as will you, for keeping your car shiny and dust free on the daily.

    21. A handy keychain car escape tool that'll break your car window and cut your seatbelt in the event of an emergency so you can get out of the car safe and sound, god forbid.

    22. A waterproof nonslip trunk organizer so you can keep all the junk in the trunk organized, tidy, and in the right place!

    23. A frost guard windshield cover honestly anyone who owns a car in a cold climate needs to own. Where was this when I was scraping snow from my windshield with a wet mitten at 8 a.m. in college?

    A hand peeling the frost guard off the clean windshield with snow on the hood of the car

    24. And a new car care kit ideal for anyone whose favorite hobby is keeping their ride clean, fresh, and sparkly.

    a basket of car cleaning and detailing products

    How your car is gonna be feeling pretty soon!