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    41 Practical Father's Day Gifts Outdoorsy Dads Will Love

    Warning: way too many dad jokes ahead.

    1. A lightweight hiking daypack with 5K reviews so your dad has enough space to pack lots of snacks, extra layers, and the wilderness survival kit (he insists on bringing everywhere) on all the outdoor adventures.

    2. A flint multi-tool carabiner that has six tools packed into it — a bottle opener, utility blade, screwdriver, hanging slots, a fire starter, and extra ferro rods — because every dad should have to ability to start a fire anywhere, anytime.

    3. A waterproof, fold-up blanket ready to be dad's new go-to nap/picnic blanket. No more complaining about wet grass at the park!

    4. A monthly Jerky Snob subscription for anyone who appreciates real jerky – because depending on anything else to fuel outdoor activities is a big *mis steak*.

    5. A cute little beehive that eco-friendly fathers everywhere will adore. This hive is designed for pollinator bees to live in and is an ideal home for them to raise baby bees! Dads helping bees become dads is just too pure 🐝.

    6. A compact key holder for dad to simply stash keys into. Say goodbye to bulky key rings, and get the outdoor bundle version (Swiss Army knife included!).

    7. A set of five grilling spices to ensure dad's next BBQ is spicy, smoky, and flavorful AF.

    8. A veggie buds club subscription that just may be exactly what dad needs to encourage kids to grow, eat, and dare I say it — love their veggies. Truly a wondrous gift the whole family can enjoy.

    9. A Lifestraw personal water filter your dad can safely stick into a river and drink from! This is a backpacker's dream come true.

    10. A classic vacuum-sealed Stanley bottle that'll keep drinks piping hot for hours on end. It's leakproof and comes with a lifetime warranty. If you want to give your dad a gift you can inherit 30 years from now, this is the one!

    11. A budget-friendly camp griddle so dad can turn the campsite grill into an *eggcellent* breakfast station.

    12. A Bush Craft guide any outdoorsman is guaranteed to love, especially if it is time to teach the kids the ways of the wild.

    13. A sturdy volleyball set you can set up in just a few minutes in the backyard or at the beach, then surprise dad with a family volleyball tournament on Father's Day!

    14. A double camping hammock ideal for anyone who loves to *hang loose* and relax in the great outdoors, or anyone who appreciates a good backyard nap (me). All you need is two trees or poles to set this babe up!

    15. A hand-made, personalized hiking stick to help your dad feel a little ~boulder~ hiking up hills.

    16. An engraved pocket knife that just may make you the favorite child this Father's Day.

    17. An investment-worthy fixed gear single speed bike perfect for the dad who commutes via cycling, or lives for leisurely rides in the park. I have a bike from State Bicycle's core line I use regularly in NYC, and I swear by it!

    18. A pair of comfortable Teva hurricane sandals that'll go with anything and hold up on hikes and camping trips.

    19. An ultralight, inflatable pillow so your dad can slumber like a log at the end of a hard day setting up camp.

    20. A Columbia sun hat to make any ocean-side dad jump for joy, and quickly ~bounce back~ from the heat.

    21. A Tackle Tek backpack with an integrated LED light system and plenty of storage for tackle boxes, sunglasses, pliers, and all the fishing gear a father could need.

    22. And a bass whisperer Man Crate packed with tons of fishing gear that'll make dad jump for joy...after he opens this crate up with the provided crow bar. If you can think of a better present for a fisherman, let *minnow*.

    23. A durable big and tall sleeping bag specially designed for one big and tall human, or two adults. Don't let Sasquatch steal it!

    24. And an easily packable and inflatable sleeping pad you'll probably thank once dad stops grumbling about his achy back.

    25. A spacious eight-person tent that'll get the whole family excited to spend some time outdoors, and keep everyone dry if it rains.

    26. A monogramed cooler chair so everyone will know who brought the cold ones to the fishing spot.

    27. A Dutch oven and a Dutch oven lid stand that'll make the whole family sing "this is how we *stew* it" by the campfire.

    28. A Paracord key chain sure to *unravel* your dad's heart (seriously though, it unravels into very useful survival rope!).

    29. A seed kit for anyone who wants their life (and their recipes) to be filled with funky vegetables — this kit comes with everything you need to grow striped tomatoes, purple carrots, red Brussels sprouts, yellow courgettes, and rainbow Swiss chard!

    30. A pair of waterproof binoculars well-suited for some serious bird watching.

    31. A monthly fly-fishing subscription to help you get dad something he really wants, even if you don't know a flying thing about fly fishing.

    32. A "be who you needed when you were younger" tee made by a queer-owned company to *summit* good vibes and pride for LGBTQIA dads during laid back days at the campsite.

    33. An outdoors percolator coffee pot so good, it'll make your dad say "I love you ~a latte~."

    34. And a titanium camping cup made to be dad's go-to for outdoor coffee or tea time. It's heavy-duty, but lightweight with foldable handles for easy packing.

    35. A compact, camping cookware set (complete with mini stove and piezo ignition) for those backpacking trips dad is always dreaming about taking.

    36. A monthly subscription hiker's box filled with premium gear and snacks. The next time your dad won't take you camping without bringing every snack in existence, you'll be covered.

    37. A personalized engraved pocket compass dad just might treasure too much to take into the woods.

    38. A pair of Nike Air Zoom Terra Kiger 5 running shoes as colorful and supportive as they are easy to clean! These speak to my personal dad aesthetic andddd I am smashing that "add to cart" button right now.

    39. And a pair of waterproof socks to ensure dad stays dry the next time he is up against a slippery river rock, a three-day rainy bike trip, or a jog in the rain.

    40. An outdoor fish and game cleaning table with a quick-connect stainless steel faucet that should have existed back when my dad and I were getting fish guts all over the deck after a fishing trip, but alas. This table is also super handy for a convenient water-hookup at campsites or outdoor work sites!