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    Stop What You're Doing, Instant Pot's Incredible Multi-Cooker Is Majorly On Sale

    The price of the 8-in-1 Instant Pot Gem is coming down more than 25%, which means you're coming home to a hot ready-to-eat dinner very soon!

    Hello friends and welcome to the greatest day of your life — the almighty 8-in-1 kitchen appliance AKA the Instant Pot multi-cooker is on sale RIGHT NOW!

    The six-quart Instant Pot Gem Multi-cooker is $21 dollars off at Walmart, which means it is only $58!!

    If for some wild reason you don't already have your wallet out to buy this kitchen GEM, let me explain to you how it can replace 11 ~other~ kitchen gadgets and feed your entire family with ease.

    If you're thinking "hmmm...this IP looks different than the one I'm used to" ...you're right! The Gem is better than any other multi-cooker in the market, but just to be clear, the one thing this IP doesn't do is pressure cook.

    And the inner pot and lid of the IP is dishwasher-safe for easy-cleanup after you make slow-cooked chicken tacos, or a whole entire roast chicken for dinner 😋.

    Here are three more drool-worthy reasons to bring this multi-cooking babe into your life — honey garlic slow cooker ribs, a recipe for four pounds of mashed potatoes, and apple pie cobbler for dessert.

    Time for me to shut up and time for you to buy one while you still can!

    Get the 6Q Instant Pot Gem from Walmart for $58 (originally $79).

    You and all the food you're about to eat with your IP Gem:

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